Sunday, November 29, 2020

Tag: America’s Public Schools are Government Indoctrination Centers

America’s Public Schools are Government Indoctrination Centers


by Sarah Latimer, Survival Blog:
The following article might strike some of our readers as a bit of a rant. So if you dislike reading rants, then please just skip reading this article.

It Started With a Letter
The impetus for this article was a fairly cogent well-intentioned letter from a SurvivalBlog reader:

Dear Editor:
I am concerned about some of the information linked on your blog. I’m a Christian, an avid prepper, and a daily reader of your blog. I support your effort to make readers aware of the world around us, and the changes that we feel are to come. I do have concerns when it comes to the negative portrayal of public schools. It is easy to stereotype groups of people, but not always an accurate way of looking at them. There are individuals who believe those of us who read your blog are crazy. We are all unshaven, dirty, live in underground bunkers, wear aluminum foil hats, and hold our illegal firearms as we talk to ourselves. Is this accurate? No, it is not.