Saturday, February 27, 2021

Tag: ‘Fear Is Everywhere’ In Hollywood As The MSM Covers Up The Sex Scandals Within Their Own News Outlets

‘Fear Is Everywhere’ In Hollywood As The MSM Covers Up The Sex Scandals Within Their Own News Outlets


by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

– The ‘Morally Superior’ Elite Get Their Self-Created Pedestals Ripped Right Out From Under Them 

Paranoia is running rampant throughout Hollywood and the Media industry with everyone wondering who is next to be named and shamed in the court of public opinion, rather than through due process in a court of law, and now we learn publicists are limiting access to celebrities, because Hollywood’s newest art form is “laying low and saying little” for fear of having the spotlight shine on them. 


We will start with Hollyood because every day we are seeing new accusations come out against yet another Hollywood star, with Breitbart’s total now hitting 73, claims ranging from actual rape and sexual assault to the ambiguous “sexual misconduct,” where it appears even an off color joke can potentially end a career, and celebrities that tend to think and act like they are morally superior to the rest of us peons, are finally being exposed as their self-created pedestals are ripped right out from under them.

The Guardian describes the atmosphere in Hollywood as “fear is everywhere.”

“It’s fear – fear is everywhere.” It was fear of damaging your career – “if you want to survive in Hollywood you don’t want to be known as a troublemaker” – and fear of offending the internet outrage machine, said Asi. “Famous people have to measure every word. You can’t predict how the public or social media may react. Silence is the best protection, your best shield.”

There is fear even of acknowledging the fear. Several industry figures compared the climate to a witch-hunt, another called it Robespierre-style terror, but they declined to be named lest they be seen as insufficiently sympathetic to victims.

It will make for a fraught awards season, said Stone, the blogger. “Publicists are keeping their people quieter than usual, there’s not as much access.”

Immediately following the reports that Harvey Weinstein hired spies to silence his accusers and journalists, a group of women decided to publish a Google document which compiled over 100 allegations against Weinstein going all the way back to the 1980s, detailing cases of rape, assault and harassment and what struck me about the list is how few listed “police report” in the category of “action.”

I cannot count the amount of times I have seen or heard a celebrity say “everybody knew,” or “it was an open secret,” or something along those lines, yet Weinstein continued raping and assaulting women in Hollywood for almost 40 years.

Anyone that dares criticize the women that didn’t report it, didn’t press charges, and didn’t scream bloody murder about it to expose him, that allowed him to continue that behavior for so long, is instantly attacked for “victim shaming.”

So be it, they should be ashamed because each person, whether she was a victim or not, or if they “knew” and just never did anything about the rampant abuses, willingly allowed the same thing to happen to the next victim, by not filing a report with the police, which in my mind makes them complicit.

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