Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Star Wars: Disney Has Ruined It


by Karl Denninger, Market-Ticker:

I saw The Last Jedi on opening night.

I enjoyed the film.  But with that said, let me offer the following: Disney has ruined the franchise.

Oh, don’t get me wrong — the cinematography was excellent.  The use of CGI unobtrusive and convincing.  Lighting, sound, right up the line where you expect it to be.

But then the troubles started, and they’re all related to the story.

Disney has infused this with just too much bull**** — and layered plenty of SJW crap on top.

If you haven’t seen it yet don’t read any further, as there are a lot of spoilers in here.  Then again, there’s not really much to spoil when it comes to the story, so I’m not sorry — not one bit.

Let me preface most of this by saying that when I go see a science fiction film these days I expect rank violations of the Laws of Physics.  Artificial gravity within ships, for example, so we don’t all need magnetic boots or a vessel that rotates to produce centrifugal force.  Force fields (not the least of which are necessary for navigational deflectors, lest a grain of sand in space puncture your nice ship and let all the air out!)  Drive systems we can’t really explain, but which have plausible explanations that are at least consistent within the story (hyperdrives, for example.)

In short I suspend disbelief when I walk into the theater — unless it’s a movie like Gravity, where the setting of the film in the present day (with our limitations) means that I get assaulted within the first 20 minutes by physical impossibilities being presented as major plotlines, recognize them, and it pisses me off for the next two hours straight.  That’s what I get for having a decent understanding of orbital mechanics.

But let’s just go after a few in The Last Jedi that are simple gratuitous lines of crap — and which if Disney had paid any attention to anything were easily overcome without being so damned stupid as to puncture the suspension of disbelief bubble not in the theater, but upon later reflection.

First, Leia gets blown out into space when her ship’s bridge is hit by missiles.  So do a lot of other people, and they all die as you’d expect someone to when a ship gets hit by a missile, it blows up, their ship now has a big hole in it and the contents of that compartment, including the atmosphere and occupants, are ejected into space.  Leia doesn’t die — she’s not crisped by the very large explosion of said missile (really?), not hit by any of the debris from said explosion (REALLY?), and doesn’t freeze to death in the zero-atmosphere and near-zero-temperature of deep space.  Instead, although unconscious, enough of her mental acuity survives to use The Force — despite never being trained in its use whatsoever in any previous film — to move her physical body (which, I remind you, was ejected at a high rate of velocity out of said ship) back to the ship, back through the hole in the destroyed bridge and to the door.

Ok, we’re already into theater of the absurd so I hope you don’t mind the next bit of idiocy when the crew of said ship opens that very door which is visibly open to deep space behind her as the entire front of the bridge has been blown to bits by the missile strike and not only do the control systems on said door not have any safeties on them to prevent that abjectly suicidal act somehow committing this act does not immediately depressurize the rest of the ship and suck everyone inside who are in street clothes, starting with the fool who hit the controls at the door, out into space to die.  There is no airlock door behind her, in short, that is closed before that door to the corridor is opened.  What the actual ****?  Why do we need doors, windows and similar structure on said ship at all?

Next, we have the bombers.  Bombers that are very large ships (since they’re full of bombs) but are both very slow and without any apparent shielding or material defensive capability — and thus are easily blown up by little Tie Fighters that are a hundredth of their size and displacement.  Against exactly what were those bombers designed to be used — Ewok colonies?  Ok, we’ll leave that alone for a minute; one bomber survives, sort of, albeit severely damaged with the entire crew apparently dead save one Asian chick inside in the bomb bay with a manual pickle switch that is rattling around on a catwalk above her.  Said bomb bay door is open to deep space over the target with said Asian chick inside, minus any exposure protection.  No spacesuit, no helmet, nothing.  Despite this she does not immediately die (although in zero atmosphere since the bay doors are open to deep space) and there is no apparent force field either, never mind the ship being grievously crippled.

