Sunday, February 28, 2021

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Not This Time


by Bob Rinear, The International Forecaster:

So what happens if Biden/Harris steal this thing? I don’t even want to contemplate it. Both have said they’re coming after our guns. Both have said they want the green new deal. Both have said they want no more fossil fuel vehicles. But the real bottom line is that they are going to push us into socialism. Do any of you not believe that? This is why I can say we’re never going back to “normal” because it has not been normal for the US to be a socialist nation.

As you know I’ve been talking about how ugly things would get ahead of the election. I guess for some, my fears of roaming gangs of leftist anarchists just seems too paranoid. Why do I think that? I’ve had a couple people Email me saying I should take some medication and calm down, that I’m paranoid, and once the election is over, this too shall pass.

‘Not This Time, Satan’: Hillary Clinton Heckled for Pushing Russian Hacking Conspiracy – Again

from Sputnik News:

Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton never gets tired of playing the ‘Russian hackers’ card. With the 2016 election interference argument wearing out a bit over the past four years, the same people are pushing the same conspiracy theory, although this time in a different set-up.

With the impeachment process producing little news these days, Hillary Clinton has jumped on a chance to hit out at both Trump and Russia at once.

Mrs. Clinton, who has continuously blamed Russian hackers for her 2016 defeat, renewed her claims in a conspiracy-minded tweet on Tuesday.