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Father of Princess Diana’s death crash driver Henri Paul claims British police told him she was murdered and his son was ‘collateral damage’


by Thomas Burrows, The Daily Mail:

The father of Henri Paul, Princess Diana‘s driver on the night she died, has claimed UK police told him she was murdered.

Henri’s elderly father Jean, 85, fears he will die without knowing the full story behind the crash. 

Mr Paul, the acting head of security at the Ritz Hotel in Paris, was at the wheel of the Mercedes which crashed in the Alma Tunnel in the early hours of August 31, 1997 with Diana and Dodi Al Fayed in the back. 

He said: ‘Diana was killed and my son was killed. I believe they were both murdered. My son was simply ­collateral damage of a plot to kill Diana and they killed him as well.

‘I am 100{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} sure he [Henri] was not involved in this plot. He was too honourable and too honest.’

Despite an official inquest ruling Diana and Dodi were unlawfully killed due to the ‘gross negligence’ of Mr Paul, who had been drinking, Jean remains convinced it was part of an Establishment plot.

He even claimed some officers inside Scotland Yard believe there was a secret plot to kill Diana.

In an interview with the Daily Mirror he said: ‘I have no real hope to know what really happened. Perhaps it will be known in 30 or 50 years. But I would really like to know before I die. But I don’t think it will happen.’ 

The 85-year-old even sensationally suggested his son’s blood sample was switched or tampered with to make it look like he had drink in his system.

He said: ‘On that day there were over 20 autopsies that took place and it was easy for the authorities to switch blood samples to show alcohol was present in the sample they said was Henri’s.

‘That is what I believe happened.’

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The Seth Rich Murder Mystery Is Very Close to being Solved

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

As late as yesterday, I felt as if I have a tiger by the tail and that tiger could turn back on me. As I began making the rounds, over the past two days, he more people (e.g. FBI, State Department and several Independent Media). A very clear andI thought, at the time, a very dangerous scenario was beginning to emerge. Knowing what happened to Breitbart and Hastings, I became almost paranoid, but I was certainly hyper-vigilant.

Over the past 48 hours, my fears diminished as it turned out, there were several others who knew what I knew and the details are flowing in by the moment. The Seth Rich case is ready for serious investigation followed by an honest, fact-based prosecution. Several people have elements of the same information and their sources are differential so I am confident that they are not repeating the same rumor

Who Is Gucifer 2.0?

Although I am now hearing that the infamous Guccifer was an Obama-connected, DNC operative from very private sources, the Still Report, is reporting the same thing.

I was told by a deep-cover source that Gufficer was the artificial creation of Podesta operatives designed to take attention away from the damage that was done by the Seth Rich leak. I am in agreement with Seymour Hirsch that the original contact between Seth Rich and Wikileaks was only introductory and centered around proving authenticity and arriving at a price.

Everyone I agree with believes that the original emails sent by Rich were motivated by revenge against Clinton stealing the primary election in as many as 16 different states and Rich wanted to get paid for his efforts.

Was Seth Rich correct? Did Hillary Clinton steal the Democratic Primary?

It almost seems that the details about the murder of Seth Rich are being filled in by the moment as more facts are coming to light all around

A 2016 Stanford study post-Democratic primary report, strongly indicated which only use electronic voting machines give Hillary a 9{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} advance over Sanders in the Democratic Primary. The pattern was too consistent to be due to random chance.

The Stanford study demonstrated that pre-election polls accurately predicted election results when a paper ballot was used. However, whenn unaccountable electronic voting machines were used, with no confirming paper trial, Clinton exceeded expectations by 9{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528}.  When one runs the odds on this being due to random chance, the odds are nearly incalculable.

What adds fuel to this fire is that the two major manufacturers of the voting machines,  Dominion Voting and H.I.G. Capital, are large Clinton campaign supporters. I remember reading something about the fact that it is illegal to engage in such a flagrant conflict of interest.

The criminality oozing out Clinton, never stops. Here is a 3 minute, concise, summation of Clinton got away with voter fraud against Bernie Sanders and how, it was predicted at the time, that she would do it to Donald Trump which she did because we are now seeing estimates that as many as 20 million illegal votes were cast (e.g. illegal aliens, Democrats voting multiple times in adjacent states, etc.). The evidence is so convincing, it is easy to see that Clinton actually lost her own primary election and probably lost to Trump by at least 12-15 million popular votes.

