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Body Of Missing CDC Researcher Found In Chattahoochee River

from Disobedient Media:

Source: Body Of Missing CDC Researcher Found In River

A body pulled from the Chattahoochee river is that of an Atlanta researcher for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) who went missing in mid-February, Atlanta police reported on Thursday.

Timothy Cunningham, 25, was last seen February 12 after he left work midway through the day due to an illness, prompting his friends and family to sound the alarm.

Terrell Cunningham, 60, said his son’s supervisor told him that Commander Cunningham had reported for work but that he had left midday because he wasn’t feeling well. –NYT

The family of Timothy J. Cunningham, 35, grew concerned after the Harvard-trained epidemiologist and US Navy officer wouldn’t answer texts or calls. Driving over 600 miles from Maryland to Atlanta, Cunningham’s parents gained access to his house where they found their son’s phone, wallet and driver’s license.

TRUTH BOMB: Officer J.D Tippit was the REAL JFK assassin – not Lee Harvey Oswald, secret files reveal

  • The patrolman was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald 45 minutes after he shot JFK
  • An informant claimed to the FBI that Tippit actually carried out the assassination
  • It was claimed officer met with Oswald and Jack Ruby a week before JFK’s killing
  • Oswald shot J.D Tippit through head at point blank range after assassination

from Daily Mail:

An informant identified Dallas police officer J.D Tippit as the actually killer of John F. Kennedy, the newly released assassination file documents reveal.

Patrolman Tippit was shot dead by Oswald 45 minutes after he also assassinated Kennedy on November 22 1963.

According to a note sent to the FBI, an informant was told by an H. Theodore Lee in that ‘the president was actually assassinated by Dallas police officer TIPPIT’. 

 The informant claimed that Dallas police officer J.D Tippit was in fact the killer of President John F. Kennedy
The informant claimed that Dallas police officer J.D Tippit was in fact the killer of President John F. Kennedy

The informant also told Lee that the information came from individuals previously active in the Fair Play for Cuba Committee (FPCC).

The note also says a week before the assassination Tippit, allegedly head of the right-wing John Birch Society in Dallas, and a third party who was possibly Oswald, met in Jack Ruby’s nightclub.

Ruby shot Oswald two days after the assassination and died of lung cancer in 1967. He was found to have acted alone in killing Oswald.

The note sent to the FBI reveals that a informant H. Theodore Lee made the allegation against the police officer.

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    Attorney who sued DNC for fraud admits Seth Rich and Shawn Lucas were both witnesses in his case

    by Shepard Ambellas, Intellihub:

    If Seth Rich or Shawn Lucas would have testified against the DNC before their deaths the entire organization would have crumbled upon itself

    (INTELLIHUB) — Attorney Jared Beck recently took to Twitter where he explained on the record that Seth Rich and Shawn Lucas were witnesses in his year-long class-action legal battle with the Democratic National Committee over the organization’s mishandling of the 2016 Primary before both Rich and Lucas mysteriously turned up dead.

    The Beck & Lee suit came to a screeching halt in late-August after the case was dismissed by a Florida judge following then DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman-Shultz’s resignation in July.

    The outspoken attorney who was scorned by the media after questioning the official police investigation and suspicious circumstances surrounding DNC staffer Rich’s death during his appearance on The Alex Jones Show pulled no punches when he tweeted on Thursday: “Seth Rich and Shawn Lucas were witnesses in MY case. But I didn’t drop the lawsuit because of that. I accepted the possibility of dying and carried on. Some might call that “courage.” And I’m 41, not 75 like Bernie, and I have two daughters, ages 4 and 6. So FUCK RIGHT OFF.”

    Astonishingly, Beck admits that “Seth Rich and Shawn Lucas were witnesses” in his case against the DNC which is monumental information considering they are both now dead.

    Embed from Getty Images

    Moreover, well-researched individuals may recall that Seth Rich was likely murdered over Hillary Clinton’s ties to Uranium One and the offloading of 20% of America’s uranium supply to the Russians, as I reported for Intellihub on May 24, 2017, however, the fact of the matter is, if Rich was to have testified against the DNC, Wasserman-Schultz, and her shady team of IT staffers they would have already been toast (legally speaking) and their gig would have been up. In fact, such testimony would have unraveled the entire web so, you see, it’s not a stretch to assume that both Rich and Lucas were indeed targeted for wetwork.

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    Micro Assassination Drones Fit In Your Hand

    by Mish Shedlock, Mish Talk:

    Micro Assassination drones with facial recognition capabilities fit in your hand. The video below shows how they work.

    Drone Miniaturization, Facial Recognition, Kamikaze Missions


    On June 9, 2014, Natural News reported Tiny, low-cost drones may one day assassinate corrupt politicians, corporate CEOs and street criminals.

    From studying trends in drone development, both in terms of software and hardware, I am now predicting the development of facial-recognition “kamikaze micro drones” capable of carrying out targeted human assassination missions with remarkable precision and reliability. The four trends that will lead to this are:

    1) Drone miniaturization: The development of mass-produced, affordable “micro drones” about the size of a common bird. These will likely be produced as hobby aircraft which will be easily modified to take on a more aggressive role.

    2) Facial recognition systems: The miniaturization of facial recognition software / hardware systems which may be deployed on micro drones and powered by very small on-board power supplies.

    3) Rapid advances in drone manufacturing efficiency, resulting in greater affordability of drone platforms by smaller and smaller groups, including corporations, smaller nations, universities, vigilantes and even activist groups.

    4) Incremental improvements in the power density of on-board batteries, allowing greater flight time and more CPU-intensive on-board computations.

    These four trends will ultimately result in the creation of “Kamikaze assassination micro drones” with the ability to search for, identify and terminate a specific human target. It is likely, in fact, that many governments of the world are already working on this technology.

    This technology will reshape the meaning of “war” by allowing rogue nations like North Korea, for example, to simply ship tens of thousands of such drones into the USA via China, marked as “toys” on import manifests.

    What If?

    What if anyone could kill almost anyone else for a few thousand dollars?

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    News of the Investigation into the Murder of Kim Jong-nam

    by Konstantin Asmolov, New Eastern Outlook: Not so long ago, we looked into the high-profile story of the assassination attempt on the leader of the DPRK. Now, however, we will return our focus to the case of the attempt on the other Kim. The news surrounding the investigation is indeed interesting.

    The actual investigation has been going on since May 30, 2017, with the hearings being held at the Supreme Court because the lower courts do not have the right to try homicide cases. The media has still not been given the go-ahead to publish any details. We are therefore left with no choice but use non-official sources to find out exactly what is happening.

    As of now, only two of the murder suspects have been detained (a 25-year-old Indonesian citizen Siti Aisyah and a 28-year-old Vietnamese Doan Thi Huong), whose defense has been chosen a very obvious and typical tactic. According to them, the girls were victims of deception and provocation, and sincerely thought they were participating in a prank. All blame has been placed on the “mysterious North Koreans”, who are not present to defend themselves. North Koreans are once more assigned their all-too-familiar role of the Bogeyman

    The positions that the lawyers are taking can be understood, since, if found guilty, their defendants are awaiting the death penalty by hanging. In fact, Siti Aisyah has even written her family a letter saying that everything was under control, that they should not worry, and she was fine. She assured them that she had many people on her side helping her, including the Embassy.

    However, all is not as rosy as it sounds. There are indeed reports that the investigation requested evidence to prove that the girls had practiced the prank in the halls of the airport several times prior to the incident. And it seems that no such records have been retrieved yet. In theory, however, these records could reflect not only the preparation and processing of the operation, but also those who acted as its directors. In this case, their images could be compared to portraits of North Korean citizens whom the enemies of Pyongyang believe are the organizers and perpetrators of the assassination. However, as counsel for the Indonesian party Gooi Soong Seng stated, “The investigation has so far failed to provide documents critical to the defence“, and it is not known whether the records were actually seized by the police or someone else.

