Saturday, September 25, 2021



by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

Over the past few years, if you’ve been paying attention to Antartica, you’ve seen a lot of highly strange stuff happening down there, and normally this would be the place where I review that high strangeness. That review would also normally rehearse all the highly strange people associated with the polar continent, a cast that includes former Secretary of State John Kerry, Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin, King Juan Carlos of Spain, and Rudolf Hess and Hermann Goering and Admiral Richard Byrd and… well, you get the idea. An odd lot to be sure, and I don’t think they were all simply interested in “climate change”.  Besides, climate change wasn’t a “thing” in Hess’s, Goering’s, or Byrd’s day, but even if it were, I doubt any of them would have bought it for a minute.  They may have been obsessive compulsives about things like world domination and such, but they weren’t stupid.

Majority Leader Harry Reid says the government is covering up huge amounts of evidence of unexplained encounters

by Luke Kenton, Daily Mail:

  • Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the claim in the documentary, The Phenomenon which examines the history of UFO sightings in the US
  • ‘Why the federal government all these years has covered up, put brake pads on everything, stopped it, I think it’s very, very bad for our country,’ he said
  • When asked if he’s saying there’s still evidence that hasn’t yet been publicly disclosed, Reid replies: ‘I’m saying most of it hasn’t seen the light of day’
  • Since leaving office in 2017 he has become increasingly outspoken about UFOs
  • Following the release of videos taken by pilots that show ‘unexplained aerial phenomena’ in April, Reid wrote: ‘The American people deserve to be informed’

Researcher targeted after publishing sanitized photos of planet-sized object orbiting sun

by Shepard Ambellas, Intellihub:

“They basically laid out their threats — ‘don’t write any more books–get off YouTube–get off the Internet’ that kind of crap–and uh you know–as soon as I came back home we wrote a bunch of more books.”
Planet X researcher, author, and YouTuber Scott C’one published what he attests are forensically sanitized screenshots taken of NASA coronagraph imagery that reveals what C’one claims could be the dense core of a dead star.

“The CIA Simulated UFO Abductions In Latin America As Psychological Warfare Experiments” – Dr. Jacques Vallée

by Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution:

  • The Facts:In his book, “Forbidden Science 4,” Dr. Jacques Valle explains how he came in possession documents showing that forced “UFO abductions” were conducted by the CIA as psychological warfare experiments.
  • Reflect On:What type of technology would the CIA have to have in order to pull something like this off?

The picture you see above is of Joseph Allen Hynek, American astronomer, professor, and ufologist. Hynek acted as scientific advisor to UFO studies undertaken by the U.S. Air Force under three consecutive projects: Project Sign (1947–1949), Project Grudge (1949–1952), and Project Blue Book (1952–1969). The man standing next to him is Dr. Jacques Vallee, more on him below.

UFO Hype Is Probably Just the US Military Lying Again

by Caitlin Johnstone, Consortium News:

The U.S. military has for years been using mass media to inflame public interest in alleged UFOs, and it’s entirely possible it is a domestic ploy to get more Space Force funding, writes Caitlin Johnstone.

“No Longer in Shadows, Pentagon’s U.F.O. Unit Will Make Some Findings Public” reads a New York Times headline that is understandably attracting a great deal of attention today.

Low-Flying Cigar-Shaped Object Filmed Gliding Along Mountains in Tennessee

from Sputnik News:

The white object was spotted hovering above the mountain ridge before descending behind it. The witness who filmed the video said he had never seen a plane like that, leading outer space lovers to suggest that it was a UFO.

A couple in Whitwell, Tennessee were looking for a double rainbow but instead apparently filmed a UFO.

Trump Hints He Has ‘Interesting’ Details On Roswell As Son Grills Him About Aliens

by Joseph Curl, Daily Wire:

President Trump sat down for a lighthearted Father’s Day-themed video interview with his son Donald Trump Jr., who promptly “went there.”

“Before you leave office, will you let us know if there are aliens? Because this is the only thing I really want to know. I want to know what’s going on. Would you ever open up Roswell and let us know what’s going on there?” Trump Jr. asked in the video produced by Trump’s presidential campaign.

US Military Says UFO In Navy Video Was “Size of A Suitcase” and Traveling 19,000 MPH

by Jake Anderson, The Mind Unleashed:

This year, the Pentagon confirmed the existence of the videos, which show the so-called “tic-tac” UFOs.

(TMU) Opinion – UFOlogy has had a huge resurgence in recent years, buoyed primarily by three new Navy UFO videos released first by The Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences, a company co-founded by former Blink-182 musician Tom DeLonge, and ushered into the mainstream by a New York Times investigation that started in 2017.

US Military Veteran Claims To Have Worked With Aliens

from Humans Are Free:

Australian news morning show, Sunrise, interviewed a man who claims that he had worked with extraterrestrials on a US base in the 60s.

The ex-military man, Charles Hall, calls these beings “Tall Whites,” because of their appearance, and says the military had let them take up temporary residence near Nellis Air Force base in Nevada.

US Gov Grants Patents For An Anti-Gravity Craft That Alters The Space-Time Around It

by Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution:

  • The Facts:The US Government has granted patents to multiple inventors, including the US Navy for technology that breaks the laws of physics.
  • Reflect On:How many technological developments are in existence that we don’t know about?

It wasn’t long ago when government agencies and scientists would simply reject even talking about inventions that defy our known laws of physics, but things are changing because science is progressing, and if there’s one thing that’s constant, it’s change. Change is even constant in physics–a great example I like to use is of the prominent physicist Lord Kelvin, who stated in the year 1900, “There is nothing new to be discovered in physics now. All that remains is a more and more precise measurement.” It wasn’t long after this statement when Einstein published his paper on special relativity. Einstein’s theories challenged the accepted framework of knowledge at the time and forced the scientific community to open up to an alternate view of reality.