Stunning Revelations About Gucifer 2.o

New information is surfacing which shows that Gucifer 2.0 is the DNC and the source of trying to frame the Russians for collusion in the 2016 election.

It is important to establish a timeline. However, before presenting these criminal events in sequence, it is important to note that to date, no FBI investigation was ever conducted by the FBI until an Assistant Federal District Attorney. Assistant DA, Beranton J. Whisenant Jr.,  was found murdered, killed by blunt force trauma from behind.

The federal prosecutor was murdered in Wasserman Schultz’s district and would you care to speculate what he was investigating?

Another Set Rich style murder? Whisenant Jr., was looking into the DNC emails connected to voter fraud. Coincidentally, or not, the murder took place in Wasserman Schultz congressional district. Even Federal employees are not safe from these people.

Please ask yourself a question, does this event, alone, not deserve intense law enforcement and major media attention. A federal prosecutor has been murdered who was looking into DNC emails connected to voter fraud and this is layered on top of the Seth Rich murder.

The Timeline

Whoever claimed to be Gucifer 2.0 is more than likely Warren Flood, a former DNC and White House employee. The Microsoft software and subsequent release of information on the DNC data dump to Wikileaks claiming the Russians hacked the election and Trump was involved actually registered to Flood.

In his Congressional testimony, James Comey admitted that the FBI did not look at original DNC emails and server. Wouldn’t any competent investigator had started with this evidence? Comey could not look but Wishehunt did look and he was murdered. Comey left that little detail out of his Congressional testimony.

We know that the DNC farmed out the management of the DNC servers to a company called Crowdstrike. Crowdstrike is the source of the Russian collusion allegations, most of which has been proven to be false. Flood was involved with both Crowdstrike and the DNC.

Seth Rich was murdered on July 10, 2017 and all his valuables were still on him.

On July 14th, the DNC announced it had been hacked and the Washington Post wrote a cover story attempting to validate the story with unnamed sources.

On July 24, 2017, Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigns as DNC Chair. She shared the same server as “leaker” Seth Rich. She took the fall for the leaks.

One of John Podesta’s favorite comments of intimidation is to “make an example of ….”.   He reportedly said the same with regard to the DNC leaks. Podesta cannot have it both ways. Crowdstrike went on the record and said the Wikileaks email leaks came from the Russians. How would Podesta make an example out of the Russians? That is a silly interpretation. Podesta is clearly referring to an individual and that person, I believe, was Seth Rich.

Another figure enters the equation at this time and it is DNC chief researcher, Lauren Dillon. Dillon had access to all of the servers of the DNC. From speaking with several sources, I believe it is likely, and should be investigated, the Dillon coordinated a second data dump to Wikileaks with misleading information to take Assange off of the trail of Seth Rich. Many I have spoken with tell me that they believe that Gucifer and Crowdstrike were used to circulate the false Russian narrative to take attention away from the Seth Rich murder. Lauren Dillon’s name appears in some of the Wikileaks emails. This is explored in more detail in the last video presented in this article.

In late July of 2017, the Awan brothers are implicated in the destruction of subpoenaed emails (obstruction of justice), and the destruction of hard drives on possibly other pertinent material (aiding and abetting as well obstruction). the Awan brothers were paid millions in taxpayer money and remained on Wasserman Schultzs’ payroll until the arrest. Does this implicate Wasserman Schultz as a conspirator to commit obstruction as well as aiding and abetting? As previously covered on The Common Sense Show, Debbie Wasserman Schultz brother, Steve Wasserman killed the Seth Rich murder investigation. Wasserman Schultz’s  brother is also in charge of investigating and possibly prosecuting Awan. Talk about the fox watching the hen house!

This is one big mafia, criminal enterprise that needs full exposure for all to see. Before we have any chance of reclaiming our Republic, we need to educate the ignorant on the nature of the mafia that is running large segments of our government.

Murder On the Orient Express

Do you feel like you are reading a political version of Murder on the Orient express? Unlike the movie, there are multiple suspects that fit into a pattern of criminality resulting in the murder of Seth Rich and the subsequent cover up.

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Audio Reveals Seymour Hersh Alleging Seth Rich Was Wikileaks Source

by Elizabeth Vos, Disobedient Media:

Cassandra Fairbanks of Big League Politics released audio today revealing journalist Seymour Hersh had stated that Seth Rich provided the DNC emails to Wikileaks. The stunning audio files also appear to contradict claims made by private investigator Rod Wheeler in a defamation suit filed today against Fox News stemming from allegedly false quotation in their report on the investigation of Rich’s death. Media furor surrounding this case has centered on both the dismissal of Rich as a source for Wikileaks, and allegations that the Trump White House had “concocted” the story with Fox News. However, statements made by Wheeler and Hersh in a second audio file appear to undermine claims made in Wheeler’s suit, with Hersh’s statement going even further by directly stating that Seth Rich had been the source of Wikileaks DNC emails.

