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There Is No Way to Stop the Planet-Wide Spread of the “Black Death”


by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

The Black Death is thought to have originated in the dry plains of Central Asia, where it then travelled along the silk Road, eventually reaching Crimea by 1343. From that point, it was most likely carried by Oriental rat fleas   living on the black rats that were regular passengers on various merchant ships. Then this “Black Death” spread throughout the Mediterranean and Europe.

The Black Death is estimated to have killed 30–60{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} of Europe’s total population. All together, the plague may have reduced the population of the world from an estimated 450 million down to 350–375 million in the 14th century. The world population, as a whole. did not recover to pre-plague population levels until the 17th century. This was largely due to the fact that the plague recurred as outbreaks in Europe until the 19th century. Now, humanity is looking at the potential for a similar scourge. This is not a statement to made lightly because the devastation lasted over 300 years. The most amazing thingg about the spread of the pathogen, was that the enormous number of victims, as well as the vast geography that the disease covered, was accomplished without the aid of carriers spreading the disease without modern air travel.

A Pathogen Like No Other

The disease cannot be eradicated, thus leaving a feeling of helplessness among humans seeking to eliminate the plague. Writing for The Conversation, Professor Allen Cheng, infectious disease expert at Monash University, described the airborne plague as “unusual” due to the number of cases reported in major cities. Cheng stated “It’s not possible to eradicate plague, as it is widespread in wildlife rodents outside the sphere of human influence.”

The plague has spread to at least 10 nations, probably more. As healthcare officials scramble to treat patients, experts believe the highly lethal bacteria may evolve to become resistant to antibiotics leading to “eternal” plague outbreaks. Enter Paul Martin, as he presents a much more dire picture based partially upon the fact that humans have so overused antibiotics that the use of antibiotics will accelerate the severity of the pathogen as well as the spread.

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Spain’s Pension System Hits Crisis Point (and Everyone Ignores it)


by Don Quijones, Wolf Street:

But how did things get this bad?

By most measures, sun-blessed Spain is an idyllic place to grow old in. Life expectancy is among the highest in the world, and the national pension fund’s payout ratio (pension as percent of final salary) is the second highest in Europe after Greece. But if current trends are any indication, that may soon be about to change.

The country’s Social Security Reserve Fund, which was meant to serve as a nationwide nest egg to guarantee future pension payouts — given Spain’s burgeoning ranks of pensioners — has been bled virtually dry by the government. This started ever so quietly in 2012 when the government began withdrawing cash from the fund. Some of it was used to fill part of the government’s own fiscal gaps while billions more were tapped to cover the Social Security system’s growing deficits. As a result the pension pot has shrunk from over €66 billion in 2011 to just €15 billion in 2016.

To avoid wiping out the fund altogether this year, the Spanish government extended a €10.1 billion interest-free loan to Spain’s social security system, which enabled it to pay out the two extra pension payments due in June and December. That way, only €7-7.5 billion will be tapped from Spain’s public pension nest egg. Emptying the pot altogether this year would have been politically unpalatable, says El País. Instead, it will be emptied next year as the social security system racks up yet another massive annual shortfall.

Last year it registered its biggest deficit in its history (€18.1 billion), which was covered by the pension pot. In 2017, the deficit is forecast to be €16.6 billion, according to the government’s own projections. That’s roughly 1.5{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} of Spanish GDP. Another €18-20 billion will be needed next year. Successive deficits are expected until at least 2020, when there will still be an annual deficit of around 0.5{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} of GDP — and that’s according to the government’s own rosy figures!

Without large annual cash transfusions paid for with freshly issued government debt, the system would have collapsed this year. But the fix is merely temporary and it’s likely to store up a whole new slew of problems for a country that’s already seen its public debt-to-GDP ratio triple over the last ten years. If, as expected, the interest on that debt continues its slow upward trajectory as the European Central Bank gradually pares back its purchases of European sovereign debt, the strain could become too much.

But how did things get this bad?

There are two main causes for Spain’s pensions nightmare: the rapid ageing of Spanish society, and the mass destruction of decent or semi-decent paying jobs in the wake of the financial crisis. Both problems are evident across most advanced Western economies, but they are particularly pronounced in Spain.

When Deaths Outperform Births. For the last two years Spain has registered more deaths than births. The last time that happened for a sustained period of time was during the bloody Civil War years (1936-39) when more than half a million people perished.

