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I Just Backed The ‘Polymule’ on Kickstarter


by SGT, SGTreport,com:

I got an email today asking for some support for a Kickstarter project. I get a lot of emails like that. I can’t nor do I have the time to investigate every single project or request that I get. But this one really piqued my interest.  A practically bulletproof survival-style reinvented wheelbarrow?   I’m in.  These guys are trying raise $250,000 to take their project mainstream, and they only have a couple weeks left to raise the money. I just pledged $319 ($369 with shipping) so I can get one and support the project.  I don’t know these guys personally and I have no skin in the game, I just like to support cool people doing cool things. By the way, if they don’t raise the full $250,000 over the next 13 days, your pledge via credit card will not be charged.

Here’s a copy of my pledge.  

And here’s the link to the POLYMULE Kickstarter page so you can investigate and make a pledge to too: Polymule – a Handcart for Adventure, Work, and Survival.

And here’s an excellent article about this cool product from Gear Junkie:

by Nate Mitka, Gear Junkie:

The wheelbarrow is a tool that hasn’t seen much innovation for decades. It functions well enough, but the team at Polymule thinks it could stand improvement.

New to Kickstarter this week, Polymule aims to address common problems found with wheelbarrows, garden carts, or any wheeled hauling device.

The design is all about comfort, ease of use, and increased capacity. Padded grips, high ground clearance, and the ability to set it up completely without tools are just a few of its innovations.

Use it for carrying gear, wood, or even people (as demonstrated in the Kickstarter video below).

It retails for $320 if the Kickstarter campaign is successful.

Polymule Handcart Features: Updated Wheelbarrow

Poor stability, back and shoulder strain, splinters, and poor ground clearance are problems the Polymule aims to address with its hauling design.

The handcart, as the company calls it, offers 15 cubic feet of hauling space with a 350-pound load capacity. An aluminum frame folds down for a level resting position and folds up to move the cart.

Integrated kickstand

As noted, it assembles completely without tools. Slide the parts into position, snap them down, and haul away. The company claims the Polymule sets up in five minutes.

The two wheels and wheel stands detach completely and fit within the hauling space for storage. When assembled, the large wheels lift the handcart 26 inches off the ground to navigate messy work spaces or uneven ground.

Pack it up entirely within its hauling space

Throw the Polymule into the back of your car, as the whole assembly fits within its 46″ x 32″ x 12″ frame.

You can also purchase a canvas cover for shade and weather protection.

Optional canvas cover

Build A Better Wheelbarrow: The Polymule

The Kickstarter video shows the Polymule hauled into the backcountry, to a rock climber’s descent, and a child’s rescue after a car accident.

While the applications are not typical of wheelbarrows and push carts, an updated design to the wheeled-hauler may inspire new uses. Of course, it appears to carry typical wheelbarrow items like wood and tools just fine.

Until we get our hands on the Polymule for testing, it’s hard to tell how it will hold up. The durability of the wheels, its plastic body, and the aluminum arms all raise questions for us.

However, we’re all for reinventing things that we didn’t think needed reinventing, much like the YETI Bucket. This could be a welcomed update to an old stalwart.

Bomb Shelter Sales “Skyrocket” In California As Nuclear Fears Spike


from ZeroHedge:

Equity investors today failed to follow through on initial efforts to “Buy The Fucking Fire and Fury Dip” but they are apparently rushing out to buy their very own doomsday bunkers on the off chance that President Trump wasn’t joking yesterday when he offered the following warning to North Korea:

Apparently the comments have spooked some folks on America’s west coast who are thought to be within Kim Jong Un’s nuclear strike radius. And while a global nuclear confrontation is generally viewed as a bad thing, for Ron Hubbard, President of Atlas Survival Shelters in Los Angeles, it has resulted in an economic windfall.  Here’s more from The Sacramento Bee:

“It’s crazy, I’ve never seen anything like it,” Ron Hubbard, president of Atlas Survival Shelters, told Fox11. “It’s all over the country. I sold shelters today in North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, California.”


The company, based in Montebello in eastern Los Angeles, sells shelters priced from $10,000 to $100,000. Hubbard told the station that the shelters are designed to be buried 20 feet below ground and can sustain survivors for up to one year, depending on the size and model.


