Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Neil Oliver, The Build Back Better Agenda is Anti Human, We Need to Start Calling Them Out

from The Conservative Treehouse:

Neil Oliver uses his weekly monologue to challenge the originating precept of the Great Reset, Build Back Better or New World Order, agenda. Get beyond the talking points and every policy from within the World Economic Forum instructions boils down to the quackery behind anti-humanism.

“The so-called Green Agenda is predicated on the rape of the earth for rare minerals, lithium and cobalt and more,” he points out. “Also, metals like copper, silver and gold. The extraction of those commodities means wholesale destruction of environments,” he adds. “Before a single turbine is raised or solar panel set in place, the sites are cleared and sterilized of all life.

Gov’t Forcing Man to Pay $30K in Fines for Tall Grass, Or They Will Steal His House

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

Dunedin, FL — Jim Ficken is not a criminal, has never been in jail, and is a model citizen in the town of Dunedin, Florida. However, the government dealt a massive blow to property rights by fining him $30,000 and threat of foreclosure — because his grass grew too tall while he looked after his mother’s estate.

The entire police state overreach began for Ficken in 2018 when he was out of town trying to take care of his late mother’s estate and his grass did what grass does, it grew. Knowing that it is unpleasing to neighbors to grow long grass, Ficken hired a friend to cut it for him while he was away, but that friend died and Ficken had no idea.

It’s as Clear as Day, Mongolia is Experiencing a Pandemic of the Vaccinated

by Rhoda Wilson, Expose News:

Praised for its “effective” pandemic response and for getting more “vaccines” than it needed, the truth is Mongolia brought Covid upon itself with the experimental jab like many others, wrote Joel Smalley posting a short video clip showing the relationship between Covid cases, deaths and administration of Covid injections.

Deaths with unknown causes now Alberta’s top killer: province

by Nicole Di Donato, CTV News:

Alberta is reporting an unprecedented increase in ill-defined and unknown causes of death in 2021.

That category is leading the way over dementia, which has been in the top spot since 2016, and COVID-19, which began adding to the death tally in the province in a big way in 2020.

In 2021, ill-defined and unknown causes of death snagged the first spot with 3,362, up from 1,464 in 2020 and 522 the year before that, according to statistics from the Government of Alberta.

The White House Fuels Reports of Imminent ‘National Emergency’ Declaration on Climate Change


by Kyle Becker, Becker News:

The Biden administration is seeking to declare a ‘national emergency’ on the ‘climate crisis’ as soon as Wednesday, which many expect to be accompanied by an unprecedented seizure of executive power.

“U.S. President Joe Biden will issue executive orders on Wednesday aimed at addressing the climate crisis,” Reuters reported on Tuesday.

The Medical Community is Baffled by SADS But “Whatever You Do Don’t Solve the Mystery”

by Rhoda Wilson, Expose News:

The medical establishment’s ability to conjure a ‘diagnosis’ that can never be wrong takes a leaf out of the Catholic Church’s doctrine of Papal infallibility.

In an article, Rusere Shoniwa performs an autopsy of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (“SADS”): deconstructing the corporate media propaganda and some commentary on the strange new union of the church and the medical establishment.What follows is an excerpt from this article titled ‘SADS – Sponsored by the Medical Establishment, the Mail Online and the Vatican’.  You can read the full article HERE and find other articles by Shoniwa on his website A Plague on Both Houses HERE.

Biden Set to PURGE 27.5% of Army Who Aren’t Fully Vaccinated Against COVID with Non-FDA Approved Vaccine

by Joe Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

The time is ticking for a quarter of the US army that lacks the second COVID vaccine shot.  The Biden gang is ready to purge those in the military who have not received their second jab. 

The Lid reported on this yesterday:

‘A Harbinger Of Larger Things To Come’: The Hits Against The Food Supply Chain Are Coming From Every Direction – When The Food Is Gone Rioting Begins

by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

While the national media is busy playing politics, protecting Joe Biden, screaming the world is ending because of climate change, and basically performing activism and the hell with actual journalism, America is heading in a direction that leads to hunger and fighting for survival.

Before moving on to the multitude of issues affecting the supply chain here in the U.S., I would like to point to what is described by Forbes as a “harbinger of larger things to come around the rest of the world in the months and years ahead.”

CDC Directs LGBT Children to Secretive Chats About Sex Changes, Activism, the Occult

by Jeff Poor, Breitbart:

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is promoting to youth an online chat space that discusses sex, polyamorous relationships, the occult, sex change operations, and activism, and is specifically designed to be quickly hidden while being used. It also mixes LGBT adults and children and is run in part by Planned Parenthood.

Called Q Chat Space, the platform is advertised on the CDC’s LGBT Health Youth Resources page, archived here. The chat service, which describes itself as “a community for LGBTQ+ teens,” is available for those ages 13-19, can be hidden from parents, and focuses on a number of mature themes.

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche: Covid Mass Vaccination Triggering New Pandemics and Epidemics

from The New American:

TRUTH LIVES on at https://sgtreport.tv/


from InfoWars:

A man whose family purportedly runs a casket manufacturing business says for the first time ever they’ve received bulk orders for children’s coffins, a sign he fears could be indicative of impending childhood Covid vaccine deaths.

Replying to a Twitter user who claimed he’d spoken with funeral directors about an unusual rise in children who died after being vaccinated, Canadian Twitter user @highesthalfling asserted his family’s casket business recently received two bulk orders for child size coffins.

Ninja (Omicron BA.5) COVID Fearporn

by Robert W Malone MD, MS, Who Is Robert Malone:

Now be a good highly vaccinated citizen and get in line for the “latest and greatest” booster, Comrade!

What is Fearporn? Is it really a thing?

When I first started discussing “Mass Formation Psychosis” (and specifically on Joe Rogan #1757), the entire Silicon Valley and Corporate Media seemed to simultaneously loose bladder control, claiming that there was no such thing, that this was not in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistics Manual, had no basis in the literature, and was a fabricated concept. “Factcheckers” had a field day. The Guardian and Forbes almost stroked out in outrage. In a fit of self righteous indignation, aging 60s rocker Neil Young, whose Spotfy hit rate was anemic at best, left Spotify together with Crosby, Stills and Nash, only to return later with their tails between their legs. Prompting many sagebrush sages to quote Lynard Skynard “I hope Neil Young will remember, a Southern man don’t need him around anyhow.” Turn it up.

THEY ALL LIED AND WE HAVE PROOF! Highly Sensitive DOJ Jan 6. Documents Leaked to The Gateway Pundit – FBI Confidential Human Source INFILTRATED Proud Boys, Ran FBI Operation on J-6, Reported They Were INNOCENT! — See Texts and Documents IN FULL!!

by Cara Castronuova, The Gateway Pundit:

Will this be the end of Chris Wray?  It should be.

The FBI and the Department of Injustice continue to viciously politically persecute American Citizens and terrorize the public.

Now they’ve been caught.

Natural Immunity 97% Effective Against Severe COVID-19 After 14 Months: Study

from ZeroHedge:

The protection against severe illness from so-called natural immunity remains superior to the protection bestowed by COVID-19 vaccines, according to a new study.

People who survived COVID-19 infection and were not vaccinated had sky-high protection against severe or fatal COVID-19, researchers in Qatar found.

Effectiveness of primary infection against severe, critical, or fatal COVID-19 reinfection was 97.3 percent … irrespective of the variant of primary infection or reinfection, and with no evidence for waning. Similar results were found in sub-group analyses for those ≥50 years of age,” Dr. Laith Abu-Raddad, with Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar, and colleagues said after studying long-term natural immunity in unvaccinated people.