Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Idaho earthquake swarm: Over 200 quakes in past 9 days


from Intellihub:

Scientists fear that the big one could be on the way as a recent earthquake swarm intensifies east of Soda Springs

(INTELLIHUB) — More than 204 earthquakes have struck west of Soda Springs, Idaho since Sept. 2 in a swarm that scientists fear could end with a big one.

34 of the earthquakes were felt on Sunday alone, according to a report by the Idaho State Journal, showing that the swarm may be intensifying.

“Dr. David Pearson, an Idaho State University geologist who studies earthquakes, said scientists who have researched some of the faults in Southeast Idaho have concluded that the 7.0 quake is possible at some point in the region’s future, but the current earthquake swarm is not necessarily an indication that it will occur anytime soon.”

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How the Economic Crisis Affects Homestead Decision-Making


by Kara Stiff, The Organic Prepper:

While the United States has halted much of its usual business due to COVID-19, my day-to-day life is pretty much unchanged. We never did eat out often or go to big public events, because we’ve deliberately crafted a home-based life. Oh, I have a new signal booster so my husband can work more easily from home, and there are no more meetups with friends.

But other than that I’m just doing the regular: watering the seedlings, homeschooling the kids and checking on my goose, who is sitting on 21 eggs. Spring is a very exciting time of year, just like always.

Financial Relief Available to Texas Victims of Hurricane Harvey


byPam Martens and Russ Martens, wallstreetonparade:

According to insurance experts, approximately 80 percent of the homeowners impacted by flooding in Houston may not have flood insurance policies on their home. That’s because much of Houston falls outside of designated Special Flood Hazard Zones where mortgage holders are required to maintain flood insurance policies.

Hoping to relieve some of the panic by homeowners rescued from water-logged homes in Texas who have no idea when they may be able to return to their home or where the money will come from to restore the home to livability, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has released a fact sheet on what types of disaster assistance it can make directly to individuals along with specifics on how to apply.

The fact sheet makes clear that not all individuals are being guaranteed each form of assistance. It notes that the assistance “can include as required” the following.

  • Rental payments for temporary housing for those whose homes are unlivable.  Initial assistance may be provided for up to three months for homeowners and at least one month for renters.  Assistance may be extended if requested after the initial period based on a review of individual applicant requirements.
  • Grants for home repairs and replacement of essential household items not covered by insurance to make damaged dwellings safe, sanitary and functional.
  • Grants to replace personal property and help meet medical, dental, funeral, transportation and other serious disaster-related needs not covered by insurance or other federal, state and charitable aid programs. (FEMA funded at 75 percent of total eligible costs; 25 percent funded by the state.)
  • Low-interest loans to cover residential losses not fully compensated by insurance.  Loans available up to $200,000 for primary residence; $40,000 for personal property, including renter losses.  Loans available up to $2 million for business property losses not fully compensated by insurance.
  • Loans up to $2 million for small businesses, small agricultural cooperatives and most private, non-profit organizations of all sizes that have suffered disaster-related cash flow problems and need funds for working capital to recover from the disaster’s adverse economic impact.  This loan in combination with a property loss loan cannot exceed a total of $2 million.
  • Loans up to $500,000 for farmers, ranchers and aquaculture operators to cover production and property losses, excluding primary residence.
  • Other relief programs: Crisis counseling for those traumatized by the disaster; income tax assistance for filing casualty losses; advisory assistance for legal, veterans’ benefits and social security matters.

To apply for assistance, individuals and business owners in the designated counties can register online at www.DisasterAssistance.gov or call 1-800-621-FEMA (3362).  Disaster assistance applicants, who have a speech disability or hearing loss and use TTY, should call 1-800-462-7585 directly; for those who use 711 or Video Relay Service (VRS), call 1-800-621-3362.  FEMA indicates that the toll-free telephone numbers are currently operating from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. (Texas time) seven days a week.

