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Tag: How the Radical Left Has Taken Over Higher Education: 7 Professors Who Promote Violence

How the Radical Left Has Taken Over Higher Education: 7 Professors Who Promote Violence


by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

Colleges and universities are breeding grounds for the Radical Left, encouraging Antifa violence and would-be Communist revolutionaries. That sounds outrageous, but it’s absolutely true. More and more, we’re hearing stories about instructors supporting Antifa, leading “resistance” groups, and making genocidal comments about white people. The Radical Left has taken over the higher education system.

It’s pretty hard to hope for unity when our halls of higher education are hard at work creating a generation of young people who hate everything for which America stands. The backward logic used to sway the feelings and opinions of students is obvious to us, but to younger, idealistic people without experience in the real world, it can seem like these instructors are brilliant souls marching to the beat of a drum so escalated that mere mortals can’t even hear it, much less understand it.

When I wrote an article last week about plans for an attempted Communist revolution on November 4th, it was met with the expected amount of trollery and denial from people who said I was full of it. Lots of people who disagree like to call this a crazy conspiracy theory, but if I’m using their own words and actions to paint a picture, I hardly see how this could be my vivid imagination. They also argued that they were on the side of the angels. “Antifa is good,” they said. “If you are against Antifa, that means you are FOR fascism,” they opined. Obviously, that is a fallacy of relevance, because instead of arguing a point, it misrepresents the opposing opinion. But to the people who want to believe that anyone who differs is the enemy, it holds more weight than a tank full of actual evidence.


Part of the issue is the population of the ivory towers of academia. For some reason, the people who end up teaching young people – at least the ones getting media attention – are extreme in their views. These professors and instructors are held in such esteem by the universities that the students, if they aren’t the critically thinking type, believe every word they speak to be gospel. And their Communist leanings aren’t discouraged at all. In fact, in many colleges and universities, these inmates are running the asylums. Liberalism has so overwhelmed the system of higher education that this list of the most liberal colleges in America took up 28 pages.

The Marxist agenda in many of these colleges and universities is so blatant that many parents no longer encourage their children to attend. (I’m thrilled that my homeschooled youngest daughter opted for a vocational program instead of college.)

Here are just a few examples of Radical Left teachers influencing the next generation.

If you wonder why we’re divided, look no further. This is only a handful of incidents that decry white people, promote Communism, and support violent resistance.

  • An instructor at Clemson University was recently outed by College Reform for volunteering his graphic design skills to help a local Antifa chapter that made headlines in February for openly promoting violence on campus. He replied to this request for help that was posted on the Upstate Antifa Facebook page.

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