That would be bad enough but then in a miraculous last-ditch act the bomb pickle switch falls off the catwalk into her hand, she pickles the bombs and gravity drops them out of their racks exhibiting the expected V^2 gravity acceleration curve toward the target.  In deep space.  Said bombs hit the dreadnought and blow it up, along with the bomber and Asian chick.  Yes, I buy artificial gravity inside a spaceship for the convenience of the crew but not in deep space beyond said ship’s walls, which means that such “bombs”, had the writers had a single ****ing lick of sense, would have had to include somemeans of imparting acceleration to the projectiles (like a small rocket on the back of each, etc.)  Nope — these are clearly iron bombs and fall from their racks unaided all the way to their target.  Fall.  In space.  Yeah.  Pardon my giggles at the abject stupidity of Disney’s screenwriters.

If you watched the earlier Star Wars movies (you know, the ones where someone actually had a ****ing clue when they wrote the scripts) you’ll notice that when ships come into a landing bay in space there is an obvious force field encircling the entrance containing the atmosphere in said bay and preventing all the people (and things) inside from being instantly sucked into space and dying of exposure.

If that’s not bad enough the rebel fleet, being chased by the First Order and now having lost its bombers and pretty much all of its fighters as well has multiple ships running away in formation but low on fuel.  Oh, we actually have fuel that can run out?  I’m impressed that someone within Disney remembered that ships need fuel!  But as they run out of fuel they magically stop and come into range of the First Order’s weapons — and are destroyed.  Yes, they just stop — in deep space.  I see Disney’s writers have never considered that a spaceship is not a car — or a Disney bus — and upon running out of fuel will continue on its present course and speed effectively forever, or at least until it gets caught in something’s gravity well or hits another object, likely long after everyone inside has run out of oxygen and frozen to death.

The idiocy doesn’t stop there as we must consider the command ship (which has the most fuel.)  It exactly matches the First Order’s Star Destroyer veloc
ity — to the literal meter/second — and thus can neither escape or be overtaken until its fuel runs out, which thus forms a convenient “you’re going to all die” deadline.  
In other words the writers inserted an utterly idiotic plot device that has no reasonable explanation in any universe (Star Wars or otherwise) but is used merely to find a way to add a day or so to the plotline for other mindless diversions — while killing nearly all of the rebels much like a raccoon slaughters your chickens in the middle of the night.

There are dozens of ways to get where they were going in this regard but instead of actually deploying an IQ greater than my shoe size the writers chose a story line that was stupid enough to make one throw up in their seat.

Then we have an ersatz-commander, next in line if you will after the previous commander got blown up, who happens to be a hippy-haired woman.  Said “commanding officer” has no actual plan at all and no apparent combat experience of any sort; what she originally intends to do is effectively abandon ship, putting the people on unarmed, defenseless small craft and thus get everyone on board killed.  She dismisses the guy who actually led blowing up the dreadnought (albeit with horrific losses) when he points this out — although he doesn’t appear to have a plan either, so what’s his excuse?  He says “nuts” to that crap and leads a mutiny but the hippy-haired chick ultimately wins — not on superior decision making (fighter-jockey, in an act of utter witless stupidity doesn’t even bother tossing hippy-hair in the brig!) but, well, just ’cause Leia wasn’t quite done yet.

Then, after watching most of those who hippy-hair orders into unarmed and defenseless ships die one laser-blast at a time our mealy-brained “newfound hippy-hair general” has the brilliant idea of using the warp drive (which she can only use once due to lack of fuel) as a weapon and points the ship at the Star Destroyer, engaging the drive and cutting through it, blowing herself (and it) to bits.  Nice suicide, lady.

The cinematics of this little special effect are awesome — it’s arguably the best special effect sequence in the entire film.

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This is Serious=> Fired FBI Director Comey’s Criminal Actions Could Put Him in Prison

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

In September 2016 Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) questioned FBI Director James Comey about Paul Combetta, the Clinton IT staffer who was granted immunity for his role in deleting emails from her private server.

A Reddit account uncovered by online sleuths contained posts where Combetta asked for advice in deleting names from the to/from fields of a “very VIP” email account.
He was caught red-handed in deleting Hillary emails that were under subpoena.

Combetta was granted immunity from Obama’s Department of Justice in their investigation of Clinton.

Instead of arresting Combetta, FBI Director James Comey granted him immunity — despite proof that Combetta sought to destroy email evidence that was under subpoena.

On Friday conservative activist and author Mike Cernovich hammered fired FBI Director James Comey for his criminal actions in the Hillary Clinton email probe.