The Small Business Administration (SBA), another Federal program, has also posted specifics on the financial relief it can bring to small businesses that have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey. It lists the following forms of relief that could be available:

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Kalashnikov Unveils New Anti-Drone Weapon


from shtfplan:

While most western countries are reverting back to medieval technology to combat the use of drones, legendary Russian arms manufacturer Kalashnikov, makers of the AK series, has developed an advanced anti-drone gun. Drones are now becoming more widely available, therefore, anti-drone technology is becoming a major field in the defense industry.

Of course, Kalashnikov is leading the pack in anti-drone warfare. Built on the MP-514K rifle system, the fully modular device comes equipped with interchangeable jamming units, which disrupt GPS, GLONASS, WiFi, and other electronic and radio signals, rendering drones inoperable. Due to its ability to block phone signals, the device also can be used to prevent remote detonation of improvised explosives.

Meet the REX-1.


For the first time in Russia, Kalashnikov Concern, the largest arms manufacturer in the country, showed off its electromagnetic anti-drone rifles at the Army-2017 expo in the Moscow Region. Prototypes of the REX-1 are also undergoing tests in some subunits of the Russian National Guard.

The gun has some fascinating features which makes it extremely effective. It is able to “fire” continuously for four hours. It can then be recharged for four hours using an ordinary 220-volt socket, or it can be connected to an additional battery for uninterrupted use. And, according to Nikita Khamitov, head of the special projects department at Zala Aero Group – the company that developed the new weapon and is part of Kalashnikov Concern, it’s possible to change each component in a matter of seconds, just like changing the magazine on an assault rifle.

“This radiomagnetic ‘gun’ suppresses the command and control channels of the world’s most commonly encountered drones. It’s also installed with a number of interchangeable electromagnetic and infrared units that suppress GSM, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo [the last three are various types of satellite navigation systems – RBTH], and other channels,” said Khamitov. -RBTH

Drones generally have two default modes in case communication is lost with the operator.  They will either return to the start point or automatically land. “In the latter case the drone will disappear from enemy radars, and you effectively have a new toy in your hands,” Khamitov added. “A particular feature of the device is the possibility of not just neutralizing unmanned aerial vehicles but also explosive devices triggered by remote control – via a phone call or text message, as one sees in films. The gun shuts out all external signals and gives the combat engineer group time to arrive on the spot and completely eliminate the threat,” Khamitov said.

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Shocking Video Shows Wuhan Quarantine Violators Being Herded Into ‘Re-Education Center’


from ZeroHedge:

Update (1025ET): Epoch Times’ Jennifer Zeng has shared some of the most startling videos gleaned from Chinese social media before the country’s censors can take them down.

And this latest one is no exception.

According to Zeng, the crowd of people depicted in the video are being herded into the “No. 2 Hospital of Wuhan Iron & Steel Corp” to be “re-educated” after they were caught walking the street without permission or an excuse.

Extraterrestrial Contactee Explains The ‘Testing’ She Experienced & What The Beings Looked Like


by Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution:

  • The Facts:Susan Manewech describes her experience with extraterrestrial or extradimensional beings as a child and how they tested her to find out what her empathy levels were.
  • Reflect On:How does the reality of ET life or life beyond human beings change your understanding of our reality? How much have you looked into the credible studies and accounts surrounding this field of research?

Whether it’s a Princeton physics professor like Dr. Brian O’Leary telling the world that “there is abundant evidence that we are being contacted,” or Victor Marchetti, former special assistant to the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, stating that “we have, indeed, been contacted — perhaps even visited — by extraterrestrial beings,” (Second Look, Volume 1, No 7, Washington, DC , May, 1979) the fact that we are being and have been visited by intelligent beings from other worlds and dimensions is no longer taboo.  

REPORT: UK Police Threaten to Unmask ‘Islamophobic’ Facebook User to Employer


by Dan Lyman, Infowars:

An anonymous Facebook user has relayed a harrowing encounter with UK police in which they claim law enforcement threatened ‘hate crime’ prosecution and unmasking of their identity to their employer if they continued to post ‘Islamophobic’ content.

The admin of a small fanpage called “The Church of Mogg” – a reference to conservative UK Parliamentarian, Jacob Rees-Mogg – posted an explanation detailing the reasons behind a lengthy absence from social media.

