Thursday, January 28, 2021

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Distractions and Blame


by Gary Christenson, Deviant Investor:


  • The Russians did not cause global warming or a dozen other problems, but the accusations make good distractions.
  • Blaming and taxing global warming are helpful to the financial and political elite.
  • Gold and silver bullion and cash are less controllable by the elite, so they are discouraged.
  • I encourage you to buy more silver!


Human beings do affect climate and weather. But is their impact important? Consider this article about global cooling.


  • “Warming” can be taxed. “Cooling” can’t be taxed as easily. Which story will government support?
  • Global cooling was the big concern fifty years ago.
  • Many climate changes have occurred in the past million years. Change is the norm.
  • Long before anyone heard of “greenhouse gasses” the world alternated between warming and cooling periods due to changing solar output, volcanic activity and other factors.
  • Ice blankets Greenland today, but why is it called Greenland? Perhaps several centuries before greenhouse gases became important Greenland was warm and green.


Hurricanes: Supposedly hurricanes are now worse because the ocean is warmer. 2017 was a bad year with Harvey, Irma and Maria. 2005 included destruction from Katrina and Rita. What happened between 2006 and 2016? Three to twelve hurricanes occurred during each of those years, but they were less destructive so the media talked less about global warming augmentedhurricanes. But when a hurricane causes massive damage, blame global warming.

California Wildfires: Governor Jerry Brown blamed global warming and called it “the new normal.” Wildfires cause massive damage so blame global warming.

Terrorism: Important politicians are linking or blaming increased terrorism on global warming.

Floods: Destructive floods – blame global warming.

A Bing search showed:

“Blame global warming for Texas floods.”

“Global warming blamed for 16 inches of snow.”

Global warming to blame for deadly tornados.”

“The left is now blaming earthquakes on global warming.”

“Abnormal bird migration etc.”


I propose we also blame global warming for: (Sarcasm alert!)

  • Winter snow storms and record cold temperatures.
  • Pension Plan Underfunding.
  • North Korean Nuclear Tests.
  • The rise of President Trump and the fall of HRC.
  • Russian and American hacking into elections.
  • The opioid epidemic.
  • NFL viewership implosion.
  • Sexual harassment.
  • New all-time highs in the DOW and S&P.



  • Distractions, such as global warming, ISIS, nuclear tests, sensational headlines, tweet storms, drugs, gun deaths, the latest crisis and bombs are used to divert people from the destruction caused by the political and financial elite.
  • Distractions, debt, deficits, and deaths will increase. This week the distractions might be cryptocurrencies while next week they could be ICBM launches, political scandals, or market crashes. Distractions will be used to benefit the political and financial elite.


Regardless of distractions, global warming or cooling, politics, the latest scandals, missing $trillions, all-time highs in overvalued stock markets, multi-decade lows in interest rates (or even negative interest rates), most objective and sane people agree that:

  • Nonsense, whether announced by former Vice-Presidents, former Presidents, Ph.D.’s in Economics, celebrities or village idiots, remains nonsense. It is neither improved nor more intelligent because of the announcers’ supposed status.
  • No country has spent and indebted itself INTO wealth.
  • No country has taxed itself INTO prosperity.
  • Unbacked paper currencies have always failed in the past, usually due to “inflation” in the supply of those paper currencies.
  • Central banks, commercial banks and governments created a huge cesspool of debt in the last fifty years. That massive debt has benefitted a few and impoverished many.
  • Markets rise in price for many reasons, including currency devaluations, but markets always correct, sometimes violently.
  • All-time highs in stocks, bubbles in cryptocurrencies, and unpayable debts will self-correct, often traumatically.
  • Gold and silver have been valuable for thousands of years. They will remain valuable and become more important as markets, excessive debt and other narratives crash.

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