Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Political Assassination – Terror Or Plots (VIDEO)

by James Hall, The Sleuth Journal:

How come the really bad guys never get assassinated? In the past this question would not have the same relevance, but since the New World Order engulfed the planet, individual crowned heads have been relegated to ceremonial functions. For Americans the triple play of JFK, MLK and RFK, 1963 -1968 years proved to be a watershed. A compelling argument that the NWO put into motion the final stage of their master plan, after these shootings, add additional credence.

The official fairy tale that Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray and Sirhan Sirhan acted alone has been so completely disproven that only a “low information” kool aide drinker or a hard core establishment flag flyer buys the psyops. Without re-litigating the legal record, the most sensible arguments question if any of these three pigeons were the actual shooters.

US main culprit behind assassination of Yemen’s Political Council chief: Commander


by Andrew Cheetham, David Icke:

‘A high-ranking Yemeni military official has held the United States responsible for the recent assassination of the country’s Head of the Supreme Political Council, Saleh al-Samad, in the western coastal province of Hudaydah, stating that Saudi Arabia is not capable of carrying out such a complex operation.

“Saudi Arabia’s capabilities are limited. Americans planned and then executed this intricate operation,” Arabic-language al-Masirah television network quoted Yemen’s Air Force and Air Defense commander Major General, Ibrahim al-Shami, as saying on Friday.

Russian Journalist Maxim Borodin Dies From Mysterious Fall After Reporting On Deaths Of Mercenaries In Syria

by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:

Borodin’s reporting recently in February was about the Russian mercenaries known as the “Wagner Group,” a highly secretive, private Russian military force that is engaged in both the Ukraine and Syria. Many of those forces were killed in the US strike on Syria.

Russian investigative journalist Maxim Borodin, who wrote about the deaths of mercenaries in Syria, died in a hospital after falling from his fifth-floor flat, and already those closest to him believe a crime occurred.

Neighbors in Yekaterinburg found Borodin badly injured and he was taken to a hospital. He later died from his injuries.

Independent Swiss Lab Says Poison Used in Skripal Attack Was Produced in US or UK

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

On March 4, 2018, Sergie Skripal and his daughter Yulia, who was visiting him from Moscow, were poisoned with a Novichok nerve agent after he stopped by a local store.

Skripal is a Russian double agent who WORKED FOR Christopher Steele’s company in England. Steele was behind the fake Russian dossier on Trump.

Russia denied the poison attack.

The US expelled 60 Russian diplomats following the poison attack after the poisoning of former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury, England.

Anti-GMO activist found dead in hotel pool, hours before planned delivery of 200,000 petition signatures to the EPA

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

An activist who opposed genetically engineered mosquitoes has been found dead in the swimming pool of a Washington D.C. hotel, just hours before she was due to submit a petition with over 200,000 signatures to the EPA.

Derrick Broze of Activist Post has investigated the story and spoken to a close friend of the victim, whose name is Mila de Mier from Key West, Florida (see below).

The mysterious death has also been covered by WJLA, which reports:

Florida Activist Who Fought Release of GM Mosquitoes Found Dead in Hotel Pool


by Derrick Broze, Activist Post:

A longtime opponent of genetically engineered mosquitoes was found dead in a Washington D.C. hotel as she prepared to present a petition with over 200,000 signatures to the EPA.

On Tuesday morning Mila de Mier—a 45-year-old activist from Key West, Florida who opposed the release of genetically engineered mosquitoes—was found dead in a swimming pool at a hotel in Washington D.C. De Meir was visiting D.C. to deliver a petition to the Environmental Protection Agency demanding the agency deny a permit for the release of genetically engineered mosquitoes in Florida and Texas.

WJLA reported:

The D.C. Fire Department says the reported incident happened at the Cambria Hotel & Suites Washington, D.C. Convention Center on 899 O Street, NW. They say they were called to the scene at around 9:35 a.m. Medical crews say they attempted to treat the victim but later pronounced her dead.


by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

A few weeks ago I blogged about the latest in a long line of disappearances and mysterious deaths of physicians who buck the “standard narrative”. In this case it was about the disappearance of CDC physician Dr. Timothy Cunningham, who disappeared on February 12 this year. Sadly, Dr. Cunningham’s body has now been found, according to these two stories shared by Ms. N.C. and Mr. H.B.:

The body of the CDC worker who mysteriously disappeared in February has been found in a river

Body Of Missing CDC Researcher Found In River

There’s much here that does not add up. First, consider the fact that his body was only just recently discovered in the river not too far from his home, but in an area which had been previously thoroughly searched:

Was CDC Doctor’s Mysterious Death Tied To Luciferian Release Of The ‘Doomsday Reaper Virus’ And The ‘Depopulation Agenda’?

by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

CDC Whistle-blowers Warned ‘Rogue Interests’ Have Made CDC ‘Hopelessly Corrupt’

In this new story over at Health Nut News by Erin Elizabeth she reports upon the 86th dead doctor in her unintended series of mysteriously dead doctors which began back in June of 2015 and has just added the name of Dr. Timothy Cunningham, the CDC doctor missing since February 12th when he vanished after leaving work, telling colleagues he had been feeling ill.

While Dr. Cunningham’s parents denied on CNN that they knew anything about him having ever said anything about the flu shot being ineffective as was reported back in February in this viral Tea Party Command Center story, as this new story over at Heavy points out, something appeared to be weighing heavily on the mind of Dr. Cunningham the day before he mysteriously disappeared with something about Cunningham’s texts to his family deeply worrying them.

Body Of Missing CDC Researcher Found In Chattahoochee River

from Disobedient Media:

Source: Body Of Missing CDC Researcher Found In River

A body pulled from the Chattahoochee river is that of an Atlanta researcher for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) who went missing in mid-February, Atlanta police reported on Thursday.

Timothy Cunningham, 25, was last seen February 12 after he left work midway through the day due to an illness, prompting his friends and family to sound the alarm.

Terrell Cunningham, 60, said his son’s supervisor told him that Commander Cunningham had reported for work but that he had left midday because he wasn’t feeling well. –NYT

The family of Timothy J. Cunningham, 35, grew concerned after the Harvard-trained epidemiologist and US Navy officer wouldn’t answer texts or calls. Driving over 600 miles from Maryland to Atlanta, Cunningham’s parents gained access to his house where they found their son’s phone, wallet and driver’s license.