The current trend has only just begun. In 2014 Spain’s National Statistics Institute (INE) predicted that an era of more deaths than births would begin in 2015 and the gap would continue to widen until 2062. It said the country’s population, now numbering more than 46 million, would probably fall by more than a million over the next 15 years and by 5.6 million over the next 50 years. It’s a trend that is already having very serious implications for the sustainability of Spain’s public pensions system.

Bullshit Jobs, Bullshit Pensions. The popping of Spain’s mind boggling property bubble and the subsequent collapse of most of its savings banks triggered a wave of job destruction in Spain that was virtually unparalleled in other parts of Europe.

In return for a €60 billion financial sector bailout, the Troika demanded harsh wage cuts and sweeping labor reforms. The Rajoy administration was more than happy to oblige, with the result that most of the new jobs that have been created in recent years are both poorly paid and highly precarious, which may be good news for cost-cutting employers (at least in the short term), but terrible news for Spain’s pension scheme.

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China Is Testing Weapons That Can Reach The US In 14 Minutes


from ZeroHedge:

A secretive hypersonic wind tunnel, nicknamed ‘Hyper Dragon’, is helping the experts ‘reveal many facts that Americans have not found out’, one Chinese researcher said in a propaganda documentary…

South China Morning Post’s Stephen Chen reports that China is building the world’s fastest wind tunnel to simulate hypersonic flight at speeds of up to 12 kilometres per second.

A hypersonic vehicle flying at this speed from China could reach the west coast of the United States in less than 14 minutes.

Zhao Wei, a senior scientist working on the project, said researchers aimed to have the facility up and running by around 2020 to meet the pressing demand of China’s hypersonic weapon development programme.

“It will boost the engineering application of hypersonic technology, mostly in military sectors, by duplicating the environment of extreme hypersonic flights, so problems can be discovered and solved on the ground,” said Zhao, a deputy director of the State Key Laboratory of High Temperature Gas Dynamics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing.

The ground tests will significantly reduce the risk of failure when test flights of hypersonic aircraft start.

The world’s most powerful wind tunnel at present is America’s LENX-X facility in Buffalo, New York state, which operates at speeds of up to 10 kilometres per second – 30 times the speed of sound.

Hypersonic aircraft are defined as vehicles that travel at speeds of Mach 5, five times the speed of sound, or above.

The US military tested HTV-2, a Mach 20 unmanned aircraft in 2011 but the hypersonic flight lasted only a few minutes before the vehicle crashed into the Pacific Ocean.

In March, China conducted seven successful test flights of its hypersonic glider WU-14, also known as the DF-ZF, at speeds of between Mach 5 and Mach 10.

Other countries including Russia, India and Australia have also tested some early prototypes of the aircraft, which could be used to deliver missiles including nuclear weapons.

“China and the US have started a hypersonic race,” said Wu Dafang, professor at the school of aeronautic science and engineering at Beihang University in Beijing who received a national technology award for the invention of a new heat shield used on hypersonic vehicles in 2013.

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Have A Holly, Jolly Christmas …


by Richard Sauder, Event Horizon Chronicle:

I haven’t posted to my blog for a long while, mostly because I didn’t really have anything pressing to say.

There is also the *grim* factor, in that things are becoming so execrable that it’s downright unpleasant to regularly write about what’s going on in the world.

But what I can say is that in recent weeks I have again drunk ayahuasca, the revelatory, Amazonian shamanic brew. My long-time readers know that my principle reason for originally coming to South America in 2010 was to embark on a shamanic vision quest. I am happy to report that the quest is ongoing! — and ayahasca has played, and continues to play, an integral role in my continuing process of self-inquiry and exploration of broader reality in every sense.

So it is that in recent weeks ayahuasca, in its considerable wisdom, has seen fit to impress upon me, yet one more time, just how fake and FALSEeverything is. It has shown me hours of the most HIDEOUSGHASTLY,HORRIFIC aspects of this world and this reality that one man can bear to take in. Every corpuscle and fiber of my organism automatically reacted in instinctive revulsion and I was reduced to repeated rounds of vigorous retching and deep sighing as I repeated over and over and over: “It’s so false. It’s all so false!”

Indeed, I cannot begin to tell you, though I will nevertheless try, how fake, empty and horrifically EVIL it all seems when ayahuasca shines its inner spotlight on the world that we all know and live in.

Let me enumerate some of the fake,  FALSE reality for you:

false money
false economics
false politics
false elections
false history
false food
false agriculture
false entertainment
false sports
false news
false religion
false medicine
false education
false banking
false stock market
false consciousness
false sexuality
false science
false advertising
false law
false justice
false technology
false government
& etc.