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‘Death to the Dictator! Death to Rouhani!’: Thousands Protest the Government in Iran


by John Hayward, Breitbart:

Thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of Iran over the past few days, speaking out against both the “hardline” government of the ayatollahs and the supposedly “moderate” secular government of President Hassan Rouhani.

“Death to the dictator!” and “Death to Rouhani” are chants heard in at least eight Iranian cities, and the movement appears to be spreading.

The UK Daily Mail reports protesters surrounding an Iranian mullah, a powerful member of the theocratic ruling class, and changing “Mullahs, be ashamed and leave Iran!” in his face.

One of the big protests was held in Mashhad, which is considered one of the holiest sites in Iran and in all of Shia Islam, as it contains the shrine of a revered 9th Century imam.

On Friday afternoon there were reports of protesters filling the streets of Qom, Iran’s spiritual center, and chanting: “We don’t want an Islamic republic!” Another protest chant, “Iran is haphazard without the Shah,” seems calculated to annoy the mullahs and ayatollah. These are remarkable gestures of defiance against Iran and the revolution of 1979, which is officially regarded as a sacred event.

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by Kit Daniels, Infowars:

Trump growing more comfortable and experienced at being president

The globalists fear 2018 will mark the return of the hardcore Donald Trump his voters knew on the campaign trail as he grows more comfortable – and experienced – at being president.

Trump has even told his staff to expect “full Trump,” which isn’t surprising given his ramp-up of 101-proof tweets recently, including the one where he blasted “global warming” advocates as Arctic winds blast the US:

His tweets sound like vintage Infowars articles like this one.

“Most of those in his current decision-making circle — even if they’re not mainstream Republicans — are defending mainstream Republican principles like free trade and an internationalist view of foreign policy,” reported Axios. “But top officials paint a different portrait of Trump when it comes to what he really wants on trade, immigration and North Korea — but has been tamped down by skeptical staff and Cabinet officials.”

In other words, there’s going to be a sharp contrast between first-year Trump and 2018 Trump.  He’s going on the offensive, especially as he completes the transition from being a real estate developer to an accomplished president.

Trump is also aided by the fact that Special Counsel Robert Mueller can no longer hide the fact his probe is entirely political.

This means the globalists might get desperate enough to do anything they can to stop the president’s “America First” agenda, especially as the 2018 mid-term elections loom over the horizon.

It could be as simple as fueling an economic collapse they can blame on Trump, a likely scenario given that the central banks are staffed by financiers adept at overriding the economy with a few bad policies Trump has no control over.

So far, the nation’s economic success under Trump is due to the president simply unshackling the artificial restrains former President Obama placed on the economy.

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Four Big Ideas That Could Make You a Fortune in 2018… and an Exclusive VIP Invitation


by Marin Katusa, Katusa Research:

Editor’s note: In today’s end-of-year issue, you’ll find four big investment ides we wrote about in 2017. But this is no bland “retrospective” list. These ideas could make you a fortune next year and the year after that. We hope you and your family have a great holiday season.

Idea #1: How to Invest in the Next Great Shale Field

Of all the ways to make money, few can match the power of owning a stake in a giant oil field, before it becomes front page news.

For example, in 2009, Kodiak Oil & Gas was a virtually-unknown small-cap oil producer. But what investors didn’t know was that Kodiak was a very early player in the now-legendary Bakken Shale. As Kodiak struck rich deposits there, shares soared 8,400% before it was bought out.

We know what the next great shale field will be. Nobody has done more homework on it than us. We know all the players and companies involved. We believe one company is poised to soar in value as this field is developed. Read our full write up here.

Idea #2: Gold Miners Are Running Out of Gold. Here’s Why That’s Good for You

What’s bad for large gold miners could be very good for gold stock investors for the next few years. The catch is, you must be a certain type of gold stock investor.

Put simply, large gold miners are running out of gold. Rather than look for more in jungles or frozen tundra, gold miners will do the smart thing. They’ll search for gold in the stock market… and go on a buyout binge of small and mid-cap companies with proven gold reserves.

Gold investors are smart to become familiar with what kind of assets the majors want to buy… along with the world’s 10 or 20 best, most attractive projects that large miners will see as critical to their survival and growth. Learn the full story here.

