Friday, December 3, 2021

Tag: Hackers Took Over Electronic Voting Machines In Two Hours At DEF CON

Hackers Took Over Electronic Voting Machines In Two Hours At DEF CON

by Aaron Kesel, Activist Post

Hackers at the Las Vegas’ annual DEF CON event took over electronic voting machines in a display of a simulation run for the White House proving that rigging an election is indeed possible, something that many researchers have warned about for several years.

It took under 90 minutes for hackers to physically break down the 30 voting machines and discover weaknesses in their defenses, The Register UK reported.

Of the 30 voting booths, the hardware and software were manufactured by Diebold, Sequoia and Winvote.

Hackers proved the low level of security that voting machines have had which has been known for years; even a former Diebold contractor whistleblower, Chris Hood, told of the weakness of security and how easily voting machines can be exploited.

One of the voting booths was wirelessly hacked by a hacker proving that you only need to be near it and in range, not physically next to it, to exploit the system’s software like how Princeton University demonstrated 10 years ago.

“Without question, our voting systems are weak and susceptible. Thanks to the contributions of the hacker community today, we’ve uncovered even more about exactly how,” Jake Braun, a hacker said.

The scary thing is we also know that our foreign adversaries — including Russia, North Korea, Iran — possess the capabilities to hack them too, in the process undermining the principles of democracy and threatening our national security.

The other main issue isn’t physical voting but rather allowing voters to vote online. It’s convenience vs. security. A whopping 30 states offered voters the option of online voting despite the fact that it was known by security researchers to be vulnerable during the 2016 election last year. That’s enough states to flip the vote and nullify democracy.

Online voting is not secure and can be heavily tampered with finding various vulnerabilities in outdated software and hardware alike.

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