Sunday, January 17, 2021

Tag: Claim More Lives Than COVID-19’

US Expert: ‘Lockdown May Do More Damage, Claim More Lives Than COVID-19’

from 21st Century Wire:

Temporary homeless shelter set up in a parking lot amid the coronavirus pandemic in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (Image Credit: David Becker/EPA/EFE)

We’ve been told repeatedly by government that the ‘lockdown’ and shutting down entire economies and societies is all about “saving lives.” However, upon closer examination, this proposition by government does not appear to be as straightforward as the popular sound bite might suggest. Still, some hard questions has yet to be answered. On what basis have government ‘experts’ made such profound and world-changing decisions? Were these policies really thought through by our political leaders, or merely driven by wild speculation, a hyperbolic media and general mass panic? Do they even make any scientific sense?