    The situation with what the deceased was poisoned with is not clear. There has been evidence of the use of VX. The OPCW has never submitted, and moreover, Mr. Gooi stated that he was seeking the assistance of foreign experts in order to gain access to evidence concerning the use of the alleged VX murder weapon. He said that some of the documents and materials would be sent to Denmark or other countries to confirm that VX was used for the murder. This is a pretty important point, because earlier, after the investigation had declared the type of poison used, this was not questioned, although the author’s respondents immediately said that it could be a VX-based poison, not a classical weapon of mass destruction that would have killed more than one victim.

    It is also known that the DPRK embassy hired lawyer Dzhagit Singh, known, by the way, for his protection of some local criminals. At the briefing, he stated that he had worked with Northerners since March 2, 2017, and had helped three suspects return home. This mediation did not dovetail with the South Korean narrative of the hostages.

    It has also been confirmed that the deceased had a diplomatic passport in the name of a citizen of the DPRK Kim Chol, which is very important: if the brother of the North Korean leader were “the most high-ranking dissident”, he would not have kept his diplomatic passport. Coupled with that, four large bundles of USD100 dollar bills were found in his luggage, totaling USD120,000, which Kim was not going to declare using his diplomatic immunity.

    The origin of this money was the cause for a sensational article published in the Japanese newspaper the Asahi Shimbun. Referring to sources in the investigative bodies of Malaysia, the Asahi alleges that four days prior to his death, he met a man who was considered an agent of the CIA, and the 120 thousand dollars were probably paid for some of the information transmitted, for which he was killed.

    The chronology of events looks like this. On February 6, Kim arrived in Kuala Lumpur from Macau, alone and carrying one bag. This was recorded by surveillance cameras. On February 8, Kim departed for the resort island of Langkawi, not telling anyone about it (thus elegantly clearing up the question of who else was contacted by the deceased before the incident).

    On February 9, the hotel cameras recorded him meeting with an American of Korean origin living in Bangkok. The Asahi claims that this person (a) arrived in Malaysia on the same day as Kim; (b) met with Kim and earlier; () “has links” with the CIA (the wording is very broad and may not refer to the agent itself); (d) left the country on the same day as Kim. Two people talked for about an hour, and an analysis of Kim’s computer revealed that a flash drive was inserted into it, from which the journalists concluded that there was information on it that he could not communicate orally.

    The investigation into the assassination of Kim Jong-nam has revealed the extent to which Malaysia was a transit point for North Korean exports, including the military. The biggest scandal involved the Glocom Company, which sold communications equipment for “military and paramilitary” organizations. According to Reuters, with reference to a report submitted by the UN Security Council, there is no company in Malaysia under this name. However, two Malaysian firms controlled by the DPRK investors apparently registered at the Glocom website in 2009. Reuters claims that North Korea bought cheap electronics in Hong Kong and then converted them into military radio stations that were sold to developing countries for USD 8,000 per piece; that the firm behind this is Pan Systems Pyongyang, which is managed by the intelligence structures of North Korea and runs a network of front companies and agents in Malaysia, Singapore and China. As a result, two firms associated with the Glocom Company were subsequently closed.

    Another prominent story is related to the acquisition by Australia of a series of border patrol boats, which were also formally Malayan: however, an open source study revealed that Kay Marine Sdn Bhd traded North Korean warships, selling both border guard boats and mini-submarines.

    In this context, the money found among Kim’s items could well have been black cash for the grey activities of North Korean companies, and the deceased’s trips to Malaysia could have been associated with the inspection of the business.

    That is why one of the murder-related hypotheses is that its purpose was to open up and close down this source of foreign exchange earnings that is so important for the DPRK. And while we do not know the details of Kim Jong-nam’s trip, the other version is actually equivocate. Why would it not be imagined that the CIA (if the deceased did communicate with its representatives) demanded some information from Kim, and then proceeded to kill him when he refused to hand it over?

