Monday, January 20, 2020

Family Sues After Video Showed Cop Kill Their Child for Running Away with a Toy


by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

Phoenix, AZ — A year ago today, a tragedy unfolded in Tempe, Arizona as a 14-year-old child was gunned down as he ran away from a cop, holding a toy. Earlier this month, police in Arizona released the full dramatic body camera footage from when an officer shot and killed 14-year-old Antonio Arce who had attempted to escape on foot while holding a toy gun with a visibly orange tip. This week, the family filed a lawsuit against the City of Tempe and the officer Joseph Jaen, who killed Antonio.

What The HELL Is Going On?


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

The market is flat-out ignoring what are clearly emergency measures being taken by The Fed.

There’s only one thing worse than an emergency, and that’s an emergency that people are actively trying to hide.

What am I referring to?  That The Federal Reserve has been frantically adding reserves to the financial system in an amount that is utterly stunning, running well north of $400 billion over the last four months.

A quick primer is in order here.  “Repo” transactions are undertaken all the time in the financial system.  The purpose of them is to balance reserves between banks.  Let’s say you buy a $250,000 house.  On the day you close $250,000 leaves one financial institution (your lender or, if it’s a cash deal, your bank) and is wired to the seller (through the title company, which deducts the various fees and such that are due.)  That’s a large hunk of cash that leaves one place and goes another.

SANITY: Trump Judicial Appointee Refuses to Use Transgender Child Predator’s Preferred Pronouns in Court


by Shane Trejo, Big League Politics:

Judge Stuart Kyle Duncan, who was appointed to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals by President Donald Trump, struck back against transgender insanity on Wednesday in a court case.

Norman Varner, a man who pleaded guilty to child porn charges in 2012, has since come out as transgender. He now demands special rights due to his gender transition, which he announced in 2015. He demanded that the court use female pronouns to address him, and call him by his preferred name of “Katherine Nicole Jett.”

“You’re Siding With Iran” Watch Liz Warren Get Called Out By Angry Patriot in New Hampshire


by Dean Garrison, DC Clothesline:

Why are Democrats siding with terrorists instead of supporting America?

That’s what we’d all like to know.

Democrats are so desperate to take Trump down, that they will automatically disagree with anything he says or does even if it means siding with terror states.

Real Gold vs Pretend Gold – Craig Hemke (14/01/2020)


by Craig Hemke, Sprott Money:

The battle continued in 2019, and rarely has the disparity been this sharp.

And what do we mean?

Well, on one hand, you have real physical gold. This is gold that you store yourself or at a trusted vaulting company. This is gold that you can actually hold in your hands. This is the gold that is demanded at record levels by central banks around the globe.

On the other hand, we have pretend gold. This is the domain of the bullion banks. They offer futures contracts, unallocated accounts, and ETFs…all as an alternative to the real thing and as a way of increasing the total supply of “gold” in what amounts to a modern day alchemy.

Guest Post: “2020 – The Year of Living Dangerously”, by Jim Quinn


by Jim Quinn, TF Metals Report:

Please be sure to read the latest from Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform.

As you likely recall, I first met Jim in 2012 and have been a fan of his ever since. Occasionally, he writes “big picture” articles that focus upon society, the economy and the Fourth Turning. This latest, a look ahead and a look back contains something for everyone here to read, digest and consider.


The battle over gun control in Virginia heats up as Democrats try to keep 2A supporters out of committee hearings


by Sean Walton, The Daily Sheeple:

After a chaotic morning at the state capitol in Richmond, and despite huge turnout from thousands of gun owners, Virginia Democrats approved a number of gun control bills in a key committee hearing Monday.

The Senate Judiciary Committee meeting was supposed to begin at 8 a.m., but was delayed more than an hour thanks to the long lines to get in the doors of the capitol. New rules banning the lawful carrying of firearms in the capitol and office buildings led to new security measures, which in turn led to lengthy delays and annoyed staffers and citizens. Meanwhile, some Democrat staffers were apparently able to bypass the required security.

