Thursday, March 4, 2021

Tag: by Maui Dan

My One Month TEOTWAWKI Road Test – Part 1


by Maui Dan, Survival Blog:

Backround: I’m a country boy who grew up in the farm land of Western Pennsylvania. I lived in the Amish region, observing their off-grid way of life. I was taught to take care of our animals, and that they would take care of us. Nearly everyone learned to hunt and had a knowledge of basic outdoor skills. I was a Boy Scout and learned “Be prepared.” I was a multi sport athlete in high school and  college where I made life-long friends. I have a career in physical therapy spanning 38 years, and achieved a 4th degree black belt. I’ve been a CPR/First Aid instructor, been a prepper since 1998, and a father of two. I’m now 60 years old a still a sinner saved only by His Mercy and Grace.