The first audio clip published by Fairbanks earlier today revealed Rod Wheeler discussing his investigation into Rich’s death. The conversation includes allusions to Rich’s brother, stating that Aaron Rich stalled the investigation into Seth’s potential connection to Wikileaks. The audio released by Big League Politics is particularly relevant to the statements Wheeler made to Fox News which were quoted in their controversial article published in May. Dispute over this citation serves as the basis for a defamation suit Wheeler initiated against Fox today.

Wheeler had been employed by Seth Rich’s family as a private investigator in order to investigate Rich’s unsolved murder. Wheeler’s suit claims that the Trump administration coordinated with Fox, and that the company had ‘invented’ quotes from him. The explosive allegations made by Wheeler caused a firestorm in the mainstream media.

The second audio clip appears especially significant as it depicts Seymour Hersh alleging that Seth Rich had kept DNC emails in a protected drop box, which was eventually accessed by Wikileaks. He can also be heard calling former CIA Director John Brennan an “a**hole.” Big League Politics also noted that Hersh cited an FBI document and an NSA report in alleging these details.

Disobedient Media spoke with Charles Grapski, a legal and political theorist who serves as Director of the Open Records Project and the Director of the Fair Elections Initiative. He told us that he believed Wheeler’s defamation claims were weak, with misquotation being an unstable basis to prove defamation of character had occurred.

No false statement was actively made about Wheeler in the original Fox story, but instead refers to incorrect attribution made in Wheeler’s suit. It also appears that many statements in the complaint could be based on hearsay. The civil rights claim added to allegations of defamation are especially bizarre considering that it indicates Fox News should have hired Wheeler as an employee; while simultaneously claiming Fox had defamed him. Grapski stated via Twitter that the newly published audio had undermined Wheeler’s defamation claim. A Federal civil rights claim would also allow Wheeler to collect his attorney’s fees from the defendants.

Escalating media furor in the wake of Wheeler’s suit has labelled Seth Rich’s possible association with Wikileaks to be “baseless.” These conclusions were to some extent counteracted by the audio published by Fairbanks which appears to contradict his claims against Fox to some extent. If the audio clips had not been released, the media firestorm regarding Wheeler’s suit may have effectively replaced the discredited Russian hacking narrative as a focus of legacy media deflection from allegations of severe corruption within the Democratic party.

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Report: Seth Rich was partying with Imran Awan the night he was murdered

from Alex Thomas, Intellihub

Rich may have been with disgraced Democratic IT staffer the night of his murder

The former IT staffer for Debbie Wasserman Schultz who was recently arrested trying to flee the country was with Seth Rich the night he was murdered, according to long-time Trump ally Roger Stone.

Despite the mainstream media refusing to even acknowledge the possibility that Rich was murdered in connection to leaks, numerous credible sources have documented a series of questions surrounding his murder and the possibility that it was connected to his work for the Democratic National Committee.

As Infowars reported, “Rich was murdered in an upscale area of Washington DC on July 10 last year but the killer or killers did not steal anything from the victim, rendering the police’s explanation that the incident was a robbery gone wrong doubtful.”

Just days ago, private investigation Rod Wheeler implied in a Tweet that there was a connection between Imran Awan and Rich and now Trump confidante Roger Stone has revealed that he too believes in the connection.

Another important fact about the case is that so far, Wasserman Schultz is still withholding evidence from Capitol Police that could help them solve the Awan case. Remember Schultz was also said to have attended a vigil for Rich shortly after his murder.

“Former DNC chairwoman and close Hillary Clinton ally Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is still blocking access to a computer seized as part of a massive cybersecurity investigation despite the fact that the target of the investigation was just arrested by the FBI as he attempted to flee the country,” Intellihub News reported.

“According to a report from The Daily Caller, Imran Awan was arrested at Dulles International Airport in Virginia after he used a House office building to wire $283,000 from the Congressional Federal Credit Union to two individuals in Pakistan. Amazingly, not only did credit union officials allow the wire to go through despite the active investigation, U.S. Customer and Border Protection also let his wife flee to Pakistan in March despite the fact that she had $12,000 in cash hidden in her suitcase.”

