Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Tag: Heh KSA And All Salafists: **** YOU

Heh KSA And All Salafists: **** YOU

by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

In my opinion we’re well past the point where we should be putting up with the jackasses in the Middle East waving their oil wells around like giant penises that are theirs to use to **** anyone up the ass they wish.

Without a market for said oil Mr. Crown Prince will be riding a camel. Should the US decide it’s had enough of KSAs bull**** and give the Saudis 24 hours to move all American-sold arms to a safe place before we will blow them up wherever they are the so-called “great Saudi military power” will turn into a ball of Saharan sand.

We should have told the Saudis to go **** themselves and leveled a full embargo on them after 9/11. After all the vast majority of the hijackers were Saudi nationals — that’s not supposition or rumor, it’s fact. Then there’s the fact that the evil ********** Bush (then President) let several flights leave full of Saudis after 9/11 when our airspace was locked down. Who were they and why? We’ve never had that disclosed and we have a right to know.