Saturday, November 28, 2020

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Meanwhile, in Wuhan…


Meanwhile, The Fed Just Injected $99,000,000,000 Into The Repo Market To Keep The Party Going

from Silver Doctors:

In addition to the global trade war and the US-Iran crisis, the banking system in the United States is still in crisis…

(Silver Doctors Editors) There’s a global trade war going on, and to date neither the USMCA nor the Phase 1 Trade Deal have been signed.

There’s the US-Iran crisis going on, which, whether other nations understand or not, is in fact an international crisis of epic proportions which some are warning could even lead to WWIII.

Meanwhile, Out in Left Field


by James Howard Kunstler, Kunstler:

With Russian “meddling” stalled in the dead letter office, The New York Times has apparently re-branded itself Floozie Central in its quixotic campaign to unseat the Golden Golem of Greatness by all means necessary. The Stormy Daniels affair, and its slime-trail of payoffs, is the slender thread that the Resistance hopes to hang Donald Trump on.

The great legal minds of cable TV have been very busy trying to suss out which part of the $130,000 non-disclosure payoff might apply as a campaign financing violation. If Rudy Giuliani still had his wits about him, of course, he would claim that the money was just Ms. Daniel’s going rate for an overnight frolic amongst her legendary twin peaks, that is, a sex worker’s simple transaction fee. Where does it say in the constitution that a president may not consort with tramps and hussies?

Meanwhile, Spotted Together At A Party In The Hamptons…


by Tyler Durden, via The Anti Media:
While publicly polarizing average-joe America at every opportunity, it appears the ‘elites’ are having a blast ‘together’ behind the scenes…

As Politico reports

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OUT AND ABOUT IN THE HAMPTONS — Lally Weymouth held her annual summer party last night at her house in Southampton.