Idea #3: This Commodity is About to Enter a Very Large, Very Long Bull Market

We believe the widespread adoption of Electric Vehicles (EVs) will create a very long and very large bull market in copper and copper stocks. As you may know, EVs require 3 – 4 times more copper than conventional vehicles.

Driven by surging demand from EVs, annual copper demand could grow at 4.5% per year for the next 25 years. While that may not sound like much, it’s nearly a tripling of demand. However, the world won’t get all the copper it wants at current prices around $3.15 per pound.

The world’s largest, most important copper mines – the ones that set the global copper price – are in decline. They have been in operation for decades, and their richest parts have been tapped. To use an analogy, most of the world’s big copper mines are like former all-star ballplayers in their late 30s and early 40s. They were great in their prime, but their ability to produce is steadily decreasing.

Surging demand. Limited supply. It’s a recipe for much higher prices. Since mining stocks are highly leveraged to the price of metals, their share prices could soar at least 500% from current levels. You can find all the details in our four-part essay series. Here’s Part IPart II, Part III, and Part IV.

Idea #4: My 2018 Uranium Outlook: Two Major Catalysts Mean Higher Prices Ahead

Over the past few years, many people have said “Can it get any worse?” while discussing the deeply depressed uranium market. Conditions have been so bad that people who know it the best have given up on the sector and now love it the least. That is a good sign for a speculator.

We believe those words indicate we have passed the worst in the uranium downturn. When all give up hope and only expect more pain, it’s a sign we have reached the bottom. Which gives us limited investment downside and huge upside. But as any seasoned speculator would tell you, we needed to see some particular catalysts to turn fully bullish on the sector.

And just recently, we got two major catalysts that sparked an interest in uranium. Read the full story here.

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WATCH: Man Yells at Cops So They Pepper Spray Him to DEATH & Cover It Up

by Jack Burns, The Free Thought Project:

An investigation by an independent watchdog group revealed police claimed to be heroes after using pepper spray on a man until he died.

Highland Park, NJ — Twenty-eight-year-old Daniel Nagahama reportedly told Highland Park Police Department officers he’d gotten into a fight with his mother and was pushed out of her car, onto the street. That’s where officers first found the young man, lying face down in the middle of a suburban intersection. But by the end of the June 2016 interaction with police, Nagahama would be pepper sprayed to death, and the prosecutor’s office would spend the next year and a half lying about what really happened that day.

Some said Nagahama was drunk. Others said he got hit by a car, and still, others claimed he must have gotten into a fight. No one knows what caused Nagahama to be found nearly unconscious that summer day. But one thing’s for certain. He was still very much alive.

Nagahama had committed no crime and his only “offense” was to raise his voice to police officers, who subsequently attacked him for it. This would prove to be fatal.

From the dashcam footage, Nagahama appeared inconsolable but non-violent. However, once police began holding him down and shoving him into the front of their cruiser, Nagahama became frustrated and tried to break free. As he attempted to defend himself against the four armed officers, their force continued to escalate.

That’s when one officer can be seen taking out his pepper spray and holding it in front of the open mouth of the delirious young man. It’s unclear if Nagahama was sprayed at that moment, or when he was taken to the ground, away from the recording camera. In the next scenes, Nagahama can be seen on a stretcher, with hands handcuffed behind him, and placed into the back of a nearby ambulance.

Officer Brian O’Mara wrote in his police report:

Officers attempted to place Nagahama in handcuffs at which time the subject physically resisted officer control…A physical struggle ensued at which time I sprayed the subject with OC spray.

He died three hours later in the hospital. It was later learned he had a history of asthma. The pepper spray, alone, seemed enough of a chemical weapon to snatch the young man’s life away. The prosecutor’s office is now taking fire for what a government watchdog group alleges was a clear case of cover-up.

Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office (MCPO) Andrew Carey (prosecutor) contended, immediately following Nagahama’s death while in police custody, the police officers attempted to revive the young man once it was apparent he was not breathing. That contention, according to New Brunswick Today, is inaccurate. At the time of Nagahama’s death, the MCPO issued the following statement which reads in part:

iddlesex County Prosecutor Andrew C. Carey said today that a 28-year-old man died at a hospital in New Brunswick, hours after he struggled with police who revived him when they found him laying on a street in Highland Park. The Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the death of Daniel Nagahama of Edison, who was pronounced dead at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital on June 2, 2016 at 8:28 p.m….Nagahama was taken to the hospital after police stopped to assist the man, who was found on South Fifth Avenue in Highland Park on June 2, 2016 at 5:15 p.m. As police attempted to revive him, Nagahama became belligerent and struggled with police. He was not placed under arrest, but was taken to the hospital by rescue workers.

