Sunday, January 19, 2020


by Geoffrey Grinder, Now The End Begins:

For Archbishop Viganó this is consistent with Francis’ aberrant Abu Dhabi declaration that alleges that “God wills all religions.” Viganó observes that Francis personally practiced the Pachamama cult in the Vatican gardens, in St Peter’s Basilica and during the Synod closing Mass by placing an idolatrous plant on the altar. He calls this Pachamama show “an initiatory rite of the new religion” in order to align the Church with anti-human and anti-Christian strategies that dominate the globalist scene and are supported by those in power.


by Geoffrey Grinder, Now The End Begins:

“The United States is founded on the principle that our rights do not come from government they come from God,” President Donald Trump said. “This immortal truth is proclaimed in our Declaration of Independence and enshrined in the first amendment to our Constitution’s Bill of Rights.” Trump noted that 80 percent of the world’s population live in countries where religious freedom is in danger or outright banned, and called for the world to end religious persecution and release prisoners held for professing their belief.

Sharing community, culture, faith: Study finds religious people are happier

by Ethan Huff, Natural News:

(Natural News) Is having faith in God the key to happiness? A new study seems to suggest so, having found that the happiest people in any society or culture tend to be those with strong religious convictions who actively engage with others in regular community worship.

The Pew Research Center looked at data from the United States and more than two other countries, uncovering that “actively religiously” folks, meaning those who go to church on a regular basis, are more likely to self-identify as “very happy” than folks who are “inactively religious” or “religiously unaffiliated.”

Prayer Before You Prepare


by C.H., Survival Blog:

My first memory of SurvivalBlog is reading the Rawlesian precepts, almost a decade years ago. I remember quickly hurrying over to the ‘Quick Start Guide’ to find out where I should begin. It was there that I read the most important piece of advice for any prepper: “Before you begin to prepare, pray.”

Unfortunately, I thought that this meant little more than a salutary ‘tipping of the hat’ toward heaven before starting out on whatever I thought was best. ‘Do your best, pray it’s blessed, and let God do the rest.’ So I asked the Lord for his blessing and guidance, without really expecting any answer. And then I set forth.  I looked for a job in the American Redoubt, began stockpiling guns, ammo, and precious metals. I read any material on prepping I could find. I devoured books and scoured the Internet. I kept a close eye on the news for any hints on what to get ready for.

Billboards appear in Turkey slamming Christians


from WND:

Comes as links to NATO and U.S. get more tenuous

Just as tensions rise between NATO allies United States and Turkey over Turkey’s incursions into Syria, billboards have started appearing in the Muslim nation attacking Christians and Jews.

Ahval News reports anti-Christian and anti-Jewish posters found hanging on billboards in Turkey’s central conservative province of Konya have sparked public outrage.

The Most Senior Vatican Official Ever Convicted of Child Sexual Abuse Might Be Set Free Tomorrow

by Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution:

  • The Facts:Tomorrow, it will be decided whether or not Cardinal George Pell’s guilty verdict will be appealed. If his appeal is successful, he will be let go and the charges of sexual abuse against children will be dropped.
  • Reflect On:Although awareness is being created, the most powerful people in the world and the authorities we turn to in order to stop these activities may also be implicated.

U.S. Bishops Walk Back Demands for Stricter Gun Laws

by Thomas D. Williams, Breitbart:

The United States Catholic bishops toned down language calling for stricter gun control legislation in the midst of three major shooting incidents in the country.

In a July 30 statement on the Bishops (USCCB) website, Bishop Frank Dewane, Chairman of the Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development, stated, “Our legislators must make changes to our gun policy to prevent the loss of life,” following the shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in Gilroy, California.

The Percentage Of Christians In America Has Hit An All-Time Low


by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

The decline of the Christian faith in the United States continues to accelerate, and the latest numbers that we just got are absolutely staggering.  Most European countries are already considered to be “post-Christian” nations, and the U.S. appears to be headed down the exact same path.  But when America was originally founded, it is estimated that 98 percent of the colonists were Christians.  The Christian faith played a critical role in the development of our form of government, and down throughout history every generation of Americans was overwhelmingly Christian.  But now things are changing in a major way.  According to a brand new survey that was just released by the Pew Research Center, only 65 percent of Americans now consider themselves to be “Christians”, and that represents the lowest level ever recorded…

Vatican Spends 90% of Donations for the Poor On Itself

by Mish Shedlock, The Maven:

Thinking of donating money to the Vatican to feed the poor? You may wish to reconsider.

Christian Revival Necessary To Save Europe, Says Hungary’s Viktor Orban

by Kris Malysz, Big League Politics:

The only way for Europe to be saved is if it returns “to the source of its real values: its Christian identity,” declared Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban a few days ago.

He made the statement during his speech at the second International Conference on Christian Persecution, held in Budapest from the 26th to the 28th.

Speaking in reverent terms, Orban delved into his nation’s history to argue that their conversion to Christianity was the “the key to our survival,” and that “this legacy obliges us to protect Christian communities persecuted across the world as far as we are able.”

France Bans Nativity Scene from Pubic Property


by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

France has banned the display of any Nativity scenes from public property which has many French quite upset that because of the large Muslim population, the very culture of France has been changed. It is interesting that normally people migrate because they want to be part of that culture. That has not been the case in Europe.

Even Muslims I know who grew up in Europe before these refugees are upset. They had no problem with Western law. This was never part of their goals either. You cannot enter a foreign country and demand they change everything to comply with what you were use to back home.

Report: Pope Francis Uses Charity Fund to Paper Over Scandal-Plagued Vatican on Verge of Bankruptcy

by Shane Trejo, Big League Politics:

The Vatican’s fiscal woes are hurting the needy.

Donations collected by Roman Catholics for the poor are being funneled to a cash-strapped Vatican that has spent itself into near insolvency, according to a report published by the Wall Street Journal.

Pope Francis’ charitable fund for the poor, which is called Peter’s Pence, is being pilfered to paper over the Vatican’s budget woes. As little as 10 percent of the money is being spent on actually helping the needy while about two-thirds are being used to keep the Vatican afloat, the report claims.

The Intellectual Dark Web’s End Game: World Government And The Death of Christianity

by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

The Intellectual Dark Web are finally codifying what they truly believe in: liberalism, multiculturalism, LGBTQism, world government and the death of Christianity.

Their brand of “tolerant conservatism” is “relentlessly civil” liberalism.