You can easily add to the list yourself. 

What came through for me very clearly, with heavy emotional immediacy, is that things are too far gone to be substantially remedied or reformed at this point. 

The current FALSE order of things is irredeemable, cannot be reformed. A deeply negative, satanically programmed, karmically driven, species-wide, planet-wide, probability tree, or decision tree is now self-executing and counting down to a predetermined time zero.

PURE EVIL does not become good, as it were, (or else it would not bePURE EVIL — see?) and so things will be running their dire course in the coming months and years.

In other words, the whole dynamic is powered by hundreds of millions and billions of deeply programmed, humanoid, meat puppets on largely reflexive, un-self-examined, cumulatively self-destructive auto-pilot, firmly rooted in the numerous FALSE factors that I have listed above.

It boils down to this: humanity has contrived to bring itself face to face with the sum of all its karma. And it will be resolved! It is simply inevitable, because the karmic burden is so darkly heavy. How could it be otherwise after so many thousands of years of warring, slaving, stealing, murdering, lying, exploiting, plundering, looting, torturing, robbing, despoiling, etc.? 

But it’s even worse than that. Ayahuasca has shown me unambiguously that  a purely satanic A.I. (artificial intelligence) is now in control on this planet and ruthlessly, mercilessly pushing towards a nuclear war that has been locked in, that is locked and loaded, and is ticking down to nuclear D-Day.

It is very much as if we are pawns caught up in a satanic, ruthless, merciless video game that is programmed to self-destruct. It’s like an evil, virtual reality movie reel is automatically unspooling under the ruthless guidance of a demented, homicidally psychopathic projectionist who has locked himself in the projection booth of the global movie theatre and cannot be stopped. 

Look around — you’ll see 7+ billions of ostensibly *human* pawns stupidly marching into a grim future bristling with nuclear missiles, a rapidly collapsing global ecology, ecosystems littered with millions of tons of plastic garbage and toxic chemicals of every description, diminishing fresh water sources, an increasingly poisonous, radioactive environment thanks to out-of-control nuclear technology, a crushing, global debt burden that cannot possibly be paid, rampant criminal corruption in government after government the world over, and much more. 

How Do We Get Out Of This Terrible Situation?

A friend of mine to whom I described my visions rejoined: “But, Richard, if there were to be mass repentance and a change of heart by humanity couldn’t this all be avoided?” 

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A Perfect Storm for Silver – Steve St Angelo


from Silver Fortune:

An interview with Steve St. Angelo of the SRS Rocco Report. This includes discussion about precious metals, the energy sector, and a potentially groundbreaking project that Steve is working on.

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PURE EVIL: Oregon man arrested for ‘using his one-year-old stepdaughter to make child porn and sharing it over anonymous messaging app Kik’


from Daily Mail:

An Oregon man has been arrested for using his infant stepdaughter to make child porn, police say,

Kelly Shane Rice, 29, faces multiple child sex charges after Homeland Security found evidence he had produced the disturbing pornography and shared it over private messaging app Kik, court records show.

Investigators tracked the uploads to Rice’s Roseburg, Oregeon home, where they executed a search warrant on November 2.

Homeland Security and state police say they found evidence that Rice had been using his one-year-old stepdaughter to produce the child porn.

‘During the search of the residence and the following investigation, it was discovered that one of the child pornographic images was produced at that residence,’ state police told KVAL 13.

Rice is charged with using a child in display of sexually explicit conduct; sex abuse, unlawful sexual penetration and encouraging child sex abuse.

He is currently in the Douglas County Jail and bail has been set at $1.1 million.

This isn’t the first time that an alleged pedophile has been caught sharing child porn on Kik. 

The app, which was founded in 2009 by a group of University of Waterloo students, has become something of a haven for predators in recent years.

The app grants its users anonymity as unlike others, it doesn’t require a working phone number – just a unique username. This, according to the app’s website, is so ‘users are always in complete control of who they talk to on Kik.’ 

Kik is a smartphone messenger app that allows users anonymity 

However, the app’s anonymity makes it a minefield when it comes to solving crimes, such as child exploitation, bomb threats and terrorism. 

It allows users to search for others by age and send photographs that are not stored on phones – making it popular with pedophiles and predators and the bane of law enforcement. 

Ted Livingston, the start-up’s founder and chief executive, has said the service, which has 240million users, reaches roughly 40 per cent of Americans aged 13 to 25. 

