Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Tag: Be VERY Concerned! Democrats Weaponize Pandemic To Enact Anti-America

Be VERY Concerned! Democrats Weaponize Pandemic To Enact Anti-America, Extreme-Left Pet Projects: How Quarantines Became ‘Politics As Usual’ For Liberals That Want Total Government Control

by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

As we watch television media personalities lecture us about proper “social distancing” and quarantining when sick, as they break quarantine themselves while being confirmed COVID-19 positive, and walking around in public infected wearing their face mask around their neck rather than covering the mouth and nose, they are also the first to champion liberal governors across the nation cracking down on their uninfected citizenry while violating their civil rights.

Yes the uninfected are being ordered to stay at home unless it is “essential”  business, with state officials arbitrarily deciding what is and is not “essential.” Those same governors are demanding small businesses shutter, yet to those running those businesses and their employees, work is “essential” to feeding their families and paying their bills.