Sunday, July 5, 2020

Covid-19 Coronavirus Vaccine Could Kill 8-16 Times More Senior Americans Compared to No Vaccine at All

by Bill Sardi, Lew Rockwell:

According to a Washington Post report, this 2020 flu season more than 173 million Americans have undergone vaccination against the flu.  What would it be like if all 325 million Americans underwent vaccination against the newly mutated COVID-19 coronavirus, now being developed by a number of biotech companies?

Something good is coming out of this epidemic

The good thing that is coming out of a well-publicized infectious disease epidemic for which there is no vaccine, is the public can finally see what happens when no vaccine is available.  This analysis reveals most healthy people (non-smokers, non-diabetic, non-obese) have an onboard immune system that produces antibodies naturally without problematic provocation from pathogenic bacteria and viruses housed in a syringe and infused via needle injection.

“I Do Not Believe He Was Suicidal” – Pastor Discusses Conversations with Philip Haney Before his Death

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

DHS whistleblower Philip Haney was found dead in late February in California.

The whistleblower against the Obama administration died of a gunshot wound. His body was found near his vehicle.

The Amador County Sheriff Martin Ryan released a video following Haney’s death. While the death scene made it appear a suicide, Ryan wants it known that a determination was not made as to the cause of death.

China coronavirus quarantine hotel collapse kills 10

from Al Jazeera:

A man is rescued from the rubble of a collapsed hotel in Quanzhou where 71 people were held under observation for coronavirus [AFP]

Many people remain trapped in the rubble of the building used to quarantine people under observation.

Ten people have died and 23 remain trapped under the rubble of a collapsed hotel building that was used to quarantine people under observation for the coronavirus in the Chinese city of Quanzhou.

Of the 71 people who were initially trapped, authorities have rescued 48, of whom 38 were sent to hospitals.


by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

On the 20th of last month, a story was reported in Zero Hedge that many of you sent to me, concerning the strange death of a Swiss banker – Mr. Jason Varnish – in a very weird skiing accident. Now, at the time, I did not blog about the accident, because there was not much known about the incident, nor about Mr. Varnish. This was strange, I thought, since in the case of many of the bizarre deaths of bankers in the past few years – many of them blogged about here on this site – there was enough to suggest that in some of those cases, perhaps, the bankers in question had some knowledge of high financial skulllduggery and fraud, and perhaps even of the machinations of what I have been calling the “hidden system of finance”, due to their positions within their respective banks. Now, before we go any further with filling in some context on that hidden system, here’s the Zero Hedge story to which I refer:

Dr Steven Greer: 3 People From My Team, Including Ex-CIA Director, Were Assassinated

from Humans Are Free:

Talks of UFOs hovering in the skies have been exciting researchers and the general public for decades. Are we being watched from above, and are we ready for encountering the unknown?

We ask Dr Steven Greer, director of the Center for the Study of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence and the Disclosure Project.

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Philip Haney: The Faithful Steward

by The Sharp Edge, Corey’s Digs:

As a whistleblower with integrity to pursue the truth amidst persecution, Philip Haney was a faithful steward of a story much bigger than one man.  He found himself in the cross hairs of an international criminal syndicate of Islamic terrorist organizations, Mexican cartels, and a former administration who concealed their gun running, drug trafficking, terrorism, and infiltration of America.


by John Vibes, The Waking Times:

Disgraced film producer and convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein will receive special treatment in jail because authorities fear that he may end up dead, much like fellow predator Jeffrey Epstein did.

In an attempt to prevent a similar situation from occurring, Weinstein will have his own cell and will have a dedicated team of correction officers monitoring him at all times. If authorities decide that it is necessary, he may even be moved to a different facility.

A Digital “Fedcoin” May Be Coming… And It Would Be Terrifying

by Michael Pento, Market Oracle:

Cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology that allows for de-centralized peer-to-peer transactions to take place outside the government-controlled banking system.

Backers of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin tout their privacy advantages and resistance to inflation due to their strictly limited quantities.

But what if this free-market innovation were co-opted to achieve opposite ends – centralized tracking of every transaction with no possibility of escaping digital devaluations?

That’s what some central bankers are ultimately aiming for by replacing paper cash with their own digitized, monopolized currencies.

Report: Prison Officials Fear Harvey Weinstein will Suffer ‘Epstein Incident’

by Joshua Caplan, Breitbart:

New York City prison officials fear disgraced Hollywood movie mogul and mega Democrat Party donor Harvey Weinstein will commit suicide in jail akin to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, according to a report.

TMZ reports:

Assange Lawyer Claims US Govt Plotted “Kidnapping and Poisoning” of WikiLeaks Publisher

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

 The US government plotted to kidnap or kill Julian Assange while he was holed up at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, a UK court was told yesterday during the WikiLeaks publisher’s extradition hearing. What do we know so far?

Assange’s lawyer Edward Fitzgerald told Judge Vanessa Baraitser that the US wanted to make the WikiLeaks founder’s death look like an accident and that US intelligence agencies worked with Spanish company UC Global to extensively spy on Assange inside the embassy.

Sheriff Blows Obama DHS Whistleblower’s ‘Suicide’ Narrative Apart, Says Death Not Ruled Suicide

by C. Douglas Golden, Western Journal:

When a controversial political figure dies, it hardly helps to indulge in fact-challenged conspiracy theories.

If you’re in officialdom, however, it hardly helps those conspiracy theories from being formed when you issue a statement about the cause of death before the actual cause of death has been established.