Tuesday, December 11, 2018

LISTEN: Q 11.26.18 – President Trump Has the Authority to Secure the Border

from And We Know:


Trump, JFK, and the Deep State: Part Q

by Jack Ravenwood, Unz:

We are now at year 55 since the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963. This defining event of the Baby Boomer generation still looms large over the American nation, ever finding new ways to stay relevant to contemporary events.

There have been two significant developments during the Trump presidency. First was Trump’s tweet in October 2017 saying that he would declassify all the remaining JFK files that the government is still withholding. I and many others who are interested in the JFK investigation were hopeful that this would happen, as I wrote in March of that year. While Trump’s supporters cheered and took it as further confirmation of Trump’s anti-establishment bona fides, the claim unfortunately turned out to be false. More than 15,000 records remain withheld, including some of the most important records that researchers have been waiting for, such as those on CIA man George Joannides.

DARK TO LIGHT: Exposing the 2018 Mid Term Elections

from SGTreport:
412 Anon and Spectre join me to discuss the blatantly corrupt 2018 mid term elections which brought the American people voter and election fraud from sea to shining sea.



from SGTreport:

The second half of this important update may shock some of you to your core. The “camp fire” in California, like the Sebastopoll and Santa Rosa wildfires that came before it appears to have the hallmarks of something far more sinister than what is being reported by the mainstream media. Q is right, the enemy is at the front door and UN Agenda 21 is but one of his deadly weapons.


Your Frustration is THEIR TORMENT! #MercenaryPropagandists like @Travis_View @rothschildmd @WillSommer @JaredlHolt @jordanuhl WILL FAIL! #NewQ

from Neon Revolt:

I’ll be honest: I wasn’t sure how to begin this article.

I went back and forth for a few days; wrote a few thousand words up and and then tossed it because, somehow, I wasn’t getting to the heart of what I was trying to communicate.

I think it’s safe to say almost all #QPatriots have been experiencing a lot of frustration over the past week or so, in the wake of the Midterms and 11/11.

It’s beyond frustration, actually. It’s moved into the territory of despair, as we watch those who hate us – who wish nothing but death and destruction upon our heads – seemingly succeeding across multiple domains simultaneously. Elections are being stolen. California is burning. And where is Q in all of this?!


from SGTreport:

Thomas Paine from TruePundit.com joins me to break down all of the latest breaking news, from Sessions, to the latest mass shooting this time in California, to Q. Buckle up, this is a good one.


Sheep No More! Crushing Evil with #NewQ!

from Neon Revolt:

Well, if you’re back, I’m guessing the Midterms didn’t scare you off. That’s good! Because things are not slowing down one iota, and there’s so much to talk about.

If you’re following the news, you know of the #VoterFraud situation in Florida, in Arizona, and, increasingly, in California – but this is most evident down in Broward County, where the entire election process has just gone off the rails. And it’s put the media in a funny position, because the only thing they can do is wax philosophic about “counting everyone’s vote,” even as Gillum and Steyer’s minions work overtime to try and skew the final tally in favor of #TheCabal.


from SGTreport:

You follow the REAL news. So you understand who the powers are who are targeting our President. Hollywood insider and filmmaker John Barbour explains that these are the SAME EXACT powers who targeted and assassinated John F. Kennedy. The names may have changed, but the powers behind the throne remain. And President Trump is aligned against them. God save the President.

REALIST NEWS – More Q Updates – It is getting exciting – Popcorn is on standby

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A Liar’s Legacy. “#RapeEnabler” @noahoppenheim’s #AttackPoodle, Ben Collins Targets American Patriots for Mockery & Derision. #FakeNews? #QAnon

from Neon Revolt:

So, for those not in the loop, Noah Oppenheim’s #AttackPoodle, Ben Collins, is the unfortunate pleb who has been tasked with dishing out serving after serving of sycophantic hit-pieces on #QAnon to the general public for the past few months. He takes the facts, boils them in snake fat, mixes it with herpes, and serves the resulting mutagenic slurry to the “feeders,” hoping they’ll gulp down his sorry messaging without protest or remorse.

The effort has produced such transparent #LegacyMedia “gems” as this:

Say Hello to #MrClean. NOTHING Will Stop What Is Coming, from Sea to Shining Sea! #NewQ

Make no mistake: ALL roads here lead to the utter ruination of #TheCabal.

from Neon Revolt:

I wish the shills would make up their minds.

One day, I’m a pied piper leading people away from Q.

The very next, I’m a pied piper leading them towards that silly LARP known as Q…

But it’s amazing how quickly they change their tune, no? Why, it’s almost like they’re no consistency at all, from one day to the next!


from SGTreport:

Q recently wrote: “WE, THE PEOPLE. SAVE THE REPUBLIC. WILL YOU ANSWER THE CALL? VOTE. VOTE. VOTE.” The global “insurgency” against the globalist new world order agenda is growing and spreading with each passing day, and it has the enemies of our freedoms absolutely petrified. “These people are committed to an evil that is mostly unseen” says Harley Schlanger, yet it is that very evil which will be their undoing. And very soon, real justice will be served upon the REAl criminals and enemies of humanity. VOTE. #RedWave #WWG1WGA