The USMCA Will Place the Average American Into Feudalism


by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

In Part One, I detailed the history of trade agreements as a lead to help people understand what is coming with the USMCA. This is a combination of the TPP, the North American Union and NAFTA on steroids. The provision of this agreement will turn America into a corporate dictatorship.

This part of this series analyzes the economic, environmental and energy integration for the United States into the USMCA and noe of this news is good. Trump is being deceived by his advisors and we to reach out, collectively, and let the President know how we feel.

Why Gold is Set to Soar in 2020


by Alex Deluce, Gold Telegraph:

If you’ve invested in gold, congratulations. The yellow metal is set to continue its rally in 2020 and keep moving upward. Here are some of the signs:

  1. Gold is seeing the best returns since 2010.
  2. The price of gold soared by 15 percent in 2019.
  3. Gold is breaking over $1,500. Many investors have been waiting for this. Such a round number breaks through psychological resistance.

While it’s hardly set in stone, there is a history of gold since 2013 rallying at year-end and closing on a high, and this trend is likely to continue. The year 2020 could see record-breaking high gold prices. One of the driving forces behind the rise in gold prices is the trade war between the U.S. and China.

The 2020s: A Peek at the Decade Ahead (Part 2)

by James Corbett, The International Forecaster:

The 2020s could be a time of cooperation. A time of community building. A time of casting off hierarchies and the tyranny of authority. Or it could be the last gasp before the descent down the slope toward total tyranny.

Last week in these pages we looked at the ways in which the 2020s are likely to be shaped by the billionaire charlatans of the tech world. From the transhumanism being pushed by the Zuckerbergs and Musks and Kurzweils of the world to the weaponization of space (which is being obscured by space tourism and flashy space exploration ventures), the decade is likely to be dominated by the same players before . . . only on a much, much larger scale.

But wait, that’s not all! In fact, the transhuman experiment and the trillion dollar space economy doesn’t even begin to touch on the next great economic transformation that is forecast to take place in the next 10 years. What am I talking about? . . .

FAKE NEWS CNN Interviews Iranian VP Who Threatened to Kill American Hostages in 1979, Conveniently Forgets to Mention That FACT


by Dean Garrison, DC Clothesline:

Christiane Amanpour interviewed a terrorist in one of her latest pieces of so-called “journalism.”

Iran’s VP just happens to be one of the students that took the American Embassy and held hostages in 1979.

Trump Threatens Iraq’s Oil Accounts if Troops Told to Leave


by Mish Shedlock, The Maven:

The Trump administration threatens Iraq’s New York Fed account where its international oil sale revenue is kept.

BREAKING: Court filing claims Feds used FISA court powers to spy on businessman connected to Giuliani


by JD Heyes, Natural News:

Deep State opponents of President Donald Trump, as we’ve learned already, have gone all-out in their efforts to bring down his presidency.

That has included an out-and-out effort to stage a soft coup using bogus allegations of “Russian collusion” — charging the president and his 2016 campaign with actively cooperating with Moscow to ‘steal’ the election from Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Now The Iranians Are Promising More Military Action Against U.S. Forces, And That Would Definitely Start World War 3


by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

What in the world are the Iranians thinking?  After President Trump decided not to respond militarily to the rockets that the Iranians fired at U.S. bases in Iraq, it appeared that a major war had been averted.  People all over the world celebrated this unexpected turn of events, and global stock markets soared.  But now the Iranians are changing their tune again.  Instead of “standing down”, top Iranian leaders are warning that “harsher revenge” is on the way and that there will be more attacks against U.S. forces.  I think that Iran correctly perceives that Trump does not want a war, but if Trump gets pushed too far he will hit the Iranians extremely hard.  And once the Iranian homeland starts getting pummeled by U.S. missiles, the Iranians will start firing some of the 200,000 missiles that they have stockpiled at Israel, and needless to say the Israelis will respond with even greater force.  In other words, any escalation of this conflict at this point has the potential to spark World War 3.