Thursday, November 26, 2020

Tag: Does Russophobia Draw Us Closer to Our Doom?

Does Russophobia Draw Us Closer to Our Doom?

by Martin Berger, New Eastern Outlook:

In a number of articles penned by yours truly for New Eastern Outlook there was a handful of points related to a possible war between the US and Russia.

However, as tensions between the two states continue flaring up due to the mindless anti-Russian stance of the Trump administration, this topic remains just as relevant, despite the apparent absurdity of the notion that either of the two major nuclear powers can hope to win anything in what can be easily described as a nuclear Armageddon. In spite of the first few modest steps towards deescalation made by  US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Helsinki summit, there’s no clear way of defusing the situation due to ongoing Russophobic hysteria among Western elites, notes Counter Punch. Washington is in desperate need of an enemy to cry wolf over, as this approach has proven to be extremely profitable for American arms manufacturers.