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“Classified, Confidential, And Heavily Redacted”: 2,800 Huma Abedin Emails Found On Anthony Weiner’s Laptop Have Been Released

by Alex Thomas, SHTFPlan:

The State Department has released over 2,000 emails belonging to top Hillary Clinton operative Huma Abedin that were found on her disgraced former husband Anthony Weiner’s laptop and a number of the documents contained classified, confidential, and heavily redacted information.

Although media reports on the emails have so far varied, it has been confirmed that there were indeed classified documents on the laptop in question and that the FBI KNEW this fact but refused to charge Abedin or Clinton with any crime.

A CNN report on the emails attempted to downplay Abedin’s knowledge of the classified material but nonetheless confirmed that certain emails should not have been on the laptop in the first place.

The emails weren’t marked as classified, though the FBI later found classified information contained in some emails recovered from Weiner’s laptop.

CNN has previously reported it was likely that some of the emails stored on Weiner’s laptop contained classified information, and fired FBI Director Comey testified that there is no indication Abedin “had a sense that what she was doing was in violation of the law.”

The fact that Clinton and Abedin previously exchanged classified emails gave federal prosecutors probable cause to justify their review of Weiner’s laptop in fall 2015, according to a search warrant application released in December 2016.


Though neither Abedin nor Weiner was identified by name in the search warrant documentation, and the court ordered the materials redacted, the affidavit in support of the warrant makes clear that the FBI argued that there was further probable cause to search Weiner’s hard drive in light of the fact that Abedin and Clinton previously exchanged classified emails.

Yes, you read that correctly. CNN and the Clinton shills in the FBI expect the American people to believe that Abedin wasn’t aware that taking classified material home was illegal.

Interestingly, Abedin made a trip to Clinton’s Manhattan office just hours before the release of the emails in a move that many believe was connected to the email release itself.

The Daily Mail noted:

Huma Abedin was spotted heading into the Hillary Clinton offices in midtown Manhattan on Friday just a few hours before the release of 2,800 of her emails.

The longtime aide to Hillary Clinton was joined by her son Jordan, who she has been raising as a single mother ever since her husband Anthony Wiener entered a correctional facility in Pennsylvania earlier this year.

Abedin submitted her divorce papers on the same day Weiner appeared in court to enter his guilty plea back in May.

Weiner was sentenced to 21 months behind bars and ordered to pay $10,000 after entering a guilty plea to a single charge of transferring obscene material to a minor.

The emails contained on Weiner’s laptop included national security discussions, with classified information, that would have gotten any other person arrested and charged by the FBI immediately.

The Daily Mail report continued:

The emails date from 2010, 2011 and 2012 and concern discussions with Middle East leaders including some from Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.

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2017 Was the Year of Technocracy

by James Corbett, The International Forecaster:

We have a choice in all of this… When you buy an Echo Dot for your home, you are making a choice. When you search for something on Google, you are making a choice. When you upgrade to the latest fondleslab so you can take advantage of Face ID, you are making a choice. When you get the notice that the smart meter is being installed in your house and you do nothing, you are making a choice.

As you no doubt remember, dear reader, I kicked off 2017 with my customary look at the year ahead. This year’s prediction? “2017: The Year of Technocracy.” As I observed lo those many months ago:

“I find it more and more difficult to shake the conviction that technological developments will shape the narrative of 2017. If this does turn out to be so, it would hardly be the start of some new, never-before-seen trend. Yet even though it’s no longer novel to observe that the pace of technological change is accelerating, there are certain inflection points where those changes stop being so theoretical and start impacting our daily lives. I contend that we are living through one such inflection point right now and that it will manifest in all sorts of ways over the next year.”

So how did that prediction fare? Well, if this headline from the loyal propagandists at Bloomberg doesn’t tell the story, nothing does: “Why Some Nations Are Warming to Technocracy.” Warming, indeed.