He told the station he had sold more than 30 units in recent days, including to customers in Japan.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg reports that Vivos, another shelter manufacturer in Del Mar, Calif., near San Diego, also has experienced a spike in business.

“Japan’s going hog wild right now,” said Ron Hubbard, owner of Atlas Survival. The Montebello, California-based company makes about a dozen different underground refuge models intended to be inhabitable for six months to a year, some outfitted with escape tunnels, decontamination rooms and bulletproof hatches.


“People are getting off the fence – we’ve got thousands and thousands of applications,” said Robert Vicino, founder and chief executive officer of Vivos, Spanish for “alive.”


Vivos sells models for individual and communal use, and the company has built subterranean survival communities in the U.S. and Europe. The latest, xPoint, covers 9,000 acres in South Dakota with 575 off-grid dugouts. Planned amenities include a community theater, hydroponic gardens, shooting ranges, restaurant and bar. Shelters in the community are available for lease with an up-front cost of $25,000. Vicino told Bloomberg about 50 units have been leased or reserved.

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Prepper Protein: Supplement Your Pantry With the Essentials


by Jeremiah Johnson , Ready Nutrition:

ReadyNutrition Guys and Gals, you already know what a PT (physical training) nut I am, and how I’m in a long-term “love affair” with my weights.  I follow a simple rule that is all-encompassing for my existence: if you’re not in good shape, you better get in good shape; if you are in good shape, you better stay that way.  That mentioned, we need supplements to make up for the lack of nutrients in our diets and also to “boost” our intake of needed materials.  Protein powders do this.  Let’s go into it, shall we?

Please refer back to my previous articles on amino acids and protein for further reference in-depth.  As mentioned, we have 8 essential amino acids, just to review.  These are critical for our upkeep, and they must be obtained from our food.  A protein powder may or may not (or may partially) provide these amino acids.  Of particular importance are BCAA’s (Branched-Chain Amino Acids), such as L-Isoleucine, L-Leucine, and L-Valine.  These guys are very important for tissue repair.

I have found that there are many types of protein powder that are not specifically designed to replace the amino acids you need.  EAS manufactures a protein powder that is nonspecific such as this: you’re getting protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.  There are four that I think are really good to use: Market Pantry (Target’s generic brand)of protein/whey powder, Muscle MilkPure Protein (carried by Wal-Mart), and Raw Protein Green.  The last one listed will be of interest to those who want raw organic vegetable proteins.  It’s expensive: about $30.00 per canister.

The powder provides all of the amino acids, but it’s a little “light” in some areas.  Still, Mrs. JJ likes it, and it is very good for those who don’t have a strong stomach/intestinal tract that have trouble taking in these large quantities of nutrients.  The overall “best” has to go to Muscle Milk, the Pro Series 50 in chocolate (Knockout Chocolate, to be exact) flavor.  Designed for pre and post workouts, you’ll get about 23 servings out of it with 25 grams (g) of protein per serving.

JJ’s Protein Power Shake:

Now for JJ’s trick for you: put in 1 cup of milk (whole, reduced, skim) for about 9 g of protein, and 2 Tbsp. peanut butter (on average, about 8 g protein).  Mix these in a jar.  I use a kind of skinny vertical jar that used to hold salsa.  Add water to the edge of the jar-threads.  Shake it up vigorously about 300 times to blend it all in.  Voila!  You just took that shake and went from 25 g to 42 g of protein in the blink of an eye!  Yes, it matters on the overall tally.  Remember: you’re not replacing meals; rather, you’re supplementing them.

JJ’s Protein Powder Reviews:

This Muscle Milk tastes good (the chocolate does), and the “additives” make it taste better.  One in the morning post-workout (within 20-30 minutes), and then one in the evening before bed at a minimum.

Market Pantry (Target’s Brand) and the Pure Protein (Wal-Mart) weigh in slightly less amino acid than the Muscle Milk.  Pricewise, though, you pay $18.47 for the former and $17.98 for the latter, as opposed to $30.00 for the Muscle Milk.  The numbers are so close that it’s worth it to buy the other two for the price.  Get the chocolate: the vanilla doesn’t taste very good, even when you “doctor” it with my additives.  The protein content per serving is about the same: 25 g.  They also have sodium and potassium, critical electrolytes that you need with your physical training.

You can take one of these jars to mix it up within a cooler with a cup of milk in it, and a serving of powder in a plastic/Ziploc bag.  I have these small servings of peanut butter that I just squeeze in, but you can measure this out in a Ziploc bag (2 Tbsp.) and cut a hole in one corner.  Then just roll the whole thing up until it’s closed and rubber-band it until you need it.  This is a lot better for you than some “crapulous” snack with no nutritional value and empty calories that you can blend in with other snacks, such as raw vegetables and fruit.

Bottom line: depending on how much protein you estimate you’ll need, the powder is the way to make up the difference: quick, easy, and affordable.  Just as what you put into your training time is what you take out?  What you put into your body matters.  The powder is the way to go, along with a good diet and exercise plan.  Fight that good fight!  

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Planning for an Uncertain Future – Jeff Nielson

by Jeff Nielson, Sprott Money:

Astute readers understand that we are living in a time of crisis. This is not a crisis about Terrorist Boogeymen, nor is it (primarily) even a crisis about the very real threat of global warming.

The crisis which faces us is a crisis of government: the corrupt, puppet regimes across the Western world, and the psychopathic Puppet Masters who pull their strings. These Puppet Masters are known to regular readers. They are the Western oligarchs who control the financial crime syndicate known as the One Bank.

These Puppet Masters have already led us to economic ruin. Western nations, almost without exception, are not merely insolvent – they are bankrupt. The poster child for this endemic bankruptcy is the United States.

Officially, the U.S.’s national debt is a ‘mere’ $20 trillion, far more than any other nation. But that is just the tip of the iceberg for this Titanic. The United States also faces more than $200 trillion in “unfunded liabilities”. This is a combination of dumping its bills onto the shoulders of future generations, and simpleaccounting fraud.

In the world of corporations, the United States would be legally required to account for the whole $200+ trillion of debts and obligations, not sweep it under the carpet, and pretend it doesn’t exist. Official government budgets are so fraudulent that the GAO (Government Accountability Office) regularly refusesto sign off on them.

To repeat: the United States government’s own accountant regularly refuses to endorse the accounting of the federal government – Republicans and Democrats alike. National accounting fraud is a bipartisan initiative in the U.S.’s Two-Party Dictatorship. Neither half is willing to tell the American people anything remotely close to the truth concerning the degree of U.S. insolvency.

Other Western nations are in little better shape. In the case of many of these nations, they have been dragged down to the level of U.S. economic decay through economic terrorism plotted by the One Bank, and executed by its stooges on Wall Street. Here the poster child is Greece.

In 2009; Greece and the United States exhibited very similar economic fundamentals, except on a different scale. Both nations were clearly insolvent. Both nations spent (spend) much too much on their military.

The difference?

Starting in 2010; the economic terrorists of Wall Street manipulated the interest rate on Greece’s national debt as high as 30{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528}. At the same time, these terrorists kept the interest rate on the U.S.’s gargantuan debt frozen at near-zero.

Understand the significance here. At an interest rate of 30{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528}; it would cost the U.S. government $6 trillionper year just to pay the interest on $20 trillion in debt – which is only a portion of the actual U.S. debt.

Total U.S. government revenues are currently around $3.5 trillion. The world’s only superpower could not possibly make interest payments on its debt. At the same rate of interest that was forced upon Greece by the Wall Street terrorists, the U.S. would be almost instantly bankrupted – as Greece was.

Other Western nations are in little better shape than these two Deadbeat Debtors. The West is bankrupt.

The West is also unemployed. Permanent unemployment across the Western world is now some number in excess of 100 million people. Homeless people litter our streets. Propaganda-numbed populations ignorethis outrage – as our corrupt governments do nothing but make this crime against humanity worse.

The West is no longer free. To be free implies rights – lots of them. We have none.

A right is immutable. It is something which cannot be taken away from us, except under extreme circumstances, and even then only according to the principles of due process.

