Saturday, October 31, 2020

Venezuela: when fiat money reaches its intrinsic value

by Claudio Grass, Claudio Grass:

Over the last years, Venezuela has become a modern poster child for the failure of socialism and with good reason. It offers an abundance of lessons and stern warnings for many western nations, but it also provides a very insightful and relevant reminder for individual investors too.

Economic, social and human costs

Within the space of 5 years, a combination of plunging oil prices and extreme socialist policies have brought the country to its knees, together with its increasingly desperate citizens. Despite the fact that Venezuela has the world’s largest proven oil deposits and is also rich in coal and gold, the country today faces one of world’s worst humanitarian crises, according to the UN. Its downhill path began with the Hugo Chavez presidency, during which billions were pumped into populist programmes. This economic mismanagement, the push for nationalization and centralization and ultimately the country’s descent dramatically accelerated with the election of its next socialist President, Nicolas Maduro.

This banking scandal is awful… even for Wells Fargo

by Simon Black, Sovereign Man:

I guess none of this should surprise me anymore.

Our old friends at Wells Fargo are involved in yet another banking scandal. And this one is really bad… people wrongfully lost their homes and ended up on the street.

But before I get into the details of this particularly atrocious mishap, let’s have a quick recap of Wells’ “greatest hits.”

Back in April, Wells was hit with a $1 billion fine for selling 570,000 clients auto insurance they didn’t need and also charging mortgage borrowers erroneous fees.

Brussels Mayhem: Police Beaten by Migrants, Ambulance Shot in ‘No-Go Zone’

from InfoWars Europe:

Police officers were beaten by migrants in a train station and an ambulance window was shattered by a projectile while passing through a ‘no-go zone’ in Brussels, according to local media.

Migrants squatting in the Brussels North Station responded with violence after being asked to clean up their mess by railway security personnel, and four police officers responding to the scene were injured, SCEPTR reports.

U.S. Looks To Run Navy Operation In Black Sea, Risks Heightening Tensions With Russia

by Aaron Kesel, Activist Post:

The U.S. is looking to run a Navy operation commandeering a Navy warship into the Black Sea in defiance of Russia which risks a sharp rise in tensions between Ukraine, Moscow and the U.S., CNN reported.

The Pentagon has asked the State Department to request permission from Turkey to sail ships into the Black Sea, which borders both Ukraine and Russia as access to the Sea of Azov, a key area for a string of confrontations between Moscow and Kiev.

According to CNN, the Pentagon’s insane request is unclear if the U.S. Navy plans to follow through on entering the Black Sea. It could be the striking point that spurs conflict between the two countries.

Trump Says He Won’t Be Here When The Coming US Debt Crisis Goes Nuclear

from Silver Doctors:

Trump has also never once talked about debt, and he also thinks we can just grow our way out of the debt problem? Did he really say those things?

from Zero Hedge

President Trump reportedly shrugged off concerns over the ballooning national debt, telling senior advisers in an early 2017 meeting “Yeah, but I won’t be here” when presented with “charts and graphics layout out the numbers and showing a “hockey stick” spike in the national debt” set to occur “in the not too distant future.”

France Readies Fleet Of Armored Vehicles Ahead Of “Act IV” Yellow Vest Riots

from ZeroHedge:

Paris security forces are prepared to deploy up to 80 armored vehicles in anticipation of “extreme violence” and rioting during “Act IV” of the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vest) protest scheduled for Saturday, according to Le Parisien.

The Berliet VXB-170, also known as a “VBRG” would be strategically deployed in parts of Paris most likely to suffer violence or vandalization. Designed in the 1960s, the 12 ton, 19-foot-long vehicles don 7mm thick armor and are capable of firing tear gas grenades. They can also be equipped with a 7.62mm machine gun, and either a 37mm or 40mm grenade launcher.

China’s Golem Babies: There is Another Agenda

by F. William Engdahl, New Eastern Outlook:

The shocking news that a team of scientists working in China have managed to gene-edit the DNA of recently-born human twins to allegedly make them genetically immune to a HIV infection is more than bizarre and irresponsible. It suggests that certain researchers are making dangerous experiments to create ultimately the eugenics master dream—custom-designed humans. I call them Golem babies because when technology begins cutting and splicing the human DNA without certitude that the result will be stable or healthy to the human species it is not healthy.

In medieval and ancient Jewish folklore a Golem is a being that is magically created entirely from inanimate matter such as mud. Golems have no soul. Similarly, the China experiment that claims the “first successful genetically modified humans,” when we go behind the surface stories, is alarming in the extreme.

New Documentary Explores The Story Of The Most Famous Area 51 Whistleblower, Bob Lazar

by Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution:

  • The Facts:A riveting new film explores the incredible story of the man who blew the lid of Area 51 back in the 80’s. Bob Lazar went on record stating he worked on flying saucers while at a facility called S-4 near Area 51.
  • Reflect On:It appears that this man was literally erased from society after his testimony. Employment records are gone, school records are gone… was he lying? Or was someone working very hard to discredit him?

When I think of Area 51 I think of TV shows I watched on TLC when I was a kid, exploring the claims and evidence that existed for a secret military base that was studying anything from advanced technologies to UFOs and aliens. The shows would always create intrigue but always left you wanting more. I watched those shows back in the 90’s and early 2000’s, never did I see or hear the name Bob Lazar.

HUGE: Major donors to Bill and Hillary Clinton indicted for defrauding U.S. in bid to win $8 billion military contract

from Govt Slaves:

They say people are known by the company they keep, and if that’s true, then Bill and Hillary Clinton should find better people to associate with.

In late November, the Justice Department announced it had indicted three senior executives at various U.S. defense contractors in connection with a plan to defraud the military in pursuit of an $8 billion troop supply contract. In addition, the Justice Department charged the three individuals with violating the Iran sanctions regime.

In a press release, DoJ identified the suspects and charges:



by Sam Biddle, The Intercept:

FACIAL RECOGNITION has quickly shifted from techno-novelty to fact of life for many, with millions around the world at least willing to put up with their faces scanned by software at the airport, their iPhones, or Facebook’s server farms. But researchers at New York University’s AI Now Institute have issued a strong warning against not only ubiquitous facial recognition, but its more sinister cousin: so-called affect recognition, technology that claims it can find hidden meaning in the shape of your nose, the contours of your mouth, and the way you smile. If that sounds like something dredged up from the 19th century, that’s because it sort of is.

Europe’s ‘Free World’ Impostors Are Falling — German, French and British Leaders on the Brink

by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC:

The British Parliament yesterday found the Government of Theresa May in contempt of Parliament, for refusing to turn over the Legal Advice from the Attorney General on the legal impact of Prime Minister May’s phony Brexit deal, which leaves Britain in the Custom’s Union and does not resolve the difficult issue of the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The Parliament also ruled that the Parliament, not the Prime Minister, shall determine what steps to take if her Brexit deal is voted down next Tuesday in the Parliamentary vote, as it is expected it will. May’s government, as the old English nursery rhyme goes, is about to have a great fall, with no hope that all the King’s Horses and all the King’s Men can put it together again. The problem is, that she will likely be replaced with somebody as crazy as Boris Johnson as the Tory party leader, although a new general election could result from the chaos, probably bringing in Jeremy Corbin and the Labour Party.