Saturday, December 3, 2022

‘Gold Standard’ Scientific Trial Deals Massive Blow to N95 and Surgical Masks as Way to ‘Stop Covid’

by Kyle Becker, Becker News:

A Randomized Control Trial (RCT), the gold standard for scientific evidence in the medical community, was released on Tuesday in the Annals of Internal Medicine. The results from the RCT study deal a major blow to advocates of N95 and surgical masks as effective means to “stop Covid.”

As the study details, 1009 health care workers in four countries who provided direct care to patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 were given either N95 respirators or medical masks and tracked over the course of 9 weeks. The study was not able to “blind” the participants due to the visible differences in the masks.

Military Whistleblower BLOWS OPEN The Coverup: Military Hiding Increases In Cancer, Myocarditis, & Vaccine Injuries

from Stew Peters Network:


FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY – National Group Uncovers Real-Time Democrat Election Fraud – HERE’S HOW THEY DID IT

by Joe Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

Here’s How They DID IT! Real-Time Election Fraud

Guest post by Jay Valentine – reprinted with permission from American Thinker

Database latency – geeky term, but it’s how they DID It!

A policeman pulls over a speeder.  The police computer fortunately picks up that 3 hours ago a similar vehicle and person held up a liquor store – so the police are on alert.

No database latency.

The UN outlines a new campaign against “hate speech”

by Didi Rankovic, Reclaim The Net:

Another vaguely-worded push for speech restrictions.

The  (UN) is dishing out tips on social media to citizens around the world on how to “say no to hate” – specifically online, declaring at the same time that “words can be weapons” which lead to violence in real life.

Instead of dedicating all its energy to policing, through peacekeeping, warzones, and making sure international law and the UN Charter are respected by all its member-states, the UN seems to have plenty of time and resources to be policing online speech.

105 Countries are Exploring CBDCs and 11 Have Already Launched Them


by Rhoda Wilson, Expose News:

At an International Monetary Fund (“IMF”) seminar last month, IMF’s Deputy Managing Director and former deputy governor of the People’s Bank of China, Bo Li, spoke about the “programmability” of central bank digital currencies (“CBDCs”):

“CBDC can improve financial inclusion [ ] through what we call programmability. That is CBDC can allow government agencies and private sector players to program, to create smart contract, to allow targeted policy functions. For example, welfare payment, for example, consumption coupon, for example, food stamp.  By programming CBDC, those money can be precisely targeted for what kind of people can own and what kind of use this money can be utilised, for example, for food.”


from The New American:


We Will Be Sacrificed for Global Standardization of Systems

by Dr. Joseph Mercola, Mercola:

  • Agenda 21 (Agenda for the 21st Century) is the inventory and control plan for all land, water, minerals, plants, animals, construction, means of production, food, energy, information, education and all human beings in the world
  • This roadmap for global totalitarianism was agreed to by 179 nations, including the U.S., at the 1992 Sustainable Development conference in Brazil
  • We’ve seen various facets of Agenda 21 being implemented throughout the last three years, under the cover of biosecurity and the global COVID-19 pandemic. The Green New Deal (Green Agenda), “Build Back Better,” the Fourth Industrial Revolution (the transhumanist movement) and The Great Reset all further and facilitate the implementation of Agenda 21

Twitter CEO Elon Musk Says He Will Publicly Reveal Twitter’s “Files on Free Speech,” and Implies Coordination with Government

from The Conservative Treehouse:

CTH has not visited the various Twitter stories recently, quite frankly because we are ambivalent to them.  It just seems illogical for Elon Musk to have purchased Twitter without any idea of what was happening inside Jack’s Magic Coffee Shop, the public-private partnership that structures the operations of the social media company known as Twitter.


from Free Your Mind:


Teachers Continue to Groom Small Children

from Moonbattery:

Among the many reasons to oppose the teachers unions that currently call the shots in the White House is that they support the grooming of children by militant advocates of sexual perversion:

No child is too young to be “helped” into adopting an LGBT identity. Watch preschool teachers brag about grooming 4-year-olds, brainwashing the formerly innocent rugrats into obsessing on gender and sexuality:

RED TERROR Tanks roll onto China’s streets in chilling echo of Tiananmen massacre as Xi cracks down on ‘White Paper’ protests

by Tariq Tahir, The Sun:

TANKS have rolled onto the streets of China as Xi Jinping orders a clampdown on the ‘White Paper’ anti-lockdown protests.

Their appearance is a chilling echo of the Tiananmen Square massacre when troops were used to brutally suppress demonstrations – prompting one man’s iconic protest by standing in front of a tank.

Episode 2335: Continued Forced Vaccine On The Middle Class; The Lies Of The Arizona Election

from Bannons War Room:


Chinese Citizens’ Uprising Against Xi’s CCP has China on Edge

by Ilana Freedman, America Outloud:

It was an apartment fire in Urumqi, the capital city of Xinjiang province in northwest China, that started it. The firemen came, but it took them three hours to put the fire out because the doors to the building that would have allowed them access to the fire were either blocked off or locked. This was due, witnesses said, to the zero COVID policies of the Chinese government. 

Ten people died in that fire, including Qemernisa Abdurahman, an Uyghur woman, and her four children, who, according to an NPR report, had already endured more than 100 days in lockdown. Her apartment caught fire, and they could not escape. For her, this was the ultimate tragedy in an already tragic life. Her husband and oldest son had been detained in 2017 when the state rounded up hundreds of thousands of Uyghurs, an ethnic, primarily Muslim, Turkic minority, whom the CCP has targeted as a part of their campaign to reduce their numbers and place as many as a million Uyghurs in concentration camps. After his arrest, the woman never heard from either of them again. 

Counting the FTX ‘Boy Wonder’s’ Dirty Money

by Renee Parsons, American Thinker:

While the world’s largest cryptocurrency failure is in its early stage of bankruptcy, the FTX collapse is more complex than just extraordinary, remarkable wads of money, as they are accompanied by the mystique of an alleged Boy Genius who was a billionaire (not) by the time he was 30 years old.  It remains an eternal puzzlement how any adult with half a brain could have relied on an overgrown adolescent with a massively exaggerated sense of self to handle more than a C-note, preferably one at a time.  It defies coherent explanation — except the participation of politicians and bureaucrats blinded by the colossal greed from a novice charlatan professing altruistic inclinations as cover for his Ponzi scheme makes perfect sense.

Leftists on Twitter are Crazy

from Mr Reagan: