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Tag: he CIA Plan to Assassinate Greek PM Karamanlis For Ties to Russia – Exclusive Report

The CIA Plan to Assassinate Greek PM Karamanlis For Ties to Russia – Exclusive Report

by Justin Huebner, Russia Insider:

“However, the intruders didn’t quite make it to murdering the PM. They did, however, keep a close eye on him. 

In that very secret document an episode is described, when Russian spies met with the conspirators face-to-face.”

Last Monday the main Russian TV news channel, Vesti, ran a sensational investigative piece on the main evening news alleging that back in 2009 Russian Intelligence uncovered a plot by the CIA to remove then prime minister Kostas Karmamanlis from office, and assassinate him if necessary, for his support of Russia, in particular the South Stream gas pipeline to Europe.

The story could be straight out of an episode from ‘Homeland’ – here is the full transcript to the segment. The video is captioned in English:

“A Conspiracy in Athens – a political thriller, a sensation, a plot worthy of John Le Carre or Ian Fleming.

A story, almost missed by the media. But the story is fascinating, with unexpected plot twists.

It’s definitely a detective story, but the detective isn’t from Hollywood, or Britain, or even Scandinavia.

This story has been taking place in Greece. 

The news about the US secret services tapping our phones and following numerous political leaders, even if they are leaders of a country or a government, doesn’t surprise anyone anymore. 

Let’s remember Angela Merkel and the plans for removal. It was supposed to be a physical removal, on the territory of EU. 

You don’t come across it very often. This is already a new chapter. 

This story begins in 2008, or maybe even before that. The Prime Minister of Greece is Kostas Karamanlis. 

He’s right-wing, conservative, New Democracy member. Like all the other Greek PMs, he faces many difficulties in economics, and with the tireless opposition. 

Karamanlis takes the reform course, fights unemployment. 

In his foreign policy, he tries to get closer to Russia, in several key directions at once. From increasing trade volumes, to purchasing arms. 

Karamanlis called Vladimir Putin his friend, and Moscow was his strategic partner. But the main energy – Karamanlis supported Greece’s participation in the Burgas–Alexandroupoli pipeline, and the South Stream. This was a gas pipeline to deliver Russian oil and gas to Southern and Central Europe. 

For the Greeks, both projects were supposed to be lucrative. 

Agreements between the governments were signed. Kostas Karamanlis couldn’t have known that because of these meetings and negotiations, not deals, certain forces in Greece and beyond would start an intricate plan to disrupt the projects. 

From the standard destabilization situation in the country to the change of the political course, and liquidating the main goal. This means Karamanlis himself. 

This became famous from numerous Greek press articles. Journalists got their hands on bits and pieces of information. 

And now, it’s possible to try to put together the whole picture, to put this elaborate puzzle together. 

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