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    Five Years On, Death of Journalist Michael Hastings Remains a Mystery

    by Robert Bridge, Strategic Culture:

    Michael Hastings was one of America’s most popular modern journalists, perhaps best known for his 2010 expose in Rolling Stone magazine, The Runaway General, which led to the resignation of General Stanley McChrystal, then commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan.

    In the early hours of June 18, 2013, a vehicle purported to have been driven by Michael Hastings crashed in Los Angeles, thus snuffing out the life of an already prolific young talent whose best years were still ahead of him. And that is where the worst part of this tragedy begins: the death of Michael Hastings, despite him being an influential member of the journalistic community, was never given the thorough investigative approach it rightly deserved.

    From Russians To ‘Deplorables’ To Insiders Who Knew Too Much, Are ‘Enemies Of The Deep State’ Being Targeted For ‘Elimination’? The ‘Clinton Body Count’ Rises Again!

    by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

    In this interesting story over at RT that Steve Quayle linked to on his website we learn that authorities can now request the DNA of Americans, without our knowledge or consent, through websites such as and 23andMe. And while a 23andMe spokesman claimed they’ve only received 5 requests for DNA and have resisted all requests, resulting in no information released, the legal precedent has been set and as we’re reminded in an SQnote he left on that story: You do realize that bio specific weapons can be targeted against specific individuals DNA, don’t you? 

    As we reported on ANP back on November 16th, authorities in the US also recently were accused of collecting Russian DNA by Russian president Vladimir Putin himself and in so doing, raised fears that the DNA collection was being done upon various ethnic groups in Russia for the purpose of developing an ethnic specific weapon capable of only targeting Russians. 

    And with the mainstream media and the entire democratic party, aka entrenched establishment, going bats**t crazy in their ‘projection’ that ‘everything is tied to Russia’ here in 2017 America, let’s take a look at what the Russians think about US authorities attempting to get the DNA of people across their country. From Russian Senator Franz Klintsevich, the deputy head of the Defense and Security Committee, who was among the first to suspect foul play.: 

    “I am not saying that we are definitely talking about preparations for biological war against Russia,” he prefaced his statement on Facebook. “But the scenario is undoubtedly being developed.” 

    The senator suggested that different ethnicities react to biological arms differently and perhaps, “this is why the West is meticulously collecting material across the country.” “The relevant western agencies need to know that we are clued up on their interests,” Klintsevich said, praising Putin’s statement.

    Are enemies of the ‘deep state’, whether Russians or ‘deplorables’ or simply insiders who knew too much, being targeted for elimination? As we read in more detail below, a new name could be added to the always-growing ‘Clinton body count’.

    In psychology,‘projection’ is a theory in which humans defend themselves against their own unconscious (or conscious!) impulses or qualities (both positive and negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others. As Susan Duclos reported on ANP in this November 17th story, with the REAL ‘Russia conspiracy’ now being unfurled before our eyes, we’re not the least bit surprised that Hillary is calling the calls to investigate her an abuse of power yet over the past 20+ years, who was regularly abusing their power? 

    What we’ve seen from Hillary Clinton, the Democratic establishment and much of the mainstream media apparatus ever since November 8th of 2016 and President Donald Trump’s stunning presidential victory over Hillary, with Russia being blamed for almost everything, while facts such as the map above paint a much more truthful picture, have been a huge series of projections and we see an absolutely stunning example of it in this new story from over at Prison Planet

    According to the story, a ‘mass triggering’ has been caused by a makeup app that can be used to digitally remove the makeup from women (or men) and of course, Russia is once again being blamed. Proving the absolute ridiculousness of the entire ‘blame Russia for everything’, triggered liberal snowflakes are now blaming Russia for what is being called a ‘violent and misogynistic’ app that will allowtheir friends, or enemies, to see what they likely look like without their make up on. 

    The story over at Business Insider Tech Insider began “No one knows how to generate headlines and outrage like a pro-Russia propagandist” and as Chris Menahan over at Information Liberation reports, the liberal media is absolutely losing their mind over this. So now its Russia’s fault for what people look like without their makeup on? 

    As Hillary Clinton clearly knows, lies, like makeup, are sometimes partially used to conceal, which brings us back to the collection of DNA both in Russia and of Americans by people who may not have the Russians, nor Americans, best interests in mind. We first lookhere at a very wise comment made on this November 18th ANP story by reader bkinney who stated:

      Some thing big coming our way to get the news off Hillary

    History is littered with huge events happening that seemingly come out of nowhere to take the news off of another huge story that often involves the ‘global elite’ and corruption. Take for example the Pentagon news conference on September 10th of 2001 in which it was announced that the Pentagon had somehow ‘misplaced’ $2.3 trillion only for that story to be swept away to the dustbin of history by the events on 9/11. 

    Or the ‘Clinton body count’ which seems to have another name added to it on a regular basis now, with DNC mega-donor Steve Mostyn recently found dead in Texas. Mostyn was one of the co-founders of the ‘Ready For Hillary PAC’ and died at the young age of 46 from a‘mental health issue’ which seemed to come about suddenly. Of interest, according to this ATS thread with sourcesMostyn was heavily involved in children’s organizations. And we all know what’s been happening with pedo rings all over the US

    Was Steve Mostyn ‘Arkanicided’? 

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    Damning new evidence that Dr Kelly DIDN’T commit suicide: The disturbing flaws in the official government story surrounding the death of Blair’s chemical weapons expert

    by Miles Goslett, Daily Mail:

    Damning new evidence that Dr Kelly DIDN’T commit suicide: The disturbing flaws in the official government story surrounding the death of Blair’s chemical weapons expert

    • Official explanation was that the weapons expert had taken his own life 
    • But since Dr Kelly’s death in 2003, time has done nothing to dispel suspicion 
    • Successive governments have refused to allow full coroner’s inquest to be held 


    by Joseph P Farrell, Giza Death Star:

    There has been another death of a “holistic” doctor, Dean Lorich, according to this article found by Mr. S.C. This one, however, is such an obvious “in your face” death that it truly has to be read to be believed, and it reminds of of Thomas Hardy’s adage, “Though a good deal is too strange to be believed, nothing is too strange to have happened.”

    Here’s the article:

    81st doctor found dead in Park Avenue Home by 11 y/o daughter w/ knife in torso, cops instantly rule “suicide”

    The problem here is the doctor apparently decided, according to the New York City authorities, to commit suicide by “hari kiri”:

    Police instantly began treating the death as suicide and said the doctor was under “some personal stress,” so that was likely the reason he put a knife through his torso    (not his heart) knowing his 11-year-old daughter would find him on the floor, bleeding out.

    Lorich’s wife was out playing tennis when the “suicide” occurred, there was apparently no suicide note found at the scene.

    So just to recap, an MD- the father of three girls, associate director of the Orthopaedic Trauma Service at the Hospital for Special Surgery, a professor at Weill Cornell Medical College (where our 79th doctor, Dr Crespo, was found dead just days ago, also in a bathroom)- went into the bathroom when his wife was gone and he was alone with his child, and stuck a knife into his torso. Though nearly nothing about this is plausible, ALMOST IMMEDIATELY cops say no foul play, he was stressed.

    There is of course nothing here about why the doctor was “stressed” nor why, being “stressed”, he chose such a gruesome way to suicide himself.

    As the article reports the story, it raises all sorts of questions, and for the moment, this writer is not buying the “suicide by hari kiri due to stress” explanation. My chief difficulty here is the fact that he would chose such a gory method to do himself in with the possibility he would be discovered by his young daughter. Are we really to believe that this is the last image of him that he wanted his daughter to have? As far as I’m aware, suicides generally prefer to do the deed alone, not around children, and particularly, not around their own.

