Monday, April 22, 2019

Internet Buzzing After Julian Assange’s Mother Implicates Seth Rich In DNC Leak

by Alex Christoforou, The Duran:

Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange’s mother, Christine Assange, tweeted – and then deleted – what many believe to be a suggestion that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich “leaked docs proving corruption.”

Via Zerohedge


The internet is buzzing with theories after Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange’s mother, Christine Assange, tweeted – and then deleted – what many believe to be a suggestion that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich “leaked docs proving corruption.”

Who Benefits? Did Western Intelligence Agencies Poison Skripal?

by James O’Neill, Russia Insider:

Russia has destroyed its chemical weapons stockpiles but Skripal meanwhile may have been dangerous to anti-Trump forces

The suspected nerve agent attack upon former Russian intelligence officer Sergei Skripal, which also affected his daughter in the English city of Salisbury last Sunday, has given rise to too much speculation, too much hysteria, and too little analysis or insight. It has provided ammunition for the Russophobic Western media to make accusations that it was another example of Russia in general and Vladimir Putin in particular disposing of a supposed enemy of the Kremlin.

Russia’s 4th Richest Woman Killed In Freak Private Jet Crash

from ZeroHedge:

In a time when the public is especially sensitive about any airplane disasters, coupled with the now traditional interest in Russian oligarchs, a tragic story from Sunday afternoon combines both: the co-owner of Russia’s second biggest airline Siberia Airlines (aka S7), and Russia’s fourth richest woman, Natalia Fileva, was killed in a freak crash when her private jet crashed in Germany, taking the lives of a pilot and another passenger as well, the company said.

Moroccan Migrant Says He Killed Italian Man Because He Was ‘White’ And ‘Happy’

by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

I wonder why the Western media is ignoring this story?

From Breitbart:

A Moroccan migrant has admitted to murdering Italian man Stefano Leo [pictured above], claiming that he wanted to kill someone “young, white and Italian.”

Said Mechaout, 27, born in Morocco but a naturalised Italian citizen, confessed to the killing, which occurred on the banks of the river Po in Turin on February 23rd, claiming he had purposely been waiting to kill a white Italian near his own age, Il Giornale reports.

Micro Assassination Drones Fit In Your Hand

by Mish Shedlock, Mish Talk:

Micro Assassination drones with facial recognition capabilities fit in your hand. The video below shows how they work.

Drone Miniaturization, Facial Recognition, Kamikaze Missions


On June 9, 2014, Natural News reported Tiny, low-cost drones may one day assassinate corrupt politicians, corporate CEOs and street criminals.

From studying trends in drone development, both in terms of software and hardware, I am now predicting the development of facial-recognition “kamikaze micro drones” capable of carrying out targeted human assassination missions with remarkable precision and reliability. The four trends that will lead to this are:

1) Drone miniaturization: The development of mass-produced, affordable “micro drones” about the size of a common bird. These will likely be produced as hobby aircraft which will be easily modified to take on a more aggressive role.

2) Facial recognition systems: The miniaturization of facial recognition software / hardware systems which may be deployed on micro drones and powered by very small on-board power supplies.

3) Rapid advances in drone manufacturing efficiency, resulting in greater affordability of drone platforms by smaller and smaller groups, including corporations, smaller nations, universities, vigilantes and even activist groups.

4) Incremental improvements in the power density of on-board batteries, allowing greater flight time and more CPU-intensive on-board computations.

These four trends will ultimately result in the creation of “Kamikaze assassination micro drones” with the ability to search for, identify and terminate a specific human target. It is likely, in fact, that many governments of the world are already working on this technology.

This technology will reshape the meaning of “war” by allowing rogue nations like North Korea, for example, to simply ship tens of thousands of such drones into the USA via China, marked as “toys” on import manifests.

What If?

What if anyone could kill almost anyone else for a few thousand dollars?

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by Alex Jones, Infowars:

Failing Russia collusion narrative leaving globalists with few options

Alex Jones has warned the criminal indictment unsealed against former White House national security advisor Michael Flynn is part of the globalist plot to potentially kill President Trump and start a civil war.

“If we allow the evil people that hijack this country, the globalists, to remove Trump with all this fraud, and if we buy into the hype … if they’re able to do that, it will cause a massive civil war in this country. Economic, physical, there’ll be all sorts of permutations of it, and it will absolutely have this country descend into a nightmare,” Jones told listeners on Friday.

“I don’t think they’re going to be able to remove Trump with all of this made-up Russia stuff, but they’re clearly going to go to their next plan to kill him, and they’ve been warming that up. And I don’t even like the different scenarios that are there of what we’re going to have to do to counter-strike against this,” he said moments later.

“I’m going to tell every one of you globalists and your minions: You’re going to be held accountable, and if you don’t have the fear of God, you better have the fear of man. Or you better start reading some history books, because let me tell you something right now: You kill our elected Julius Caesar when he’s delivered victory after victory like it’s messianic in just 11 months; you kill, or you remove this president illegally with all your crap with your dying media propping it up in the face of all of the evidence because you’ve got some unconstitutional, mad dog, rogue government snake out of the swamp, your swamp team; you pull that, you’ve signed your own warrant. Know that.”

