Tuesday, October 26, 2021

REALIST NEWS – QAnon – IT’S GETTING GOOD!! Democratic House coming down!


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John McAfee’s Official Instagram Posted Cryptic Message After He Died

from The Mind Unleashed:

Following the news that McAfee died of apparent suicide in a Spanish prison, his official Instagram account posted a cryptic message.

Following the news that controversial software tycoon John McAfee died of apparent suicide in a Spanish prison on Wednesday evening, his official Instagram account posted a cryptic message: a black letter “Q” against a white background.

Qanon February 5, 2020 – Who Are the Real Racists?

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Q Decode NXIVM – What MSM isn’t Reporting

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Biden’s New Budget Plan Means Trump-Era Mega Spending Will Continue

by Ryan McMaken, Mises Institute:

The reality of federal spending under Donald Trump did much to put to rest the obviously wrong and long-disproved notion that Republicans are the political party of “fiscal responsibility.” With George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan, it was pretty much “full speed ahead” as far as federal spending was concerned. Under George W. Bush, some of the biggest budget-busting years were those during which the Republicans also controlled Congress.

Trump, of course, carried the GOP’s spendthrift tradition far beyond any old levels in dramatic fashion, calling for untrammeled deficit spending, money printing, and a series of multitrillion-dollar bailout and “stimulus” packages.