Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Did Trump Trade Wars Just Escalate to Germ Warfare?

by David Haggith, The Great Recession Blog:

Europeans are feeling like President Trump just dropped a COVID-19 economic bomb on the European Union. In response to his March 11th talk from the Oval Office, EU leaders said they did not see this coming. Was this a COVERT economic attack on the EU as some in the EU think?

West Attacks the World; the World Levitates towards Russia, China

by Andre Vltchek, New Eastern Outlook:

Frankly and in summary: recently The United States of America has crossed several lines, committing atrocities, in many parts of the world. In the past, no country could get away with this; such situations would inevitably lead to war.

Presently, war is “avoided” only because the world is too frightened of Washington and its mafia-style deeds. Countries on all continents are accepting the lawlessness and thuggery of Washington and the allies; bitterly, but accepting. If ordered, many of them have been falling on their knees, begging for mercy. If hit hard, they have lost the courage and strength to hit back.

Hayward: China Threatens to Cut Off Medicine, Throw America into ‘Mighty Sea of Coronavirus’

by John Hayward, Breitbart:

An article in China’s state-run Xinhua news service last week threatened to impose restrictions on medical exports so the United States will be “plunged into the mighty sea of coronavirus.”

The Xinhua piece, published on March 4 and entitled “Be Bold: The World Owes China a Thank You,” was largely composed of standard Chinese Communist Party propaganda about how the world stands in awe of China’s amazing response to the coronavirus outbreak. Naturally, it neglected to mention how the virus ran wild in the first place because of Chinese bureaucratic incompetence and cover-ups.

The US Navy is Developing Autonomous Submarines That Can Kill on Their Own

by Aaron Kesel, The Mind Unleashed:

What could possibly go wrong?

(TMU) — The U.S. Navy is secretly developing armed robot submarines that are controlled by onboard artificial intelligence (AI) which could potentially kill without explicit human control.

The Office of Naval Research is involved with the development of an AI system called CLAWS, which the agency describes in budget documents as an autonomous undersea weapon system for clandestine use. CLAWS will “increase mission areas into kinetic effects,” they write.

Russia’s Zircon Hypersonic Missile to Be Test-Launched From Underwater – Reports

from Sputnik News:

The Zircon, a scramjet-powered maneuverable anti-ship cruise missile capable of accelerating to speeds of up to 11,100 km an hour, is one of half-a-dozen or so strategic systems being developed by Russia’s military to help ensure global strategic stability.

The 3M22 Zircon hypersonic cruise missile will undergo testing from aboard the K-560 Severodvinsk submarine, a source in the military industry has told Russian media.

The Taliban ‘Peace Deal’ Is Very Vague, the US Wants a Permanent Presence in Afghanistan

from Russia Insider:

As far as realpolitik Afghanistan is concerned, with or without a deal, the US military want to stay in what is a priceless Greater Middle East base to deploy hybrid war techniques

Starting a nuclear conflict now ‘a political option’ for Washington, Moscow believes

from RT:

The US is expanding its nuclear capability with new types of low-yield weapons, and Moscow believes US strategists now consider launching a nuclear strike as a viable option in a conflict.

The US has made adjustments to its nuclear posture and has been introducing low-yield nuclear warheads to its arsenal, including those that can be launched from submarines. Russia sees such developments with great concern, the spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova told journalists on Friday.


from The Waking Times:

Researchers have still not been able to identify the original source of the COVID-19 coronavirus. When the outbreak began, initial reports suggested that the virus jumped from an animal to a human in a Wuhan meat market because many of the first cases were connected with the market in some way.

Scientists are still divided on this theory, but some studies have suggested that there were a significant number of early patients who had no contact with the market, and that it could have been spreading silently among citizens of Wuhan before it entered the crowded market where it had an opportunity to infect more hosts and spread more widely. This is one of the numerous different theories that experts have been debating in the months since the virus was officially recognized.

Two Syrian Jets Shot Down By Turkey Near Idlib As War Escalates

from ZeroHedge:

The dangerous situation and open state of war between Turkey and Syria, and increasingly by extension with Russia backing its ally Damascus, has continued to escalate dramatically in the last 24 hours. Hours after Syrian national forces brought down yet another Turkish drone operating over Idlib province, and following last Thursday’s major air attack which killed 33 Turkish troops, two Syrian Air Force jets have been shot down reportedly by Turkey’s military.

Anonymous sources and the guys and gals who made the Iraq war a reality are now claiming that the Kremlin is at it again!

by Philip Giraldi, Strategic Culture:

Those hapless individuals who run the United States are again slipping into a fantasy world where Americans are besieged by imaginary threats coming from both inside and outside the country. Of course, it is particularly convenient to warn of foreign threats, as it makes the people in government seem relevant and needed, but one might recommend that the tune be changed as it is getting a bit boring. After all, there are only so many hours in the day and Russian President Vladimir Putin must pause occasionally to eat or sleep, so the plotting to destroy American democracy must be on hold at least some of the time.

Did the 5G rollout in Wuhan damage the innate cellular defense cells of the population, putting the people at risk of complications and death from coronavirus?

by Lance D Johnson, Natural News:

Scientists have been sounding the alarm about the dangers of 5th generation wireless technology. Some countries have heeded the warning about wireless radiation and the harmful effects of EMFs. China, on the other hand, has completely ignored all warnings and has proceeded to unleash 5G faster than any other nation. In fact, China rolled out 5G in the province of Wuhan in October 2019. Just two months later, the city became afflicted by a new kind of coronavirus named CoVid-19. How did a formerly benign class of virus become so opportunistic in such a short amount of time? Why is the death rate so high at the epicenter of the outbreak?

Doug Casey: Biological Warfare Is a Bigger Threat Than the Coronavirus

by Doug Casey, Casey Research:

Editor’s note: Regular readers know that Casey Research founder Doug Casey made his fortune by being a contrarian.

Adhering to contrarian views – buying when there’s “blood in the streets” and not getting shaken out of investments due to panic – is a skill. It takes discipline and a sound mind.

In today’s Conversations With Casey, Doug applies his calm, cool, rational thinking to the coronavirus panic… tells us why it’s just hysteria… and shares what we should really worry about.