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Breaking: Wasserman Schultz Is the Key to Putting Hillary In Prison

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show

I have called her the next Hillary Clinton. Already the trail of bodies is beginning to accumulate along with her penchant for the obfuscation of the truth and obstruction of justice. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is ready to crash and burn because she does not have all the mafia-style protections that Hillary Clinton has amassed since the her ddays connected Mena cartel Arkanside days. The noose is tightening and it is only a matter of time until this Hillary Clinton style upstart crashes and burns.

Before getting into the two latest stunning developments connected to Wasserman Schultz, let’s take a look at recent history in order to gain some perspective.

DNC Chair

When Wasserman Schultz was the head of the DNC, the organization was filled with intrigue and mayhem. A number of Democrats, mostly Bernie Sanders supporters, have banded together and filed a law suit against the DNC and Wasserman Schultz for voter fraud and other consumer fraud issues. It is clear to most that Wasserman Schultz was part of the Democratic Primary Election fraud in concert with the now infamous George Soros tainted voting machines and this is the very least of her transgressions.

The chair of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, has announced her resignation on the eve of the party’s convention, dealing a blow to hopes of demonstrating unity in the face of the threat from Donald Trump. Schultz said she would step down after the convention. She has been forced to step aside after a leak of internal DNC emails showed officials actively favoring Hillary Clinton during the presidential primary and plotting against Clinton’s rival, Bernie Sanders. In other words, she helped to facillitate the voter fraud and the leaked emails, falsely blamed on the Russians, we in support of this allegation.

Seth Rich Murder

Wasserman Schultz is at the center of the Seth Rich murder. As previously covered onThe Common Sense Show, Wasserman Schultz was clearly linked in the email leaks by Rich to Wikileaks. How do we know this? Because she and Rich were on the same server. It would have been impossible for her not to know what Rich was doing. And when John Podesta stated, “let’s make an example of the leaker” and two days later Rich was dead, Podesta needed distance. So, Wasserman Schultz was served up as the sacrifice. However, her complicity does not stop here. She was involved in the cover-up of Rich’s murder.

Mainstream Media Goes Tinfoil In Timely Conspiracy Theory — Russia Killed JFK

by Matt Agorist, Activist Post

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” — George Orwell

Shortly after noon on November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated as he rode in a motorcade through Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas, Texas. It’s been over 53 years since the assassination. Since that fateful November day, conspiracy theories have abounded. Now, however, there is a new one and it is being pushed by the mainstream media — Russia killed JFK.

As if the entirely baseless Russiagate conspiracy theory wasn’t ridiculous enough, mainstream media is now running with the narrative that Russia could’ve been behind the assassination of JFK.

The off-the-cuff conspiracy theory piece by Newsweek this week centers the story on KGB defector Yuri Nosenko and it asks, “Did Russia Kill a US President”? It was also picked up by USA Today and AOL and attempts to infer that despite Kennedy’s de-escalation of the Cuban missile crisis and the fact that he made peace with Soviet Russia at the time, the Russians did it.

It is important to note that Russia, during the 1960s was a volatile regime and certainly could’ve had the resources and means to take out JFK. However, Kennedy — because of his foreign policy — was an asset to the Russians as he urged Americans to reexamine Cold War stereotypes and myths and called for a strategy of peace that would make the world safe for diversity.

He also established a “hotline” between the Kremlin and the White House and signed the Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty with Russia on July 25, 1963. By all standards, Kennedy was a necessary and beneficial force for the USSR in the United States.

Nosenko was accused by the CIA of attempting to shield information about a Soviet plot to kill JFK. The CIA then held Nosenko for three years to determine if this was real.

Nosenko admitted to the CIA that during Lee Harvey Oswald’s now infamous trip to Russia that he was put under surveillance. However, he explicitly noted that Oswald was not recruited by the KGB to kill JFK.

For three years, Nosenko was held captive by the CIA. He was tortured and kept in solitary confinement. The CIA also forcibly dosed him with LSD to the point that it nearly killed him, according to his testimony featured in a 1991 PBS Frontline documentary.

However, even after torturing the man for 3 years, the CIA still couldn’t produce any evidence to hold him. He was exonerated in 1969.

While the mainstream media continues to spin up conspiracy theories about Russia, they tend to ignore that fact that in 2015, the CIA quietly declassified a report showing that former CIA director John McCone himself was complicit in withholding information regarding the assassination — a de facto conspiracy.