The free app uses native advertising – including video advertisements – to earn revenue. To target its primarily young audience, it also offers advertisers the chance to reach consumers using branded GIFs. 

However, in a guide for law enforcement, Kik says names, emails and ages do not allow the company to find user accounts – the exact username is required. They will, however, preserve data for a period of 90 days, pending receipt of a valid order from law enforcement. 

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MUST HEAR: Biggest Sting in History, Indictments Growing – Liz Crokin

from Sarah Westall:

Investigative Journalist Liz Crokin joins the program to discuss the latest on the indictments that are coming down. The number of indictments is history making. Never have we had close to this many sealed indictments in our country. Crokin believes it is a massive crackdown on corruption and elite pedophilia. Her background as a White House correspondent for the state department, as an investigative journalist for the Chicago Tribune, and as an investigative journalist covering scandals amongst the elite in Hollywood has given her a backdoor look into the dealings of the elite. She is passionate about taking down the pedophile rings and will not stop until they are shut down.

Global Elite Panic As They Go Down One By One – Sexual Abuse And Pedophilia Cover Ups Led Right To The Hillary Clinton State Department


by Susan Duclos, AllNewsPipeline:

When the dam broke after the Harvey Weinstein allegations, Hollywood was engulfed in the biggest sex scandal in history with dozens of celebrities which consider themselves the “global elite” either being accused of sexual harassment, or being the accusers, or forced to take sides over stories ranging from rape to the catch-all phrase they continue to use, “sexual misconduct,” which could encompass everything from “inappropriate touching ” (some claim a hug is inappropriate) to actionable accusations of abuse.

Then came the “Sh*tty Media Men” list, which names over 70 men in the media industry and accusations claiming sexual misconduct, which mixed ridiculous allegations like “flirting” with serious allegations of rape and abuse. Liberals media outlets named in that list are now dealing with open allegations, such as the most recent claims from more than a dozen former and current employees about the culture for women inside Vice Media, saying the “toxic sexual harassment culture” at the outlet has been “unsafe and just plain dirty.”

Now they are going after the politicians, some with claims that have no documentation, to claims that are documented, with liberal Senator Al Franken the latest politician in the crosshairs.


Hollywood has already admitted they have been covering up sexual abuse within their industry for decades, with the common refrain being “everybody knew,” yet no one did anything about it. That includes the media that had been aware of Weinstein and Hollywood’s sexual abuse problem since at least 2004, when the NYT killed a story about it

What they, nor the media want to focus on is the sexual child abuse and pedophilia that also runs rampant throughout their industry, as they ignore people like Corey Feldman that has been trying to expose this issue for years. Few others have spoken up and backed him up, but it also is something those that have spoken up about say is yet another “open secret,” one far worse, far more vile than the scandal that is engulfing them now.

It isn’t only Hollywood covering up the sexual abuse against children and pedophilia though, as we are reminded of a report back in 2013, by NBC, when they were still trying to report news, rather than their virulent Trump Derangement Syndrome dominating their so-called “news” in 2017, about the cover-up of illegal, inappropriate behavior within the State Department ranks, while Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State, including cases of pedophilia.

“There is an old saying in Washington that the cover-up is worse than the crime. But in this case both parts of it are disturbing”, Chuck Todd continued.

Allegations of prostitution and pedophilia, and allegations that those crimes were somehow covered up or not looked into. So the State Department this morning is having to respond to those claims, and those investigations involve misconduct by State Department officials, including an Ambassador and security agents attached to then secretary of state, Hillary Clinton.

The allegations are that these investigations were whitewashed, quashed altogether, and that those orders came from high up.

NBC has obtained documents relating to ongoing investigations into some disturbing allegations involving State Department personnel and at least one ambassador. A State Department memo says, quote, “the Ambassador routinely ditched his protective security detail in order to solicit sexual favors from both prostitutes and minor children.

The memo also says a top State Department official directed State Department investigators to “cease the investigation” into the ambassador’s conduct.” It’s just one of what another document describes as “several examples of undue influence” from top State Department officials.

In 2015 it was reported that the Office of Inspector General had actually edited whole passages of their high profile report “that could have embarrassed Hillary Clinton just days before she quit President Obama’s Cabinet.”

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Xi Jinping Pledges To “Strengthen Relationship” Between Saudi Arabia And China


from ZeroHedge:

In what can only be described as a masterful play to entice Saudi Arabia to list shares of Aramco in Hong Kong (assuming the kingdom follows through with the listing, which is reportedly in jeopardy) Chinese state media reported Friday that Chinese President Xi Jinping pledged to strengthen the relationship between China and Saudi Arabia as the latter tries to reform its economy.

According to the South China Morning Post, Xi vowed to strengthen cooperation between the two states at a time when the Middle Eastern kingdom is facing a political shake-up at home, and heightened tensions with Lebanon and Iran. Xi’s vow of friendship came with the crucial qualifier that the relationship between the two countries wouldn’t be affected by shifting international circumstances.

No matter how the international and regional situation changed, China’s determination to deepen strategic cooperation with Saudi Arabia would not change, President Xi Jinping told Saudi King Salman in a telephone conversation, according to a report by China’s state broadcaster CCTV.

“China supports Saudi in its efforts to safeguard its sovereignty and achieve greater development,” Xi was quoted as saying.

Of course, that’s an implicit threat that China might come to KSA’s aide if the simmering hostilities between the kingdom and Iran explode out into a military conflict between the two regional rivals. However, the SCMP also stresses that China has a strong relationship with Iran as well.

Hong Kong is reportedly still in consideration to host the Aramco IPO.

And while China will presumably play the dual role of investor and adviser as the Kingdom seeks to diversify its economy into other industries besides energy, including technology and manufacturing, KSA has in returned promised to assist Xi’s “one belt, one road” economic reform program.

King Salman told Xi that Saudi Arabia was willing to become China’s “important partner” in the Gulf. The kingdom also intended to play a role in China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” and cooperate with Beijing in the energy and financial sectors, he said

Though Chinese media reports didn’t delve into too much detail about the recent purge orchestrated by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the call between the two leaders obviously follows an event two weeks for KSA, where its leaders reportedly pressured Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri to resign. Hariri had to go, allegedly, because he was deemed too soft on Hezbollah, the shiite militant group that’s affiliated with Iran and is also an important powerbroker in Lebanon.

Two weeks ago, dozens of Saudi princes and officials were detained on corruption charges, a move that is believed to have helped Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to consolidate his power. And yesterday the Financial Times exposed the “corruption crackdown” for what is truly is: A naked cash grab meant to refill KSA’s foreign currency reserves while allowing it the financial flexibility to help ensure the Aramco IPO is executed at the best possible price.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun this week accused Saudi authorities of “detaining” Hariri, but Riyadh said he was free to leave the kingdom “when he pleases”. Hariri was reportedly supposed to arrive in France on Friday.

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Hidden Secrets Of The Snowden Files

by Elizabeth Vos, Disobedient Media:

Suzie Dawson calls the Snowden Files “the gift that keeps on giving,” and with good reason. Legacy media likes to distill the information into only the past tense, a single take-away sound bite regarding the exposure of mass surveillance in 2013. However, as Dawson notes, much of the important content residing in the Snowden documents has never been addressed by mainstream press, due in large part to the volume of the data.

However, as Dawson contends, there is a wealth of knowledge remaining in the files that are often unrelated to the widely publicized revelation of the NSA’s domestic surveillance, but that provides important contextual understanding of intelligence agency intent and motivation.

This author collaborated with Dawson in examining Snowden files that, though published, had not been publicized at this time. Dawson said: “This is information in the public arena, that has not been examined by journalists.” Dawson added: “The true power of the documents is not so much in examining the content of each single document, but in actually pulling together the whole picture.”

Discussion of the results of two previous live streams on the matter are included below.

Dawson told Disobedient Media that analyzing the files had: “Changed the way I think and feel about surveillance, intelligence agencies, the UN, the USA. and the system that ultimately governs the entire world.”

One of the first documents we looked at was in regards to an “Advanced Analysis Seminar” on “Computational Neurobiology.” The event involved the Fair Isaac Corporation, or FICO, a credit scoring company that also describes itself as interested in Artificial Intelligence.

The lecture was presented by Dr. Robert Hecht-Nielson, who spoke regarding Confabulation theory. The intent of the theory is to find a mechanism that explains cognition in humans and animals – a unified theory of mind – that can then be applied to artificial intelligence. Hecht-Nielsen’s association with the credit score company FICO resulted from a merger with his HNC Software, which press reports described as involved in both the credit industry and “After the Sept. 11 attacks, it has also been looking to use its software to help airlines identify high-risk passengers.”

Dawson pointed out that Johns Hopkins and other Universities had been partnering with the NSA to run seminars, which leads to the disturbing implications of the intelligence agency’s influence on academic institutions, a point which would come up again later in our discussion.

Another important point raised by the Snowden documents is the fact that the European Union is considered the top strategic threat to the United States, eclipsing even nations like Russia and China.

