Monday, November 30, 2020

Tag: a Trend that Can Still Be Reversed? Nathan Mcdonald (27/09/2018)

The Death of the West, a Trend that Can Still Be Reversed? Nathan Mcdonald (27/09/2018)

by Nathan Mcdonald, Sprott Money:

Are we now living through the beginning stages of the death of the West? Or at least the West that we once knew, love, and cherished? That gave rise to the greatest period of prosperity and freedom that this world has ever seen, or are simply going through a dramatic shift in the zeitgeist that will inevitable correct itself?

It is unknown as of yet, what the dire ramifications of this extremely unstable period of time we now live in, are going to be. The old rules of politics and civility have been broken, and in large part, we can thank both the radical left and the far right for doing so.

However, the MSM (who have become nothing more than glorified tabloid outlets), through their never ending flow of click-bait propaganda, pitting neighbor against neighbor cannot be overlooked and in my opinion, are the chief cause of this current mess we now find ourselves in. They are the ones that gave birth to these extremes.