Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Tag: by B.H.

A Clash of Cultures

by B.H., Survival Blog:

I have been following SurvivalBlog for several years now after reading the first book in the Patriots novel series. From those books, other post apocalyptic novels, and this blog we have generally followed the advice and warnings. The situations causing huge retrogrades in our society have been put into several categories:

  • EMP. This is generally referenced as a weaponized attack using a detonation of a nuclear device to electronically fry just about all our systems of communication, Internet, banking, defense, power grids and anything electronic to include anything with computers or microprocessors. Most refer to this event as a return to early 18th century technology.
  • Solar flare eruptions. These have effects similar to an EMP but also could cause massive changes to our climate such a massive typhoons, tidal surges, etc.