Thursday, February 25, 2021

Tag: Impeachment Day One; LaRouche PAC Special Report

Impeachment Day One; LaRouche PAC Special Report

by Barbara Boyd, LaRouche PAC:

Thursday, January 16th, was the first day of the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, or Donald John Trump, as the Democrats have repeatedly reminded us today, seeking to cast the President of the United States in the mode of the common criminal defendant. Today’s official events largely consisted of the formalities of presentation of the two House articles of impeachment, and the swearing of the House managers, the Chief Justice John Roberts, and the swearing in of the “jurors,” namely, the Senators themselves. The Democratic talking points were all about being solemn and realizing that the weight of history “was on your shoulders,” and the moment was “profound.” These points were repeated so many times today that those saying them were visibly bent and sour-faced by the end of the day, profundity having escaped them completely.