    Sorry, I’m not buying.

    There is, however, a strange mix of potential motivations for the doctor being “suicided” in such a gruesome manner:

    Again, both Lorich and Crespo worked at the same hospital. Lorich, the winner of the “2010 Roger E. Joseph Prize by Hebrew Union College for his humanitarian efforts in treating victims of the recent Haiti earthquake and in Landstuhl, Germany treating soldiers injured in Iraq and in Afghanistan” 2(the award recognizes individuals making lasting contributions to the causes of human rights), who was beloved and an asset to the medical community and Crespo, who was researching cancer with the use of stem cells, have both just died within days of each other, under suspicious circumstances.

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    ‘Mossad Agent’ Sentenced to Death: Who’s Targeting Iran’s Nuclear Scientists?


    from Sputnik News:

    The killings of Iranian nuclear scientists have prompted political analysts to assume during an interview with Sputnik that Israel could have been behind the sabotage of Tehran’s atomic program. An Israeli academic argues that one cannot blame Tel Aviv for the assassinations. Meanwhile, an alleged Mossad agent has been sentenced to death in Iran.

    “The only way to paralyze Iran or another country in any particular technological area is to destroy the country’s science and liquidate its scientists,” Emad Abshenas, an Iranian political analyst and editor-in-chief of the Iran Press newspaper, told Sputnik Persian, commenting on Iran’s sentencing to death of a so-called “Mossad agent” who was supposedly behind the killings of several top nuclear physicists.

    According to Abshenas, Iran is waging an information war with some countries, including Israel, while the Iranian special services “exercise strict control over those who are spying for Israel.” The analyst underscored that “there are many people in Iran working for Israel and engaged in terrorist activities to undermine the national security of the country.

    Iranian Nuclear Physicists as Target

    The political analyst emphasized the importance of Iranian nuclear physicists for the country’s atomic program. According to Abshenas, scientists and military technologies constitute the backbone of the country’s military arsenal.

    The analyst recalled that having invaded Iraq and Libya the US first of all killed and kidnapped the countries’ scientists: “Those who were ready to leave the country were sent to the US, and those who were not ready were liquidated,” he said.

    “Although Iran has concluded a nuclear deal [the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)], [the country] has not lost its technologies,” Abshenas emphasized.

    Dr. Barhani, a political analyst specializing in Middle Eastern affairs, believes that Israel could have been behind the assassination of the Iranian nuclear physicists: “There have already been cases of Israel’s involvement in killing scientists and they are not limited to Iran,” he said referring to the fact that murders of nuclear scientists occurred in other countries, for instance, Egypt.

    Barhani revealed that “the countries of the region, including Iran, have a number of measures to ‘reduce’ Israel’s threat.”

    “One aspect is regional cooperation,” the analyst explained. “The countries of the region have well experienced special services. Having established an exchange of information and coordinated their work, while using modern means of communication, they can better resist the influence of Israeli special services in the region.”

    ‘It Cannot Be Said That Israel Liquidated Iranian Scientists’

    However, according to professor Vladimir Mesamed, a specialist on Iranian and Middle Eastern affairs at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, “one cannot say that Israel liquidated [Iranian nuclear scientists].”

    “Israel has never denied or confirmed accusations of killing scientists who worked in the nuclear energy sphere,” professor Mesamed told Sputnik. “Foreign mass media speculated a lot that all those who were killed 8-10 years ago, including professor of Tehran University Muhammadi and other scientists, had been the targets of Israel.”

    It was alleged that Israel liquidated them because they were engaged in the development of Iran’s nuclear program and therefore posed a threat to Tel Aviv, the academic noted.

    “[However], it can’t be said that Israel eliminated them, or that there was some agent working for the [Israeli national intelligence agency of] Mossad, whom the Iranians found and want to hold responsible for everything that happened,” professor Mesamed stressed.

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