Friday, March 5, 2021

Tag: Home Canning With Reusable Lids

Home Canning With Reusable Lids


by Michele C., Survival Blog:

Editor’s Introductory Notes: The following instructions work with both Tattler brand canning lids and the more recently-introduced Harvest Guard brand lids. The author uses the term “Tattler” generically, just as some people use the word “Kleenex” for facial tissue, even though there are many brands.

For time, temperature, and pressure data, be sure to use current water bath or pressure canning instructions, as published by authoritative sources, such as in the Ball Blue Book. – JWR

I have, many times over the years thought about learning to use Tattler lids because they are reusable – but they are so expensive! So I and managed to put off buying them for a very long time.