Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Dems Wimp Out, Retract Letter on Ukraine War Sent to Biden


by Kurt Nimmo, Kurt Nimmo on Geopolitics:

So-called progressive Democrats have abandoned their half-ass effort to get Joe Biden to talk with Russia about the situation in Ukraine. It’s said the letter sent to Biden was “walked back,” but that’s merely polite speak. In fact, the letter was withdrawn, as the following blue-checked NBC script reader Frank Thorp V tweeted:



    from Lauren Southern:

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    The World Economic Forum is Taking Control of Government


      by Greg Boulden, America Outloud:

      The World Economic Forum just celebrated the installation of Rishi Sunak as the Prime Minister of the UK. Rishi and his wife have immense wealth and have worked closely with the WEF as their technology partner. Infosys is an Indian Technology company providing services to almost all Fortune 500 companies. Their specialty is a digital banking platform that could be used to help usher in a digital currency.

      Bottom of the Pyramid


        by Daniel Natal, The New American:

        Maslow’s hierarchy of needs represents a pyramid, at the bottom of which are animal notions of food, warmth, safety. In the middle of the taxonomy is honor. At the top of it is “self-actualization”. The political left usually promises utopias, and fashions their appeals based on the top of the pyramid. Whereas the Republican Establishment is committed to remaining at the bottom of the pyramid. “Law and order,” they shout. “Safety! Guns!” So long as they mould their appeals based on low-level materialism, they will fail to capture imaginations and regain power. Bottom of the pyramid is bottom of the barrel. A nation needs more aspirations than just the promise of ‘rival tribes united by a shopping mall,’ but I’ll give you a gun so you’ll be safe in the world the corporations plan for you. If this is all the GOP is offering up, they will lose.

        The 2022 Election is the Opening Salvo in the Repudiation of America’s Elites


          by Steve McCann, American Thinker:

          A massive Republican victory in the 2022 midterm elections is imperative in stopping the disastrous policies of the Marxist left.  However, far more important and potentially more enduring than a temporary victory by the Republican Party, is that this election can be the American citizenry’s opening salvo in the permanent repudiation and marginalization of the American Elites or ruling class.  They are a clique that has betrayed and broken faith with the American people through their mindless infatuation with Barack Obama and near-psychotic obsession with defeating Donald Trump.

          Military Whistleblowers Sound Alarm on ‘Devastating’ Consequences of Pentagon’s Vaccine Mandate


          from The Epoch Times:

          Whistleblower service members are speaking out on behalf of thousands of service members whose careers have been jeopardized for objecting to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s 2021 military COVID-19 vaccine mandate. They’ve expressed concern over the vaccine mandate’s legality, as well as its health effects.

          Alongside three members of the Armed Forces, attorney and former Marine Corps Capt. Dale Saran participated in a live-streamed military whistleblowers press conference on Oct. 18 to highlight concerns about the military vaccine mandate. The video has garnered more than 40,000 views, to date.

          Episode 2251: Where China Is Taking Their Money Next


            from Bannons War Room:

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            A Former Goldman Sachs/Hedge Fund Guy Is the New U.K. Prime Minister


              by Pam Martens and Russ Martens, Wall St On Parade:

              The newly installed U.K. Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, (the third PM in seven weeks) has scrubbed his Goldman Sachs and hedge fund career from his LinkedIn profile and from his official government bio. But, unfortunately for Sunak, those careers have been assiduously chronicled in countless newspaper articles for more than a decade – and not in a good way.

              Teetering On The Brink: 63 Percent Of Americans Are Living Paycheck To Paycheck


                by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

                We have reached a point where nearly two-thirds of all Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.  So what happens if millions of those people suddenly lose their paychecks during the severe economic downturn that is ahead of us?  In 2008, unprecedented numbers of Americans found themselves unable to pay their mortgages when the recession struck, and foreclosures surged to absolutely shocking levels.  Unfortunately, we have set ourselves up for the same thing to happen again.  Most Americans are literally teetering on the brink of financial disaster, and it won’t take much to push them over the edge.

                CV19 AI Bioweapon from Infection to Injection -Karen Kingston


                  by Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog:

                  Karen Kingston is a biotech analyst and former Pfizer employee who has researched and written about many aspects of Covid 19 and the so-called vaccines.  Her long-standing position is the entire CV19 plandemic was, in fact, a manmade bioweapon from infection to injection.  Kingston has now found all the patents to prove that the CV19 vaccines are made to destroy humanity.  Kinston is back again with a mind-blowing update on extremely advanced medical technology that has already been injected 600 million times alone into unsuspecting Americans.  Kingston explains, “This is an AI (artificial intelligence) bioweapon.

                  WORLD FIRST: ROBOTIC ARMS Assembling Via Nanotech Inside COVID-19 “Vaccines” – Filmed in Real Time – Dr. Nixon


                  from mariazeee:

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                  Two Ukrainian firms have orders to create dirty bomb, work nearing completion — top brass


                    from TASS:

                    It is reported that the Kiev regime has sufficient research and production potential to make a dirty bomb, including three active nuclear power plants and large amounts of spent nuclear fuel

                    MOSCOW, October 24. /TASS/. Two Ukrainian organizations have received concrete instructions to create a ‘dirty bomb’, and work on the bomb is nearing completion, Chemical and Biological Protection Troops Lieutenant-General Igor Kirillov told journalists on Monday.

                    They KNEW: Federal officials who worked on COVID outbreak dumped stocks ahead of market-collapsing pandemic


                    by JD Heyes, Natural News:

                    There are many instances of blatant scandal stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic involving federal government officials, but none so aggravating as findings reported this week by The Wall Street Journal.

                    It seems that as federal officials who worked on the pandemic were first getting word of some ‘new virus’ spreading across the globe after originating in China, they dumped stocks ahead of a Wall Street-slamming economic shutdown.

                    Margaret Sanger & The Rockefellers: Evil Genocide Of “Human Weeds” With Sterilization And Abortion


                      from Tim Truth:

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