Monday, January 20, 2020


from SGTreport:

Eric Gajewski, the founder of TradCatKnight joins me to discuss the Vatican NWO agenda, and Pope Francis’ pedophile coverup as he absolves more than 2,000 pedo Priests of their heinous crimes. We also cover prophecy, the plan for a one world religion, the role of Israel and the emergence of an anti-Christ figure in the near future.


from InfoWars:

Satanic elite fear Christians more than any group

Alex Jones breaks down why globalists want to destroy Christendom across the world and divide the human population.

Archbishop Accuses Pope of Sex Abuse Cover Up, Reportedly Flees Country Citing Threats to His Life

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

The archbishop who exposed the pope for allegedly covering up sex abuse in the church has reportedly gone into hiding, noting that he fears his life is in danger.

As TFTP reported earlier this week, a former Vatican diplomat released a historical 11-page testament accusing the catholic church — up to and including the pope — of not only failing to act on the child abuse scandal, but also being complicit in covering it up. Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano wrote in a letter that Pope Francis knew of the allegations for years and did nothing to stop it. Now, it has been reported that Vigano has been forced into “hiding” because he is in fear of his life.

Who is Pope Francis? Jorge Mario Bergoglio and Argentina’s “Dirty War”

by Prof Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research:

From the inception of his Vatican mandate in March 2013 until the recent sex scandal revelations in early 2018, Pope Francis has been portrayed by the Western media and the international community as a left leaning champion of “Liberation Theology” committed to World peace and global poverty alleviation.

Pope Francis is now accused of coverup, corruption and camouflage.

The former Apostolic Nuncio to the U.S. Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò  has intimated in an eleven page Testimony that Pope Francis  was involved (from the outset of his papacy in March 2013) in the coverup of sex abuse allegations against former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. Vigano says that Pope Francis should step down from the papacy.

The Fall of Rome

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

When the disgraced Richard Nixon was forced to resign his Presidency, or face certain impeachment, the country did not fall apart!  The Republican party did not go away. A few corrupt leaders were disgraced. Some went to prison and some lost their positions. The same can be said for this Pope. His Papacy is a disgrace to all Catholics worldwide. However, it does not mean that the Catholic church has to go into severe decline. Yet, it is the Christian duty of every Catholic to hold their clergy accountable and demand justice in the name of the victims. Short of a severe purge of the Catholic leadership in this matter, justice cannot be served. To sit by on the sideline and merely be a spectator is give to give implicit support for these illegal acts of sexual abuse and even murder. Silence makes every Catholic an accomplice. And make no mistake about it, this Pope is the Hillary Clinton of the Catholic church!

Pope Francis Won’t Confirm Or Deny Ex-Ambassador’s Allegations That He Covered Up For McCarrick


by Hank Berrien, Daily Wire:

Just before midnight on Sunday in Ireland, AP reported that Pope Francis declined to confirm or deny claims by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano that he informed Francis in 2013 about sexual misconduct allegations against ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.

Archbishop Claims Pope Long Knew of U.S. Cardinal’s Abuses

from True Pundit:

On a day when Pope Francis begged “the Lord’s forgiveness” at a shrine in Ireland for the clerical sex abuse scandals that threaten his church, a former top-ranking Vatican official alleged that Francis himself knew about the abuses of a now-disgraced American prelate years before they became public.

The bombshell accusation, leveled by Carlo Maria Viganò, the Vatican’s top diplomat in the United States between 2011 and 2016 and a staunch critic of Francis, immediately threatened to derail the pope’s already difficult mission to demonstrate his commitment to combating the cover-up of sexual abuse.

Instead, Francis and several other top-ranking Vatican officials were now accused of being part of the cover-ups as Archbishop Viganò called for their resignations.

WATCH: Shapiro Slams Critics Of Pence’s Christianity: ‘There’s A Baseline Level Of Hatred For Christians On The Cultural Left’

by Hank Berrien, Daily Wire:

Speaking with Fox News Host Shannon Bream Thursday night, Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro ripped leftists who have targeted Vice President Mike Pence for his Christian faith, saying, “There’s a baseline level of hatred for Christians, on the cultural Left.”

Bream began by citing an op-ed from late July in The New York Times by Frank Bruni, who wrote, “There are problems with impeaching Donald Trump. A big one is the holy terror waiting in the wings. That would be Mike Pence, who mirrors the boss more than you realize. He’s also self-infatuated. Also a bigot. Also a liar. Also cruel.”

Pope Lectured Trump On Family Separation, But Silent On Priest Child Molestation Report

by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

Just last month, Pope Francis lectured President Donald Trump for separating children from their criminal parents (and random child-abusing drug smugglers posing as their “parents”) caught illegal entering America at the border.

From CNN on June 20, “Pope criticizes Trump administration over migrant family separations”:

Pope Francis has added his voice to those criticizing the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy that has resulted in the separation of families at the Mexican border.

Europe Is Undergoing a Conservative Christian Revival – and the Media Aren’t Telling You About It

by Dr. Stephen Turley, via Lew Rockwell:

It’s not just Russia – its the whole continent

Another interesting video from Dr. Stephen Turley.

We came across Turley recently and find him interesting because his basic argument is that there is a worldwide turn to conservative values, traditionalism, and nationalism, in the US, Eastern Europe, the EU, Russia, the Middle East, Africa, South America, in fact, all continents, and that this change is being driven by the loosening of the liberal, globalist grip on information flow due to technology. You can see all his articles on RI here.

The pope recognises the rights of immigrants at the expense of European civilisation


from Voice Of Europe:

Journalist and writer, Mauro Mazza, said in an interview with Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, that pope Francis doesn’t defend European values.

“It irritates me that during the influx of mainly Muslim refugees he doesn’t have an eye for the defence of European values. The reception of immigrants may not be at the expense of our European identity, our values and standards,” the author of the book ‘Bergoglio and Prejudice’ says.

Mazza adds that “Pope Francis recognises the rights of immigrants at the expense of our own civilisation. That is not your own cheek to turn, that is away from your own principles.”


by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

I’ve been writing off and on on this site, and in one of my books (The Third Way), about my concerns about CERN and its Large Hadron Collider. My “scenario” of wild high octane speculation with respect to the organization and its multi-billion dollar toy has been two-fold (1) that the collider is as much about higher dimensional physics as it is about particle physics, and that as such, it might introduce effects in the planet itself, or possibly even the Sun, through hitherto unknown resonance effects, and (2) that if it was intentionally, though covertly, exploring such effects, that it would have to have, by dint of the case, a massive computing power to do “data correlations” of collider activity with seemingly non-related events: solar activity. terrestrial magnetosphere behavior, even aspects of aggregate human behavior like markets and so on.


by Geoffrey Grinder, Now The End Begins:

Pope Francis on Saturday accepted the resignation as a cardinal of Theodore McCarrick, the former archbishop of Washington, D.C. and one of the U.S. Catholic Church’s most prominent figures, who has been at the center of allegations of sex abuse with minors and young seminarians.

Priests in the Catholic Church are not all homosexuals and pedophiles, now nuns from across the world are coming forward to recount horrific stories of sexual abuse by priests and other Catholic clergy. This news comes as Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, accused of sexual acts with both children and young seminarians, has become the first to lose his ‘red hat’ in modern times.