The second document we discussed indicated that during the immediate aftermath of the Iraq War, NSA overtime skyrocketed to such an extent that the agency was forced to publish a document outlining limits on overtime and described measures to prevent mental breakdown of employees.

An additional issue raised by the Snowden files was the role of SIGINT regarding ‘hidden meanings’ in public broadcasts. Dawson pointed out the importance of the document because of its relevance to foreign press, as well as for individual live streamers on the ground, who may then face violent repercussions for their ‘public broadcasts.’

This was a significant document because it demonstrates that the NSA’s description of SIGINT differs from its described targets revealed by Snowden. Publicly, SIGINT is described as targeting: “electronic signals and systems used by foreign targets, such as communications systems, radars, and weapons systems.” However, no mention of ‘public broadcast’ is made in this public definition.

This public description is belied by Snowden documents which show that SIGINT also targets  ‘public broadcasts,’ which could include individual civilian livestreams. This single document shows that the NSA’s practices significantly differ from their publicly acknowledged activities in both scope and intent.

An additional document, “Winning the War Was the Easy Part: Challenges of Nation Building,” discussed UN involvement in ‘rebuilding’ Iraq after the initial devastation of the Iraq War. This information corroborates the presence of the NSA for economic purposes. The document mentions the “lessons learned from previous Nation-building exercises,” which as Dawson pointed out, appears to be an admission that many past US interventions have been exercises in ‘nation-building.’

The document goes on to differentiate nation-building from peacekeeping, and mentions “Previous UN and US experiences in post-conflict reconstruction.’ This raised the question as to the actual motivations behind the UN’s initial refusal to support the war in Iraq. Dawson asked: “Was this a PR exercise?” The mention of previous experiences in US-UN nation building suggested a “cycle,” where the US invades a country and the UN then acts in the reconstruction phase. Disobedient Media previously reported on problematic paramilitary organizations repeatedly given UN contracts after conflicts and in disaster areas.

Disturbingly, the document states: “Rebuilding a country from scratch is an extremely difficult challenge.” This chilling statement omits and takes for granted the reality that rebuilding a nation “from scratch” is only necessary after that country has been utterly devastated by a military invasion. As the document states, nation-building is not simply peacekeeping. It suggests an active role in both the destruction that necessitates rebuilding, and control of the process of reconstruction both physically and politically.

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Why People Will Happily Line Up to be Microchipped Like Dogs

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

So…some people actually want to be microchipped like a dog. They’re lining up for it. They’re having parties to get it done. It if isn’t available to them, they’re totally bummed out.

I’m not even going to venture into the religious aspect of having a microchip inserted into a human being. Let’s just talk about the secular ramifications.

Certain folks won’t be happy until everyone has a computer chip implanted in them. Here’s how this could go.

  • Initially, it would be the sheep who blindly desire to be chipped for their own “convenience” leading the way.
  • Then, it would become remarkably inconvenient not to be chipped – sort of like it’s nearly impossible to not have a bank account these days.
  • Then, the last holdouts could be forcibly chipped by law.

Read on, because I could not make this stuff up.


Some employers are chipping workers.

Last summer, the internet was abuzz about a company in Wisconsin that wanted to microchip their employees. Workers at the technology company, Three Market Square, were given the option of having a chip implanted in their hands and 50 out of 80 eagerly lined up for the privilege.

Why? So they could buy food or swipe their way through building security with a wave of their hand. Software engineer Sam Bengtson explained why he was on board.

“It was pretty much 100 percent yes right from the get-go for me. In the next five to 10 years, this is going to be something that isn’t scoffed at so much, or is more normal. So I like to jump on the bandwagon with these kind of things early, just to say that I have it.” (source)

He wasn’t alone. In fact, they had a microchipping party and some people got chipped live on TV so the rest of us reluctant humans could all see how cool it was to get microchipped. Watch what fun they had!


It isn’t just this American company chipping workers. Here’s an example in Sweden.

What could pass for a dystopian vision of the workplace is almost routine at the Swedish start-up hub Epicenter. The company offers to implant its workers and start-up members with microchips the size of grains of rice that function as swipe cards: to open doors, operate printers or buy smoothies with a wave of the hand.

“The biggest benefit, I think, is convenience,” said Patrick Mesterton, co-founder and chief executive of Epicenter. As a demonstration, he unlocks a door merely by waving near it. “It basically replaces a lot of things you have, other communication devices, whether it be credit cards or keys.” (source)

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