According to the user’s story, they were visited in person by two UK police officers, who advised the user that if they continued to post “Islamophobic” content that was deemed “offensive to the Muslim community,” they could face prosecution under Hate Crime legislation, and should preemptively delete the page to avoid further complications.

The user was troubled by the fact that they had no idea how UK police obtained their identity and address, but after consultation with an attorney, they decided to proceed to post to Facebook as before, despite a follow-up phone call with police in which they repeatedly threatened, “Hatred will not be tolerated.”

Shortly after, police increased their pressure exponentially, placing another phone call to the user, requesting they “attend a ‘Community Resolution Meeting’ at a police station to ‘clear up’ a number of concerns they had regarding the page.”

The user, upon advice from an attorney, declined to comply with the ‘request,’ instead offering to address said concerns in writing, but was informed that if they would not present themself in person, the police would force a meeting at the user’s place of employment, which they identified by name.

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The Dark Side of Astrophysics | S0 News Sept.14.2017


from Suspicious Observers:

Guenthner to Wall Street Noobs on Tech Wave You’re Determined to Ride…


By  Greg Guenthner via DailyReckoning.com

For a hot second, Amazon.com (NASDAQ:AMZN) CEO Jeff Bezos was the richest man in the world.

But he didn’t even get a chance to celebrate. After ripping to new all-time highs, Amazon shares reversed and finished the day in the red. The stock dropped almost $7 on Thursday. That’s enough to knock poor Jeff Bezos’ net worth below fellow billionaire Bill Gates.

Sadly, Bezos is worth a paltry $89.3 billion as of yesterday afternoon, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. To add insult to injury, Amazon’s second quarter earnings hit the wire after the bell. Judging by the stock’s initial reaction, investors weren’t impressed.

“The company appears to once again be squeezing out a very small profit on top of its mammoth retail operations, and that will only face more pressure as it looks to wrap up that deal and gain control of hundreds of retail outlets across the country,” TechCrunch notes, referencing Amazon’s $13.7 billion bid for Whole Foods.

To be fair, Amazon wasn’t the only tech stock to hit the skids yesterday. The Nasdaq Composite slipped into the red just after lunch as skittish traders booked profits. All the popular FAANG stocks reversed and moved lower. Even Facebook (NASDAQ:FB)retreated from its all-time highs after beating earnings estimates (although it was the only one out of the group to finish in the green on the day).

The FAANGs aren’t the only stocks taking it on the chin as we close out the trading week. Semiconductors – one of the strongest groups on the market – saw significant pullbacks in several popular names on Thursday, including a 3{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} drop in NVIDIA Corp. (NASDAQ:NVDA).

Of course, investors are completely freaking out as these popular stocks drop. With the major averages streaking to new highs almost every day, a quick selloff is all it takes to trigger a little panic these days…

After all, summer market action had been downright boring. Stocks have not endured a meaningful correction in a long time. The record low volatility we’ve experienced over the past few months has twisted the herd’s brain in a knot. Investors are now treating every single dip as if it was the beginning of a massive market crash…

Speaking of crashes, remember Amazon’s “flash crash” last month?

Amazon stock dipped below $930 for less than a second during an apparent fat-finger trade back in early June. The stock recovered almost immediately, posting a loss of a little more than 3{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} by the end of the trading day.

Chief of U.K.’s Largest Abortion Provider: ‘Abortion is Birth Control Women Need’


by Dr. Susan Berry, Breitbart:


The chief executive of the U.K.’s largest abortion provider explained recent data that shows half of all U.K. women seeking abortion used contraception by admitting that abortion is another form of birth control.

Ann Furedi, chief executive of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), said:

When you encourage women to use contraception, you give them the sense that they can control their fertility…Our data shows women cannot control their fertility through contraception alone, even when they are using some of the most effective methods. Family planning is contraception and abortion. Abortion is birth control that women need when their regular method lets them down.

