Tuesday, March 2, 2021




from discloseTV:

This may come as a shock to many as the US Government has a secret so well kept that it has deceived all levels of society until the actions of one man. When Gary Mckinnon hacked into the US military and NASA servers, he uncovered many government secrets including the existence of a United States space fleet. 

SECRET SPACE PROGRAM SINCE 1980 Codenamed ‘Solar Warden’, the fleet has already been operation since 1980. It is a shocking revelation as the current public perception of available technology on this world would not warrant the construction of a space fleet until far in the future.

This shows the level of depth that the government had put into obscuring this space fleet from the rest of the world. The Solar Warden space fleet consists of 4 Fleets of Ships, 9 Earth Orbiting Space Stations (Cloaked), 63 Space base Research Stations and 47 PlanetaryResearch Stations on 6 different Worlds. 

The Fleet Ships, Space Stations and Research Stations all use an Electro-Magnetic Shielding (EMS) that not only Deflects Projectile and Energy Based Weapons, it also has the ability to Phase or Cloak whatever object it is Shielding. The Dark Fleet worked almost entirely outside the Sol System, Very Military (Offensive), Extremely Classified above the others and were large fleets.

They worked along side the Draco Alliance and are speculated to fight along side them in their affairs in other systems. WORDS FROM NASA ABOUT THE SECRET SPACE PROGRAM A reply from the Department Of Defence (DoD) after sending them an FOI (freedom of information) request came in the form of an email message: “About an hour ago I spoke to a NASA rep who confirmed this was their program and that it was terminated by the President. He also informed me that it was not a joint program with the DoD.

The NASA rep informed me that you should be directed to the Johnson Space Center FOIA Manager. I have ran your request through one of our space-related directorates and I’m waiting on one other division with the Command to respond back to me. I will contact you once I have a response from the other division. Did NASA refer you to us?”


Apparently, the program operates under both the authority of the US Government and the United Nations. Humans make mistakes and there will always be mistakes whenever anything man-made is involved. Slivers of truth have leaked out over the years either through whistleblowers, procurement of classified data, or through just pure questioning and interviews with involved personnel. An example would be the email message from NASA posted above. Another notable example would be Gary Mckinnon. Several years back,

Gary McKinnon had hacked into both US military and NASA servers. He had unprecedented access to the U.S. Space Command databases. Among the stores of data, McKinnon had uncovered the existence of extraterrestrial officers in the military along with manifests of space fleet-to-fleet cargo transfers. Along with this information, he had also uncovered the secret “Solar Warden” program. At the time, McKinnon faced charges by the U.S. Department of Justice, after having committed “the biggest military computer hack of all time”.

The U.S. Government fought to have him extradited from the UK and possibly face prison time on U.S. Soil for up to 70 years. However, the U.S. Government faced a stalemate as forcing McKinnon to court would undoubtedly risk having him testify in public about the classified files, including the Solar Warden project. His attorney would then be able to subpoena government officers to testify under oath about the Navy’s Space Fleet. It is probably for this reason that the extradition of McKinnon has had no progress to date. 

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