Sunday, January 24, 2021

Tag: 145 DAYS AGO

Suddenly Media Realizes FBI Plotted to “F*ck Flynn”; True Pundit Told You That 1,145 DAYS AGO

from True Pundit:

Here we go again, the mainstream and right-wing media re-packaging ‘news’ True Pundit broke months years ago. In this case, 1,145 days ago. Wait, what?

That’s 3.1 YEARS. Yes, years. Where in the hell was everyone else in the media 3.1 years ago? Riding the fence, asleep, or hiding ther heads in the sand.

You may recall True Pundit’s story on March 7, 2017 where we were the first and only to report FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe boasted to a crowded conference room “Fuck Flynn and then we fuck Trump.”