Furedi was explaining data released by BPAS from 60,592 U.K. women which showed that, in 2016, over half (51.2 percent) who sought abortion were using at least one form of birth control – hormonal or long-acting reversible contraception (LARC).

A report released by BPAS that explores women’s reasons for choosing late-term abortion also reveals that use of some form of birth control is one reason women do not test for pregnancy early on, and then choose abortion when they discover they are pregnant later.

The report states:


How Many Americans Has The ‘Deep State’ Murdered Using MKUltra Mind Controlled Shooters In Schools, Concerts And Other Large Events?

by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

– Newly Released Documents Prove MKUltra May Still Be Ongoing Now And Can Work On Large Crowds

Even though the CIA’s mind control program MKUltra was first brought to the public’s attention back in 1975 during the Church Committee Hearings in Congress, mentioning MKUltra to most Americans in 2018 will get a similar ‘that’s fake news and/or a conspiracy theory‘ response but as we see within this ANP story, a new Drudge-linked story over at The Sun reports that not only is MKUltra very real, the illegal use of it may still be ongoing against the American people today.

CNN’s Acosta Gets Owned After Tweeting ‘Fake News’ Hurricane Warning


by Steve Watson | Infowars.com :

CNN’s most whiny mouthpiece Jim Acosta took a swipe at President Trump on Twitter this morning while attempting to legitimize the news network’s output, but only succeeded in igniting a hilarious backlash.

Acosta suggested that the President should refrain from calling CNN ‘fake news’ in the midst of a potentially disastrous hurricane:


Yes, that’s correct, Acosta is so desperate for ratings that he attempted to politicize a weather event.

The response was swift, and it wasn’t pretty:



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Gold and Silver Possession Is a Constitutional Right – and a Practical Imperative


by David Smith, Money Metals:

It’s a safe bet that most readers of this column who hold physical precious metals – gold, silver, platinum and palladium – do so because they view them as a store of value. Gold and silver especially, have served in the role of honest money for at least five millennia.

With a melting point 700 degrees higher than gold, the Spaniards weren’t able to determine how to utilize platinum, but they still considered it to be valuable, calling it platina – “little silver.” It would be tossed it back into a stream so that it might be able to “grow up”!

Gold, silver, and copper were monetary metals – not chosen because some authority decreed it, but through trial, error, and successful application in everyday life. (Under certain situations, as when India briefly banned gold importation, platinum and silver demand as substitutes, spiked.)

Despite Record Stock Markets, Almost Half of Americans Own No Stocks


by Pam Martens and Russ Martens , wallstreetonparade:

On April 7, 2011 the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 12,409.49. Yesterday, it closed at 22,048.70, an increase of more than 9600 points over the six-year span. A bull market of this magnitude lasting more than half a decade would have been expected by Wall Street experts to have sucked in even the most cynical Wall Street naysayers. It hasn’t.

Each April, the polling firm, Gallup, conducts its annual Economy and Personal Finance Survey. It asks U.S. adults whether they personally or jointly have money invested in the stock market, either in individual stocks or stock market funds, including through vehicles such as 401(k)s and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).

Gallup began its 2011 survey on April 7, 2011, the day that the Dow closed at 12,409.49. That year’s survey found that 45 percent of Americans owned no stocks. Despite a meteoric rise in the major stock indices since then, this year’s Gallup poll found that 45 percent of Americans still own no stocks. Since 2011, the number of Americans eschewing stock ownership has ranged from the mid 40 percent level to a high of 47 percent in April 2013. In April 2007, before the financial downturn had gripped the attention of Americans, Gallup found that only 34 percent of Americans owned no stocks.

While record household debt levels and inability to save certainly play some role in the low level of stock ownership, continuing distrust in Wall Street is likely also a key factor.

Since the financial crash in 2008, the tentacles of Wall Street corruption have touched every facet of American life and have been chronicled in bestselling books, on the big screen, in documentaries and in the hearing rooms of Congress. Words like “casino,” “rigged,” and “banksters” have become part of the new lexicon to describe how Wall Street functions.

On July 8, 2014, Senator Jack Reed summed up today’s markets in a Senate hearing: