Saturday, August 13, 2022

Kim Jong-un warns Donald Trump he is pushing North Korea to the brink of nuclear war


frpm Daily Mail via Infowars:
Kim Jong-un has warned Donald Trump he is pushing North Korea to the brink of nuclear war after the US and South Korea conducted a life-fire exercise on the peninsula.

The test was in response to North Korea’s successful attempt to fire an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) last week.

The test sparked global alarm as it suggested North Korea now possessed an ICBM capable of reaching Alaska, a major milestone for the reclusive, nuclear-armed state.

After Trump Bows To Saudis, Decision To Release Evidence Of Saudis Funding 9/11 Gets Reversed


by Rachel Blevins, Activist Post:
President Trump’s change in attitude towards Saudi Arabia has apparently had a trickle-down effect, as a federal judge in Miami has reversed her decision to push for the release of crucial documents revealing information on the funding of the 9/11 attacks.

Judge Cecilia Altonaga is now ruling in favor of the FBI, granting the agency’s request to keep large portions of a slide show titled “Overview of the 9/11 Investigation” secret from the public.

The presentation Altonaga is now helping to keep private, includes sections on “Funding of the 9/11 Attacks,” “Early to Mid-2001 Additional Funding,” “Early to Mid-2000: Pilots/Intended Pilots Arrive U.S.,” “Investigative Findings” regarding hijacker “Identification,” and “Financial: Ample Financing was provided.

WATCH: 9yo Boy Handcuffed, Thrown in Police Cruiser for Playing With Toy Gun


by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:
Two videos of the same incident paint two very different scenes of how a police officer reacted to a child playing with a toy gun.

Spartanburg, SC — A video posted to social media over the weekend caused heavy backlash for the Spartanburg police department which prompted them to release body cam video of the same incident. The videos show a 9-year-old boy being handcuffed and placed in a police cruiser for allegedly throwing rocks and playing with a toy gun.

The two videos highlight the importance of being truthful when sharing evidence of alleged police misconduct and the damage done by those out to spread false information.

China Now Home to the World’s Largest Floating Solar Plant


by Mike Barrett, Natural Society:
In the beginning of June 2017, workers brought a solar energy plant online capable of producing 40 megawatts of power. That’s cool all by itself, but this solar “farm” floats on a manmade lake in China’s Anhui province, and it is the largest floating solar project in the world. [1]

The massive power plant was built by Sungrow Power Supply, and can produce enough energy to power 15,000 homes. The exact size of the operation has not been revealed, but it produces twice as much energy as the previous holder of the largest-floating-solar-plant title, which was launched by Xinyi Solar in 2016.

Upton Sinclair: The Brass Check – Brazen Times in Donnie-dom

from Jesse’s Café Américain:
I will probably update the charts and other information over the weekend.

Considering that today was a Non-Farm Payrolls report, the action in the markets is not particularly surprising.   The talking heads were calling this an almost perfect ‘risk-on’ jobs report.   Right.  Plenty of crappy jobs at wage levels for an unsustainable recovery.    

Not one thing has change in my mind for the intermediate to longer term. Its just that the antics of the major corporate/financial players is becoming more brazen in Donnie-dom.

These quotes are from The Brass Check which was written by Upton Sinclair in 1919.
brass check was a token purchased by a customer in a brothel and given to the woman of his choice. Sinclair saw the moneyed interests of his day holding brass checks with which to purchase politicians, journalists and their editors, and other thought leaders of the day.

“Everything Can Fall Into Place, Or Could Fall Apart” — Trump-Putin Summit Friday Is Historic Turning Point


from LaRouche Pac:
As the scheduled summit on Friday between Presidents Trump and Putin draws near, there is great potential for a breakout from the British-orchestrated drive to sabotage cooperation between Russia and the United States. Yet, as Helga Zepp-LaRouche warned today, this is no time for complacency — “Everything can fall into place, or could fall apart.” The North Korean situation is being driven to the brink and blamed on China, while the British are manufacturing fake-news of a chemical attack in Syria and blaming it on Russia. The issue of war or peace is immediately before us.

The British, and the neo-cons in both the Republican and Democratic parties in the U.S., cheered on by the lying media, want to take the U.S. back to the Obama-projectory for war with Russia and China. The level of hysteria and desperation in campaign to bring down the President was displayed today in the press conference between President Trump and Polish President Andrzej Duda following their meeting in Warsaw, when a reporter tried to trap Trump, saying: “Answer yes or no, did Russia interfere in the U.S. election?” Trump rose to the occasion, saying, in paraphrase: “It could have been Russia, and it could have been other countries. I think it has been going on for many years.”

Is Trump’s Investigation of Vaccine-Dangers Dead?

by Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News:
Trump has made two key appointments in the area of childhood vaccination. The first was Scott Gottlieb, the director of the FDA. What does Gottlieb have to say?

From “…antivaccine activists were disappointed with Trump’s appointment for FDA head, Scott Gottlieb, who has said any theories of a link between vaccines and autism have been ‘thoroughly debunked’.”

Trump’s second key appointment has now been revealed. Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald takes over as the head of the CDC.

Silver News: Mine Production Falls for First Time in 14 Years; New Technological Breakthroughs


by Peter Schiff, Schiff Gold:
Silver mine production dropped in 2016 for the first time in 14 years.

The Silver Institute highlights the story in its June issue of Silver News, along with the latest technological advances utilizing the white metal.

Falling mine production was a factor in driving down the overall silver supply last year.

Global silver mine production in 2016 recorded its first decline since 2002. When added to declining silver scrap supply, which posted its lowest level since 1996, and a contraction in producer hedging, total silver supply decreased by 32.6 million ounces in 2016.”

Trouble In Paradise? Obama Photographed Without His Wedding Ring In Viral Selfie


by Joshua Caplan, The Gateway Pundit:
A viral selfie of former President Obama, a young mother and her six-month old baby girl is making the internet rounds today. The trio snapped the shot at Anchorage International Airport, and of course, the mainstream media fawned over it.

Yahoo reports:

An Alaska mother is cherishing cellphone photos she snapped of her wide-eyed 6-month-old baby in the arms of former President Barack Obama.

Stephen Cohen’s Remarks on Tucker Carlson Last Night Were Extraordinary


from Russia Insider:
Cohen’s appearance on Carlson’s show last night demonstrated again at what a blistering pace public opinion in the West about Putin and Russia is shifting, for the better.

Cohen is always good, but last night he nailed it, calling the media’s coverage of Hamburg ‘pornography’.

Ahh, the power of the apt phrase.

It was just a year ago, pre-Trump, that professor Cohen was banned from all the networks, from any major media outlet, and being relentlessly pilloried by the neocon media for being a naive fool for defending Putin and Russia.