Saturday, December 14, 2019

America Is on Its Way to Becoming Stalin’s Soviet Union

from Russia Insider:

“This is like the bad old days when the Soviets would arrest and/or beat up anyone they suspected, fairly or not, of being a counter revolutionary”

Nothing more sickening and offensive than the hypocrisy of a nation claiming to be the pinnacle of democracy and freedom while moving inexorably towards a state that embraces authoritarianism. And no, I do not mean that Donald Trump is the culprit. He is not. He is a weak man masquerading as a strong man while the BORG aka the Deep State pushes onward with its agenda to quash the spirit of liberty that once infused this great country. He is more a victim than an instigator.

Maxine Waters Jumps Shark – Says Trump Is Employing Racist Tactics He’s Gotten from Putin and the Kremlin


by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

Trump was right.

President Trump traveled to Great Falls, Montana this month for a rally for GOP candidates Matt Rosendale and Rep. Greg Gianforte.

During his speech Trump acused Democrat leader Maxine Waters has an IQ “somewhere in the mid-60s.”

VICE Admits: Twitter Is Shadowbanning Conservatives, Mainstream Republicans

by Tom Ciccota, Breitbart:

A new report from left-leaning VICE News revealed that Twitter is hiding the accounts of certain high-profile conservatives from users — which Breitbart News has been covering for years.

A new report published on Wednesday by VICE News details the ongoing censorship of conservatives on social media. This time, the offender is Twitter. Through an objective analysis, VICE News reporter Alex Thompson concluded that Twitter is hiding the accounts of certain high-profile conservatives from its user through a process referred to as “shadowbanning.”

Power Grid Could Buckle During Extreme Heat Wave: Here’s How to Keep Cool

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

The power grid in the US is old and tenuous, and with the current “heat dome” that has settled over the southwestern part of the country, the risk of demand outstripping supply is very real. High-temperature records were set in several states yesterday:

  • Death Valley, CA: 127
  • Las Vegas, NV: 112
  • Palm Springs, CA: 121
  • Phoenix, AZ: 116

The Big Social Media Companies Are Being Used As A Weapon To Advance The Agenda Of The New World Order

by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

In 2018, we have seen an unprecedented crackdown on anti-establishment voices on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. When they were first created, these social media platforms were essentially neutral, and they really did greatly contribute to the marketplace of ideas. But now there is a tremendous effort to censor voices that are a threat to the establishment, and in recent months we have witnessed the greatest purge of conservative voices in the history of the Internet. Anything that does not conform to the agenda of the elite is being labeled as “hate speech”, and countless anti-establishment voices have had social media accounts either “shadowbanned” or terminated completely. Needless to say, this could dramatically affect the outcome of the elections in November.

A South Carolina Nuclear Fuel Plant Has Leaked Radioactive Pollution

by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

Radioactive uranium has leaked through the floor of the Westinghouse South Carolina nuclear fuel plant and contaminated the soil. The Westinghouse fuel factory on Bluff Road, located in Richland County, also has a nearly 35-year history of groundwater pollution from the plant.

The most conflicting part of the entire uranium leak is that officials with the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control said they have no reason to believe the uranium has trickled off the site or that public water supplies are threatened. But, the agency also said it does not have the results of recent groundwater tests on the Westinghouse property either, meaning they actually don’t really know what the extent of contamination could be. Those test results will show whether pollution in the soil washed into the area’s shallow groundwater, which seeps into creeks in the Congaree River floodplain.

Vladimir Putin Goes Off Script And Calls Out Corrupt Faction Of ‘Deep State’ While This Video Montage Lays Out The ‘Game Changer’ That Happened While Much Of America Was Sleeping

by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

In this new story from the Daily Mail they report upon Russia’s newest nuclear weapons that can strike any place at all upon the planet Earth and wipe out an area the size of Texas or France as seen in newly released military video footage which we’ve republished in the video montage at the bottom of this story. We also created a gif image of one of those videos seen below.

With each missile capable of holding up to 10 large nuclear warheads or 16 smaller ones, the Daily Mail story reports that each warhead is capable of being steered to strike a different target and currently, there are no defenses against this new technology. With the RS-28 Sarmat missiles capable of making sharp twists and turns on the way to its target making it totally invulnerable to any and every missile defense system now available in the world.

The Pedophile Pedigree of Hollywood


from Real News with David Knight:

How Technology Bolsters Your Right to Work, Choose, and Earn

by Doug Casey, International Man:

It’s hard to remember how hard it was to look for work – or leave your current job – before technology changed everything.

Consider what LinkedIn does for you. It allows you to have your own identity apart from your current employer, as if you own your labor. You gather your own network and keep it as you move from job to job.

You can job hunt without seeming to betray your boss. You can be available for job offers too, even if you don’t think of yourself as being on the market. When you change jobs, you can add that to your profile with a few clicks and have that change announced to your network. Otherwise everything is the same. You are faced with a daily variety of choice among employers competing to hire you for your skills. Or you can very easily go solo, choosing to gig and contract as your own personal business.

Russia Wants To Pass Fake News Law That Would Fine Social Networks $793,000

by Aaron Kesel, Activist Post:

The infamous moniker “fake news” has been pushed since the 2016 election started by the current sitting U.S. President Donald Trump. Lawmakers all over the world are now seeking to trample on human rights in a bid to stop “fake news.”

Russia is the latest to propose draconian legislation to stop the spreading of “fake news.”

Russia has proposed the insane notion of fining social media companies. Under the new legislation, websites would be responsible for deleting inaccurate user comments, The New York Times reported.

Constitutional Silver, 90% Silver and Junk Silver Coins: What’s The Difference?


from Silver Doctors:

The difference is in the name you prefer to use.

Some people don’t like the word “junk”, even though it doesn’t mean it’s trash, and some people like to use the word Constitutional, because the US Constitution lays out the requirement for a bi-metallic gold and silver standard.

But no matter which names you prefer, it all identifies the same silver coinage in general.