As Politico noted, according to the report by CIA historian David Robarge, McCone, who died in 1991, was at the heart of a “benign cover-up” at the spy agency, intended to keep the commission focused on “what the Agency believed at the time was the ‘best truth’—that Lee Harvey Oswald, for as yet undetermined motives, had acted alone in killing John Kennedy.” The most important information that McCone withheld from the commission in its 1964 investigation, the report found, was the existence, for years, of CIA plots to assassinate Castro, some of which put the CIA in cahoots with the Mafia. Without this information, the commission never even knew to ask the question of whether Oswald had accomplices in Cuba or elsewhere who wanted Kennedy dead in retaliation for the Castro plots.

News of the Investigation into the Murder of Kim Jong-nam

by Konstantin Asmolov, New Eastern Outlook: Not so long ago, we looked into the high-profile story of the assassination attempt on the leader of the DPRK. Now, however, we will return our focus to the case of the attempt on the other Kim. The news surrounding the investigation is indeed interesting.

The actual investigation has been going on since May 30, 2017, with the hearings being held at the Supreme Court because the lower courts do not have the right to try homicide cases. The media has still not been given the go-ahead to publish any details. We are therefore left with no choice but use non-official sources to find out exactly what is happening.

As of now, only two of the murder suspects have been detained (a 25-year-old Indonesian citizen Siti Aisyah and a 28-year-old Vietnamese Doan Thi Huong), whose defense has been chosen a very obvious and typical tactic. According to them, the girls were victims of deception and provocation, and sincerely thought they were participating in a prank. All blame has been placed on the “mysterious North Koreans”, who are not present to defend themselves. North Koreans are once more assigned their all-too-familiar role of the Bogeyman

The positions that the lawyers are taking can be understood, since, if found guilty, their defendants are awaiting the death penalty by hanging. In fact, Siti Aisyah has even written her family a letter saying that everything was under control, that they should not worry, and she was fine. She assured them that she had many people on her side helping her, including the Embassy.

However, all is not as rosy as it sounds. There are indeed reports that the investigation requested evidence to prove that the girls had practiced the prank in the halls of the airport several times prior to the incident. And it seems that no such records have been retrieved yet. In theory, however, these records could reflect not only the preparation and processing of the operation, but also those who acted as its directors. In this case, their images could be compared to portraits of North Korean citizens whom the enemies of Pyongyang believe are the organizers and perpetrators of the assassination. However, as counsel for the Indonesian party Gooi Soong Seng stated, “The investigation has so far failed to provide documents critical to the defence“, and it is not known whether the records were actually seized by the police or someone else.

The situation with what the deceased was poisoned with is not clear. There has been evidence of the use of VX. The OPCW has never submitted, and moreover, Mr. Gooi stated that he was seeking the assistance of foreign experts in order to gain access to evidence concerning the use of the alleged VX murder weapon. He said that some of the documents and materials would be sent to Denmark or other countries to confirm that VX was used for the murder. This is a pretty important point, because earlier, after the investigation had declared the type of poison used, this was not questioned, although the author’s respondents immediately said that it could be a VX-based poison, not a classical weapon of mass destruction that would have killed more than one victim.

It is also known that the DPRK embassy hired lawyer Dzhagit Singh, known, by the way, for his protection of some local criminals. At the briefing, he stated that he had worked with Northerners since March 2, 2017, and had helped three suspects return home. This mediation did not dovetail with the South Korean narrative of the hostages.

It has also been confirmed that the deceased had a diplomatic passport in the name of a citizen of the DPRK Kim Chol, which is very important: if the brother of the North Korean leader were “the most high-ranking dissident”, he would not have kept his diplomatic passport. Coupled with that, four large bundles of USD100 dollar bills were found in his luggage, totaling USD120,000, which Kim was not going to declare using his diplomatic immunity.

The origin of this money was the cause for a sensational article published in the Japanese newspaper the Asahi Shimbun. Referring to sources in the investigative bodies of Malaysia, the Asahi alleges that four days prior to his death, he met a man who was considered an agent of the CIA, and the 120 thousand dollars were probably paid for some of the information transmitted, for which he was killed.

The chronology of events looks like this. On February 6, Kim arrived in Kuala Lumpur from Macau, alone and carrying one bag. This was recorded by surveillance cameras. On February 8, Kim departed for the resort island of Langkawi, not telling anyone about it (thus elegantly clearing up the question of who else was contacted by the deceased before the incident).

