Friday, January 22, 2021

Tag: Enough! Drops Michael Flynn Case

DOJ Says, Enough! Drops Michael Flynn Case

by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC:

May 7th. In a terse one sentence motion, the lead prosecutor in the Michael Flynn case, Brandon Van Grack, resigned this afternoon. This was followed, almost immediately, by a motion from the Department of Justice seeking dismissal of charges against Michael Flynn in the case now pending before Judge Emmett Sullivan.

Flynn previously pled guilty to making false statements in an interview at the White House on January 24, 2017, which, recently released FBI documents demonstrate, was a setup up to get Flynn fired as President Trump’s national security adviser and prosecuted. Most legal observers believe that Judge Sullivan has no choice but to dismiss the case since the DOJ says it isn’t going to prosecute it. Sullivan, however, has shown himself to be biased against Flynn, so it is not out of the question that he will dismiss the case, but under some form of protest.