As I indicated at the start of the year, my point isn’t that there’s something new in the concept of rule by a technological/scientific/engineering “expert” class. As attentive viewers of Why Big Oil Conquered the World will recall, that idea has been kicking around under the name “technocracy” since Howard “Total Fraud” Scott and King “Peak Oil” Hubbert incorporated Technocracy Inc. in 1933.

And it’s not that there’s some new trend in technology itself. Granted, the one thing that Kurzweil and the singularists are right about is that the rate of technological innovation is exponential, but I’m not saying 2017 marked some magic inflection point in that exponential trend.

My point is that the PR campaign for technocracy has now kicked into full swing, and we’re starting to see what a world of tech gadgets engineered and programmed by an elite technocratic class (at the behest of their billionaire backers) would really look like. And as scary as that prospect is, that’s not the worst part. The worst part is that the vast majority of the general public is going to clamor for such a world.

Case in point: “Alexa, order me a dollhouse!” Yes, the Amazon Echo, that spymaster’s dream-come-true that I featured in my original “Year of Technocracy” article. As you’ll recall, I was writing about the case of James Bates, on trial for the death of his co-worker, Victor Collins, at his Arkansas home in 2015. As I noted at the time, prosecutors were pressuring Amazon to hand over the records of whatever Bates’ Echo had recorded in his home that day. For those keeping track at home, Bates eventually saved Amazon the hassle of pretending to fight the request by voluntarily handing over the records and the charges were eventually dropped.

But still, here we are. We live in a world where a little device is sitting their in our homes (well, not my home, but you get my meaning) listening to absolutely everything we say and do, recording that data and (presumably) beaming that info back to its corporate mother ship. And this is not some nightmarish sci-fi dystopia where Big Brother has forced everyone to install this dastardly device. People buy it.

So perhaps it is appropriate to cap this Year of Technocracy with this little nugget of news: Amazon has just revealed that its best-selling item this holiday shopping season was… …wait for it… …the Echo Dot! (YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!)

That’s right! The cute little “smart speaker” that allows you to (as the tagline puts it) “add Alexa to any room” is now available for the low low price of $30! How could you afford not to put this totalitarian tyrant’s wet dream in every nook and cranny of your always-on 24/7 smart house?!

Yes, for some reason Amazon slashed the price on their little surveillance gadget for Black Friday and never bothered to put it back to its full list price. It’s permanently on sale. Almost as if Amazon is willing to take a loss on shipping these technocrat tools. I wonder why that would be? Whatever the case, it takes two to tango and people are evidently willing to pay Amazon to install these wiretap widgets right there in their own homes. A sign of the times if ever there was one.

So is all of this a little too depressing for this joyous festive season? Am I harshing your eggnog mellow with all this technocratic talk? Then allow me to extract a hopeful holiday homily from this depressing dissertation of doom.

Let’s follow the train of thought back to the station: The Echo Dot sales figures show that the public is literally buying into the dream of the technocrats (and, more to the point, their billionaire backers). Which means that the technocrats are actively engaged in selling this dream to the public. Which means that the public’s acceptance and adoption of this vision is important to the would-be rulers of society. Which means that, as with every other agenda that I identify and rail against, it is still up to the public whether they will passively allow (or even participate in) their own enslavement, or whether they will steer these trends in a different direction.

It’s a simple point, and it was made with eloquence by Étienne de La Boétie in The Discourse on Voluntary Servitude almost 500 years ago, but it bears repeating:

“He who thus domineers over you has only two eyes, only two hands, only one body, no more than is possessed by the least man among the infinite numbers dwelling in your cities; he has indeed nothing more than the power that you confer upon him to destroy you. Where has he acquired enough eyes to spy upon you, if you do not provide them yourselves? How can he have so many arms to beat you with, if he does not borrow them from you? The feet that trample down your cities, where does he get them if they are not your own? How does he have any power over you except through you? How would he dare assail you if he had no cooperation from you? What could he do to you if you yourselves did not connive with the thief who plunders you, if you were not accomplices of the murderer who kills you, if you were not traitors to yourselves? You sow your crops in order that he may ravage them, you install and furnish your homes to give him goods to pillage; you rear your daughters
that he may gratify his lust; you bring up your children in order that he may confer upon them the greatest privilege he knows — to be led into his battles, to be delivered to butchery, to be made the servants of his greed and the instruments of his vengeance; you yield your bodies unto hard labor in order that he may indulge in his delights and wallow in his filthy pleasures; you weaken yourselves in order to make him the stronger and the mightier to hold you in check. From all these indignities, such as the very beasts of the field would not endure, you can deliver yourselves if you try, not by taking action, but merely by willing to be free. Resolve to serve no more, and you are at once freed. I do not ask that you place hands upon the tyrant to topple him over, but simply that you support him no longer; then you will behold him, like a great Colossus whose pedestal has been pulled away, fall of his own weight and break in pieces.”

We have a choice in all of this. No, we have millions and millions of choices, and we are making them every minute of every hour of every day. When you buy an Echo Dot for your home, you are making a choice. When you search for something on Google, you are making a choice. When you upgrade to the latest fondleslab so you can take advantage of Face ID, you are making a choice. When you get the notice that the smart meter is being installed in your house and you do nothing, you are making a choice.

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Prepper TV: What Survival-Themed Series Should You Binge-Watch?


by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

With the advent of Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and Amazon Prime, watching a series has never been easier. No longer do you have to wait a week for the next episode – it’s right there, ready when you are. (If you’re more of a movie buff, check out this list of prepper movies.)

Preppers tend to watch programs a little differently than the rest of the world. Most of us really enjoy survival-themed TV shows because we can really get into the whole analysis of it. It’s like the prepper version of a sporting event, where we can cheer on the smart moves, analyze the situation, and yell at the screen when the characters do something that is bound to get them killed. (And often, we can pick up a few tips or think of things we hadn’t previously considered.)

If you’re going to watch TV, it might as well be thought-provoking, right? We all need some downtime now and then, and watching these shows is a way to relax and be entertained, but still let your mind shift into survival mode. I haven’t had cable for years and personally prefer streaming so I can avoid the annoying commercials.

I asked folks in the Facebook group to give me their favorite shows and got so many I had to break it into two articles. (Be on the lookout for Reality TV: Prepper Style, coming soon.)

15 Survival TV Shows for Preppers

Here are the shows to put in your queue, in no particular order.

The 100

Ninety-seven years ago, Earth was devastated by a nuclear apocalypse, with the only survivors being the inhabitants of orbiting space stations at the time. Three generations later, resources are running out. Taking ruthless steps to ensure their future, a group of 100 juvenile prisoners are exiled to the Earth’s surface to test whether it’s habitable. No one has set foot on the planet until now. (Available on Netflix at the time of publication.)

Black Mirror

This is a British sci-fi anthology television that centers on dark and satirical themes that examine modern society, particularly with regard to the unanticipated consequences of new technologies. (I keep warning you about the robot apocalypse!) (This show is available on Netflix at the time of publication.)

The Walking Dead


When the world is ravaged by a zombie apocalypse, police officer Rick Grimes and a small group of others must face a terrifying new reality. Can they survive ‘the dead’ and each other? (This is available on Amazon and Netflix.) It isn’t all useful information, but there are things like Dakota firepits, making ammo, and strategies that give you something to think about.

Fear the Walking Dead

Same theme as above, but it takes place on the West Coast. Season 3 features a compound of preppers. (available on Amazon)


Based on a successful European comic book, the series is set in a future post-apocalyptic-like world. Jeremiah is one of the oldest survivors of a deadly virus that wiped out the adult population, sparing only those at puberty or younger. (Available on Amazon)


In this epic adventure thriller, a family struggles to reunite in a post-apocalyptic America. Most readers agree that after the first season, it got too dramatic and there was less emphasis on survival. (Available on Amazon)


Set in the very near future, “Colony” centers on one family’s struggle to survive and bring liberty back to the people of an occupied Los Angeles. (The first season is available on Netflix and the second is on Amazon.)

The Last Ship

Navy Captain Tom Chandler (Eric Dane) and his crew must find a cure after a pandemic wipes out billions of people worldwide. Scientist Rachel Scott is assigned to the U.S.S. Nathan James to investigate the cause of the rapidly spreading virus. Chandler and his crew may be humanity’s last hope in the wake of a worldwide catastrophe. (Available on Amazon)

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