On February 9, the hotel cameras recorded him meeting with an American of Korean origin living in Bangkok. The Asahi claims that this person (a) arrived in Malaysia on the same day as Kim; (b) met with Kim and earlier; () “has links” with the CIA (the wording is very broad and may not refer to the agent itself); (d) left the country on the same day as Kim. Two people talked for about an hour, and an analysis of Kim’s computer revealed that a flash drive was inserted into it, from which the journalists concluded that there was information on it that he could not communicate orally.

The investigation into the assassination of Kim Jong-nam has revealed the extent to which Malaysia was a transit point for North Korean exports, including the military. The biggest scandal involved the Glocom Company, which sold communications equipment for “military and paramilitary” organizations. According to Reuters, with reference to a report submitted by the UN Security Council, there is no company in Malaysia under this name. However, two Malaysian firms controlled by the DPRK investors apparently registered at the Glocom website in 2009. Reuters claims that North Korea bought cheap electronics in Hong Kong and then converted them into military radio stations that were sold to developing countries for USD 8,000 per piece; that the firm behind this is Pan Systems Pyongyang, which is managed by the intelligence structures of North Korea and runs a network of front companies and agents in Malaysia, Singapore and China. As a result, two firms associated with the Glocom Company were subsequently closed.

Another prominent story is related to the acquisition by Australia of a series of border patrol boats, which were also formally Malayan: however, an open source study revealed that Kay Marine Sdn Bhd traded North Korean warships, selling both border guard boats and mini-submarines.

In this context, the money found among Kim’s items could well have been black cash for the grey activities of North Korean companies, and the deceased’s trips to Malaysia could have been associated with the inspection of the business.

That is why one of the murder-related hypotheses is that its purpose was to open up and close down this source of foreign exchange earnings that is so important for the DPRK. And while we do not know the details of Kim Jong-nam’s trip, the other version is actually equivocate. Why would it not be imagined that the CIA (if the deceased did communicate with its representatives) demanded some information from Kim, and then proceeded to kill him when he refused to hand it over?

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Why is the Queen Funding The Clinton Crime Syndicate? Wet Works… Eugenics… Or Both?

Update/Correction: The original sources that reported the entire $241.5 million was going to the Clinton Foundation have amended that figure to $20 million to TCF. It’s still $20 million too much.
by SGT, SGT Report:

Enemies of the Clintons are mysteriously dying at a faster rate than ever before. And as far as the decades long Clinton body count goes, that’s saying a LOT.

Meanwhile, since Hilary had her corrupt NWO ass handed to her by the American people in the election, the pay-for-play donations to the Clinton Foundation which financial researcher Charles Ortel has called “the most corrupt foundation in the world”, have dried up.

So who’s going to pay for all of the wet works as the bodies keep piling up? Enter Queen Elizabeth, who via her puppet Justin Trudeau, just approved a $241.5 MILLION $20 MILLION donation to the Clinton crime syndicate (the remaining $221.5 MILLION is earmarked various global eugenics programs).

Pastor: Senior Republican Told Me of Plan to “Take Out” Trump

by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars:
An evangelical pastor claims he met with a senior Republican Congressman who told him of a plot to “remove Trump suddenly from office”.

During an appearance on Revival Ministries International, Rodney Howard-Browne said he spent three hours “from 9:30 in the evening until 12:30am with one of the senior ranking members of Congress”.

The pastor said he related the same story on the CBN network but “they cut it out” and that he had decided “to go public with this because we have to.”

“He said there is a plot on Capitol Hill to take the president out, I said you mean by impeachment or by indictment – he said no, to take him out, he will be removed suddenly from office,” said Howard-Browne, before adding, “you can read between the lines”.

Environmental Advocates Murdered At Alarming Rates Last Year, Analysis Reveals

by Brianna Acuesta, True Activist:
Nearly 4 were killed every week last year.

Anyone can be an environmentalist these days, but it’s those that go above and beyond to protect nature and wildlife that are truly at risk, according to the watchdog group Global Witness. The group uses a number of resources to uncover corruption and advocate for transparency in the mining, logging, oil and gas sectors and has also turned their attention to the number of environmentalists that are murdered annually.

According to the non-profit group, two hundred environmentalists, wildlife rangers, and indigenous leaders were killed in 2016, which adds up to nearly 4 every week. These deaths were classified as murders, and The Guardian has teamed up Global Witness to accurately count the deaths that occur in 2017. By the end of May, 98 killings were identified.