Wednesday, June 26, 2019

The Russians Are On To Something: “NO ONE Can Lay Hands On Our Gold”


from Silver Doctors:

Russian has made it known that every single ounce is accounted for and within Russia’s borders. And for good reason. Here’s the details…

Financial developments are coming in from Russia faster than we can absorb them.

Just to mention a few recent articles, there’s:

Russia ready to be cut off from SWIFT
Speculation China & Russia will combine to launch a new gold standard
Possible launch of the Russian Silver Rouble

There’s literally page after page of economic and geo-political news on using our Russia tag.

This article is fundamental in nature. It’s all about what is done in practice.

The State of Israel has its 70th Anniversary


by Vladimir Mashin, New Eastern Outlook:

In May 2018 The State of Israel is celebrating the 70th anniversary of its establishment. Over these past decades, which is not a long time in historic terms, the Israeli citizens have achieved considerable success, first and foremost, in cutting-edge technologies, in the social and economic sphere. Anyone who comes to the country may make sure that is true. Visiting the historical places which are found all around here, going on tours, many visitors pay their respects to the hardworking and determination of the simple Israelis, the original settlers who managed to turn the previously barren soil into a flowering oasis.

To tell the truth, one has to admit that these seven past decades were not calm and serene for the State of Israel, its people experienced hard times more often than not, and the rare periods of living in peace quickly changed to tragic and dangerous ones. And now as well, Israel is going through another dramatic stage of its history, which has to do with the long-unresolved, complicated by many tight knots, Middle East conflict.

Pew: Americans Favor Freedom of Information over Protection from ‘Fake News’

from The Burning Platform:

The Pew Research center has released the results of a new poll that shows Americans of both parties do not support limitations on internet freedoms in order to fight so-called “false info” on social media.

A majority (58 percent) of Americans agreed with the statement that “freedom of information should be protected,” even if means “false info can be published.” This included a majority (57 percent) of Democrats.

Only 39 percent said that the U.S. government should “take steps to reduce false info online, even if it limits freedom of info.”

Study finds that animal vaccines have no safeguards against contamination and contribute to serious pet diseases like cancer


by Tracey Watson, via Intellihub:

Most of us are incredibly attached to our pets. As such, we do everything we can to prevent them from getting ill, including getting them vaccinated at the intervals recommended on the schedules we receive from their veterinarians. What we might not realize, however, is that in getting them vaccinated we may be exposing them to very dangerous retroviruses, some of which have been linked to cancer and other fatal animal diseases.

A study recently published in the journal Biologicals, entitled “Endogenous retroviruses as potential hazards for vaccines,” warns that the way in which animal vaccines are manufactured leaves them vulnerable to contamination by retroviruses which are present in the master seed stock of the cells used in their production.

Where Are You, Maggie Nixon?


from Rogue Money:

You can’t imagine the size of this.”
— #QAnon, April 20, 2018

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It has been a wild 48 hours with #QAnon. As soon as the Democratic National Committee filed their lawsuit last Friday against the Trump campaign — 66 pages, by the way, filed in Manhattan – alleging that Trump and Wikileaks conspired to disrupt the election, #QAnon was ecstatic and signalled that the President has now entered the first phase of the counterattack against the Clintonista gang. A day in court means, well, you know, discovery. And discovery in a court of law means that everything is going to start spilling out.

Fox in the Hen House: Why Interest Rates Are Rising


by Ellen Brown, Global Research:

The Fed is aggressively raising interest rates, although inflation is contained, private debt is already at 150% of GDP, and rising variable rates could push borrowers into insolvency. So what is driving the Fed’s push to “tighten”?

On March 31st the Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate for the sixth time in 3 years and signaled its intention to raise rates twice more in 2018, aiming for a fed funds target of 3.5% by 2020. LIBOR (the London Interbank Offered Rate) has risen even faster than the fed funds rate, up to 2.3% from just 0.3% 2-1/2 years ago. LIBOR is set in London by private agreement of the biggest banks, and the interest on $3.5 trillion globally is linked to it, including $1.2 trillion in consumer mortgages.

Iran Dumps The US Dollar: ‘The Dollar Has No Place In Our Transactions Today’

by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

The nation of Iran has dumped the United States dollar in favor of the European euro amid tensions with Washington. Tehran’s supreme leader has proclaimed that the “dollar has no place in our transactions today.”

According to RT, The governor of Iran’s central bank (CBI) Valiollah Seif said that Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei had welcomed his suggestion of replacing the dollar with the euro in foreign trade, as the “dollar has no place in our transactions today.” The new policy could reportedly encourage government bodies and firms linked to the state to increase their use of the euro at the expense of the American currency.

The dollar’s downward spiral continues as financial analyst Peter Schiff predicted in 2008 and has been warning of ever since. Schiff pulled no punches when saying that the long-term trend for the dollar is essentially a slow death.

The Red Cross, Double-Cross, and So Much More! On Today’s #NewQ. #QAnon #GreatAwakening


from Neon Revolt:

#QAnon came back today.

Remember how quickly NK unfolded? Because so many things were going on behind the scenes that we didn’t know about?

I think Iran is going to be very similar.

Q basically says here that they’ve been working to diffuse Iran. Remember how NK was publicly “testing” Nukes, but in reality, they had nuclear capacity since 2004? Iran is much the same, and all funded by Obama, so that the deep state could hold the world hostage.

Rep. Gosar Stares Down the Criminal Deep State and the Plot to Destroy America


by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

This is the first of a multi-part series in which the facts will move the readers in the direction of understanding the following, pre-planned and nation-ending set of events:

Because of the actions of 11 brave Congressional represenatives, all Republicans, the Deep State faces its biggest obstacle in furthering their prime directive which will culminate in tearing down the Republic and installing a Stalinist/Hitler hybrid tyrannical regime. This is the topic of Part One.
Part Two of this series focuses on the UN footholds established on American soil from which UN troops, in conjunction with their terrorist partners (eg ISIS, Mexican Drug Cartels, MS-13) are poised to take militarily takeover America as the domestic tranquility is interrupted. The UN will invoke the Kigali Principles to accomplish this goal.
Part Three will examine the Deep State/UN plans to convert the capital of the United States from Washington DC to Colorado. Please note that this event has already been rehearsed on two different occasions.
Part Four will examine who will win World War III and how we can tell where America will fight and lose this war. Hint, 90% of us will not survive and it is by design.

CounterThink with Mike Adams: Peter Schiff interview


from TheHealthRanger:

SPLC Cashes In On Trump Era; Controversial Nonprofit Nears Half BILLION In Assets

by Peter Hasson, Daily Caller:

The Southern Poverty Law Center more than doubled its revenue in 2017, in the latest indication that the Trump era has been a financial boon for the left-wing nonprofit.

The SPLC reported $136 million in contributions and grants for the most recent fiscal year, more than doubling the $50.2 million the nonprofit reported the previous year. The SPLC ended the year with $449 million in net assets, including a $432.7 million endowment.

The SPLC’s financial portfolio includes off-shore investments in the Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands and Bermuda, the organization’s financial documents show.