Friday, December 1, 2023

RUSSIA’S WW3 WARNING! – West Will Be “DESTROYED” Says Former President Medvedev

from World Alternative Media:


Watch Matt Orfalea Bitch Slap Those Who Said The Ukraine Invasion Was “Not About NATO”


Macgregor: ‘Zelensky Has Gone From Hero to Zero’

from 21st Century Wire:

Ever since hostilities escalated in Ukraine in February 2022, the entire western media and political establishment all joined in lockstep to venerate and hype-up Ukrainian TV actor turned president, Volodymyr Zelensky, positioning him as ‘world president’ and champion of democracy’ who was supposedly fighting the evil Russian empire in order to protect the free western from the next Hitler in Vladimir Putin.

Uniparty WARMONGERS Fight To Keep Ukraine Funding: Desperate Democrat Jamaal Bowman Pulls Fire Alarm

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Is China Pre-Positioning Vast Numbers Of Soldiers, Spies and Saboteurs In U.S. Communities For The Coming War?


by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

There has been a dramatic spike in the number of Chinese nationals that are coming across our borders.  The vast majority of them are men, and the vast majority of those men are of military age.  Most of the time, when these men are intercepted by U.S. officials they claim that they have come to apply for asylum in the United States.  Of course they know that their court dates will be set far into the future because our system is being absolutely overwhelmed by asylum seekers right now.  As they wait for their court dates, most of them are released into the United States and are permitted to go wherever they want.  So what this means is that thousands upon thousands of Chinese men of military age have been allowed into this country, and we don’t know where they are or what they are doing.

WW3 MILITARY DRAFT? – Are We About To Be CONSCRIPTED To Fight Russia?

from World Alternative Media:


Russia To Conduct First Nationwide Nuclear Attack Drill


by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

Russia is set to conduct its first nationwide nuclear attack drill. This drill will span 11 time zones and will simulate a nuclear attack from the West.

It is scheduled to take place on October 3rd and will see the West as the nuclear aggressor. The one-day nuclear attack exercise, which has only ever been done region by region, will include preparation for the destruction of up to 70% of Russian housing stock and life support facilities, according to a report by Metro. 

Never Mind Those Hordes of Military-Aged Chinese Men With the Same Clothing, Haircuts, and Tattoos Swarming Our Southern Border

by Kevin Downey Jr, PJ Media:

Experts believe that more than seven million illegal immigrants have crossed the border since *President Biden occupied the White House.

The apparatchiks in the Pravda Press downplay the situation by assuring us the invaders are “families,” even though most of the videos we see are of single, military-aged men, frequently from Venezuela.

A Nuclear Attack Quick Actions Checklist – Part 2


by Anon-6, Survival Blog:

(Continued from Part 1. This concludes the article.)

– To filter air:

  • Need to get fresh air into the shelter without pulling in fallout particles
  • In rack 1 is everything you need to set up an air filter system that pulls in filtered air
  • Checklist with step-by-step pictures is on the clipboard
  • Instructions are also written on the plywood board that will go in the opened movie room window slot (board already has 12” holes in it for the small yellow industrial fan to pull air into the movie room through one of the furnace filters) [Rack 1 contains a small commercial ventilation fan (Vevor 12” utility blower fan), three large house furnace filters that will be used to filter air pulled into the movie from outside, a fitted plywood board that will go into the movie room subterranean window, two rolls of duct tape, and several pre-cut thick pieces of foam to ensure a tight fit]

Did the Plowshares Program Set the Stage for Nuclear Terrorism on September 11?

by Mark H. Gaffney, The Unz Review:

Skeptics have pointed to the alleged absence of radiation at ground zero as proof that nuclear weapons were not used to demolish the twin towers in New York City on September 11, 2001. This argument, however, is a logical fallacy that can never rise to the level of proof because the alleged absence of radiation is not evidence of its absence. Such thinking is a red herring that, unfortunately, has set back the cause of 9/11 truth by many years. The subject of nukes has been taboo within the 9/11 truth community ever since Dr Steven Jones posted his 2007 letter at the Journal of 911 Studies.

The Military Industrial Complex Is Making Hundreds Of Billions Of Dollars, And They Need A Military Draft In The U.S. To Take Things To The Next Level

by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

It would be difficult to overstate the importance of the Military Industrial Complex to our society.  It employs millions of people, and it brings in hundreds of billions of dollars each year.  The Military Industrial Complex has always been one of the central pillars of our economy, and these days business is booming thanks to the war in Ukraine and the possibility of a war with China.  Needless to say, those that run the Military Industrial Complex want the gravy train to continue, and so politicians that are pro-war are showered with campaign contributions.  In both major parties, politicians that are pro-war greatly outnumber those that are anti-war, and that is not likely to change any time soon.

A Nuclear Attack Quick Actions Checklist


by Anon-6, Survival Blog:

I’ve been a prepper since 2012 and was born in the early 60s. I started prepping when Obama was reelected and realized we’re on our own to protect our families from the hazards of a dangerous world. One of my first purchases was a 1-ounce silver Eagle that stays in my pocket to this day as part of my EDC kit – a small metal cigar case that works nicely (maybe a future article on that). From there, research and then purchasing food, water storage, comms, medical supplies, guns, and getting trained.


from SGT Report:

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Nord Stream Pipeline Bombing, One Year Later

by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche Organization:

With NATO moving to Plan B to fulfill their intent of breaking apart Russia, it is crucial that the reason behind it is made clear.  Seymour Hersh has provided part of the story — the Biden administration blew up the pipelines to prevent Germany from falling “under the sway of Russia.”  The deeper reason is rooted in the geopolitical doctrine of the British Empire, of acting to prevent a German-Russian alliance, which would threaten the power of the Anglo-American Unipolar Order.  German experts have offered a peace plan to end the war.