Saturday, August 17, 2019

POLL: Plurality of Americans Believe Jeffrey Epstein Was Murdered

by Richard Moorhead, Big League Politics:

The American people don’t buy the official story regarding the billionaire pedophile’s death.

New polling shows a majority of the American people don’t believe the official story of Jeffrey Epstein’s death.

Ramussen conducted a survey of 1,000 American adults on their beliefs related to the disgraced financier’s death last weekend. 42% of those who responded indicated that they believe Epstein was actually murdered in prison.

Epstein Reportedly Spent Time Alone With Attractive Young Woman In Private Prison Room

from ZeroHedge:

Shortly after being taken off of suicide watch, Epstein was spotted sitting in a room reserved for lawyers to meet with their clients at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, the jail where he died, accompanied by a young-looking woman who may have been one of his attorneys, or…maybe not.

Forbes’ source, a visiting attorney who asked not to be named because he didn’t want to cause problems with the prison, said the optics were “startling.”

“The optics were startling. Because she was young. And pretty,” the visiting attorney said. He speculated the woman could be a lawyer, but was unsure. It has been reported that Epstein paid lawyers just to sit with him in these meeting rooms for eight hours a day simply so he could avoid his cell.

Of Epsteins, Lolitas and Hoaxes

by Donald Jeffries, Keeping It Unreal:

The alleged suicide of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, the owner of “Lolita Island,” a place swarming with underage girls and rich and powerful visitors, triggered even many complacent voices into sounding like “conspiracy theorists.” When the likes of The New York Times and trusty veteran Sen. Chuck Schumer are questioning an official narrative, you know that something is up. Attorney General William Barr is demanding answers. And Donald Trump, in typical fashion, retweeted a mention of the Clinton Body Count, and how Epstein may have been the latest addition to it.

Former NYPD Commissioner REVEALS Cameras Show Who & When Someone Enters Jeffrey Epstein Prison Cell

by Dean Garrison, DC Clothesline:

Where’s the footage?

Sean Hannity recently spoke with a former NYPD Commissioner and the mystery continues to grow.

Here’s Gary from Next News Network:

HERE IT IS: Complete List of Inconsistencies in Prison Policy Surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s Death

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

On Saturday the most notorious prisoner in the US prison system committed “suicide.”

Jeffrey Epstein was 66 at the time of his death.

Epstein was the highest profile prisoner in the US prison system.
On Tuesday the autopsy revealed Epstein suffered broken bones in his neck common in homicide by strangulation.

Report: Jeffrey Epstein Autopsy Reveals Broken Neck Bones

by Joshua Caplan, Breitbart:

The autopsy of deceased alleged child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein shows several broken bones in his neck, raising additional questions about the wealthy criminal’s death, according to a report.

The Washington Post reported late Wednesday that among Epstein’s broken bones was his hyoid, a horseshoe-shaped bone situated near the Adam’s apple in men. Forensic experts told the Post that hyoid breaks are plausible in hanging cases yet are more common in homicide victims who are strangled to death.

Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex trafficking case is nothing new and it is not isolated. However, his death finally has the media talking about it.

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

Adult and child sex trafficking is an unfortunate and horrifying reality that plagues countries around the world—including the United States. As TFTP has reported, people have been arrested attempting to purchase children as young as three-months-old to abuse them, including police officers. Even former child sex slaves have come forward to tell their stories and provide insight into the elite sickos who have the money and resources to deal in the lives of children. This has been ongoing for decades, yet the media and Americans alike, have largely ignored it, until now.

NYU Medical Professor: Epstein Death ‘More Likely’ A ‘Homicide Than A Suicide’

by Ryan Saavedra, Daily Wire:

Dr. Marc Siegel told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” on Thursday that the recent revelation that convicted sex offender and alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein had certain broken bones in his neck make it more likely that his death was a homicide and not a suicide, based on statistics.

Epstein Autopsy Finds Evidence He May Have Been Murdered

from ZeroHedge:

As the public carries on with the great debate about what really happened (or didn’t happen) to Jeffrey Epstein early Saturday morning in the hours before he was found dead in his cell at MCC in an apparent suicide, the Washington Post has unleashed a bombshell.

First, remember how some witnesses claimed they had heard horrifying shrieking coming from Epstein’s cell in the hours before his death? Well, here’s one explanation for that: An autopsy report found that Epstein had endured multiple breaks in his neck bones, deepening the mystery surrounding his death last week.

BREAKING: Epstein Autopsy Shows Broken Neck Bones – Common in Homicide by Strangulation!

by Kristinn Taylor, The Gateway Pundit:

The Washington Post reported late Wednesday night that the autopsy of Jeffrey Epstein revealed he had several broken bones in his neck consistent with but, not conclusively proving strangulation. The finding explains the delayed report by the medical examiner on the cause of death for Epstein who was being held in the federal Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan. Epstein was found dead in his cell early Saturday under suspicious circumstances.