Let it be known here in front of God, country, and the world that you are on a collision course with destruction. There’s no way you win this. There’s no way,” Jones added.

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‘Mossad Agent’ Sentenced to Death: Who’s Targeting Iran’s Nuclear Scientists?


from Sputnik News:

The killings of Iranian nuclear scientists have prompted political analysts to assume during an interview with Sputnik that Israel could have been behind the sabotage of Tehran’s atomic program. An Israeli academic argues that one cannot blame Tel Aviv for the assassinations. Meanwhile, an alleged Mossad agent has been sentenced to death in Iran.

“The only way to paralyze Iran or another country in any particular technological area is to destroy the country’s science and liquidate its scientists,” Emad Abshenas, an Iranian political analyst and editor-in-chief of the Iran Press newspaper, told Sputnik Persian, commenting on Iran’s sentencing to death of a so-called “Mossad agent” who was supposedly behind the killings of several top nuclear physicists.

According to Abshenas, Iran is waging an information war with some countries, including Israel, while the Iranian special services “exercise strict control over those who are spying for Israel.” The analyst underscored that “there are many people in Iran working for Israel and engaged in terrorist activities to undermine the national security of the country.

Iranian Nuclear Physicists as Target

The political analyst emphasized the importance of Iranian nuclear physicists for the country’s atomic program. According to Abshenas, scientists and military technologies constitute the backbone of the country’s military arsenal.

The analyst recalled that having invaded Iraq and Libya the US first of all killed and kidnapped the countries’ scientists: “Those who were ready to leave the country were sent to the US, and those who were not ready were liquidated,” he said.

“Although Iran has concluded a nuclear deal [the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)], [the country] has not lost its technologies,” Abshenas emphasized.

Dr. Barhani, a political analyst specializing in Middle Eastern affairs, believes that Israel could have been behind the assassination of the Iranian nuclear physicists: “There have already been cases of Israel’s involvement in killing scientists and they are not limited to Iran,” he said referring to the fact that murders of nuclear scientists occurred in other countries, for instance, Egypt.

Barhani revealed that “the countries of the region, including Iran, have a number of measures to ‘reduce’ Israel’s threat.”

“One aspect is regional cooperation,” the analyst explained. “The countries of the region have well experienced special services. Having established an exchange of information and coordinated their work, while using modern means of communication, they can better resist the influence of Israeli special services in the region.”

‘It Cannot Be Said That Israel Liquidated Iranian Scientists’

However, according to professor Vladimir Mesamed, a specialist on Iranian and Middle Eastern affairs at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, “one cannot say that Israel liquidated [Iranian nuclear scientists].”

“Israel has never denied or confirmed accusations of killing scientists who worked in the nuclear energy sphere,” professor Mesamed told Sputnik. “Foreign mass media speculated a lot that all those who were killed 8-10 years ago, including professor of Tehran University Muhammadi and other scientists, had been the targets of Israel.”

It was alleged that Israel liquidated them because they were engaged in the development of Iran’s nuclear program and therefore posed a threat to Tel Aviv, the academic noted.

“[However], it can’t be said that Israel eliminated them, or that there was some agent working for the [Israeli national intelligence agency of] Mossad, whom the Iranians found and want to hold responsible for everything that happened,” professor Mesamed stressed.

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All Conservative American Politicians Are In Danger-A New Age of Terrorism Has Arrived

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

There are some basic truisms that must be established before presenting the case that American society is about to be overrun by a combination of the same terrorist forces and paramilitary groups that have overrun Mexico. These forces would be the end result of the marriage between the cartels and the most infamous terrorists in the world. Mix in the Russians and American Deep State support and one has the makings of a quite an army, a Red Dawn Army.

In previous articles during the course of April 2018, available through the search engine at the Common Sense Show (ie search term-Red Dawn), I established the fact that a two phase invasion of America, was coming out of Central American paramilitary base camps and it was going to engulf America.

MAJOR: Serbia Foils Assassination Plot Against Putin

by Tom Winter, Fort Russ:

BELGRADE, Serbia –  Terrorist attack against Putin thwarted – alleged assassin promoted by Saudi Arabia.

Security forces arrested a man in the Serbian city of Novi Pazar for planning a terrorist attack on the Russian President during Vladimir Putin’s visit to Belgrade.

The 21-year-old member of the Saudi-funded group Dava Tim Centar, 21-year-old Armin A., was arrested on Sunday in south-western Serbia.

Skripal and Khashoggi: West Manufactures Absurd Fantasy to Pin on Russia, Lets Saudi Get Away With Chopping up WaPo Journalist Alive

by Finian Cunningham, via Russia Insider:

Hypocrisy in western capitals? Nah, never

Two disappearances, and two very different responses from Western governments, which illustrates their rank hypocrisy.

When former Russian spy Sergei Skripal went missing in England earlier this year, there was almost immediate punitive action by the British government and its NATO allies against Moscow. By contrast, Western governments are straining with restraint towards Saudi Arabia over the more shocking and provable case of murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi.