Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Tag: Let’s Do The Math – Numerous Mandalay Bay Anomalies Remind Us Of This One Blunt Truth: ‘Dead Patsy’s Tell No Tales’

Let’s Do The Math – Numerous Mandalay Bay Anomalies Remind Us Of This One Blunt Truth: ‘Dead Patsy’s Tell No Tales’


by William B. Stoecker, All News Pipeline:

– Are You Ready To Take The ‘Red Pill’? You May Not Like What You Find Out!

“Keep in mind, the definition of a false flag does not mean that the incident never happened. It means blame is being shifted to someone else for the atrocity. False flag operations are covert operations conducted by governments, corporations, or other organizations, which are designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operations appear as if they are being carried out by other entities.” Mac Slavo – SHTFPlan

Let’s Do the Math.

More and more patriots are awakening and are no longer willing to accept the pronouncements of government officials and the slimestream media at face value. So it is with the latest shooting in Vegas, by the lone gunman of the week. Other awakened patriots are already writing about the paucity of evidence for nearly 600 dead and wounded and the possibility of crisis actors being used. 

More will leak out in the coming days and weeks; all of it will be ignored or denounced by the media. People will investigate to see if the stated number of wounded actually arrived at area hospitals, for example. And, of course, heterosexual White males are the favorite whipping boys of the elites (most of whom are White males), but elderly White males almost never shoot anyone, and no motive has yet been invented for the patsy, who was apparently shot dead by the FBI Hostage Rescue Team (according to one account…the story keeps changing) before he could talk. 

The misnamed HRT, by the way, were the brave “heroes” at Waco. But I want to talk about one simple fact: it is impossible for one man, even with multiple full auto weapons, to hit nearly 600 people. Not difficult…impossible, rather like three steel-framed buildings collapsing straight down in their own footprints. 

Even trained marksmen, especially firing on full auto, will fire many rounds before hitting an enemy soldier. Theoretically, if a mass of people are packed tightly together, maybe half the rounds might connect…maybe. That would be 1,200 rounds. Firing full auto at a cyclic rate of 600 rounds per minute, that would take two minutes. 

But submachine guns and assault rifles carry 20 to 30 round magazines, and the shooter (Stephen Paddock was not a trained soldier) would have to pick up new weapons and change magazines (some 40 magazines would be required) and reacquire his targets each time. So, at a minimum, he would need two and a half to three minutes to do the job, probably longer. 

But the crowd, although they failed to react for a few seconds, began running away and scattering. At the absolute most, Paddock might have managed to hit 50-100 people while they were packed together. Once they were even partly spread out, he would be lucky to hit one person for every five to ten rounds, during which time the crowd almost completely dispersed or took cover. So, at the absolute most, Paddock might have managed to kill or wound, say, 200 people, and probably far fewer. 

Then there are the lurid accounts of bodies almost torn apart by “high powered rifle rounds.” I looked at the pictures, and the range appeared to be at least 150-200 yards; the local sheriff, who was on the scene, estimated 500 yards. This is important, because one early report (again, the story keeps changing) claimed that Paddock used an Uzi submachine gun. These fire nine millimeter pistol rounds with a max effective range of about 100 yards. Even at that range they would not do nearly as much damage as claimed. 

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