Due process is no longer a right across the Corrupt West. It is a (mere) privilege. It can taken away from any one of us, at any time, with absolutely no warning.

All that is required is for one of the corrupt puppets in our government to point their finger at any one of us and hurl the Magic Word: “terrorist”. Instantly we lose our citizenship. We lose our human rights. We become a non-person.

No (public) proof or (public) evidence of any kind is required to transform us from citizens to non-people.

The puppet governments of the Corrupt West have stolen our rights – totally unlawfully. They have stolen our rights in order to create police states. They have created police states as a preemptive measure to cling to power as these puppet governments preside over our imminent bankruptcy and economic collapse.

The Dark Ages. Remember them? Nobody does.

It was an era of chaos, ignorance, and misery which lasted nearly a thousand years. It was the result of the total collapse of the greatest empire the world had known – the Roman Empire.

Arguably, the United States Empire is history’s second greatest empire, not in terms of duration but in might. Here it is important to note that events move much more quickly in our technologically advanced age.

There could be no Hundred Year War in our modern era. One or both sides would annihilate the other long before then. The Roman Empire was measured in centuries. The U.S. Empire will be measured in decades.

It is a rancid empire, exhibiting all of the classic signs of an empire in its final death throes. Politically and culturally unenlightened (Donald Trump, Family Guy). Militarily belligerent. Economically exhausted.

The United States, world’s only superpower, is a crude, broke, aggressive Bully. It no longer has any friends, just those nations who will acquiesce to its will and those who won’t.

This out-of-control Bully has been goaded into manufacturing one war after another by the psychopathic oligarchs. It has forced the Rest of the World to replace it as the world’s dominant power.

However, has-been empires rarely relinquish power willingly. Psychopaths never do. As these Western psychopaths attempt to cling to their global tyranny, they could (will?) easily plunge the world into a second Dark Age.

Then what?

“Financial planning”, in its conventional sense, loses all meaning in nations which no longer have computerized economies – and may no longer have fully industrialized economies. Stocks, bonds? Not much good to us when there is no stock market and there is no bond market.

Bitcoin? Lol!

Many formerly committed precious metals investors have become disillusioned with this asset class – at least to some extent. These people forget why they were diligently accumulating gold and silver in the first place.

Precious metals are the world’s premier Safe Haven asset class. They have always been so. And they may always remain so.

Why? Gold and silver are hard assets. Gold and silver are real money.

Readers who think of the paper in their wallets as “money” require an education. The bankers’ paper is mere currency. It is a medium of exchange, and nothing more.

Real money (gold and silver) is a medium of exchange and a store of wealth. Money conserves and protects the wealth of the holder. Currency does not.

Would we still use and need money in some future Dark Age? Is it easier to carry your furnishings on your back, or is it easier to carry enough money to buy new furnishings?

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Top 10 edible roots to help keep you alive and healthy in a survival situation


by Rhonda Johansson, Natural News:

When hermit monk Brother Simon reappeared at the farmer Farrin’s market after not being seen for seven years, people thought they were seeing a ghost. After realizing that Brother Simon was, in fact, alive and well, people started asking him how he managed to survive completely off grid. “I used the knowledge of our wilderness which I learned from my father…When God created the world, He made it flourish with beautiful and edible plants,” Brother Simon said humbly. “My vow was to eat only edible roots. The past seven years have tested my understanding of my father’s lessons.”

Brother Simon then listed 10 edible roots that he personally ate to survive.

  1. Arrowroot – As the name suggests, the plant has leaves that are shaped like arrows. Arrowroots like to grow around muddy areas. They may look small, but they actually have an extensive root system. The roots can be yellowish or white (resembling a parsnip) but with constricted rings down its length. The tubers are starchy and can help people feel full longer. Before you boil the roots though, make sure to remove the scales.
  2. Cattail – More known as the small bulrush, this rhizome grows abundantly along the temperate northern hemisphere. You’ve probably seen a bunch of these plants along the edges of lakes and marshes. Most parts of the plant are edible, but Brother Simon says that the rootstock is the most nutritious and filling. He says that the rhizome can be eaten raw or boiled. The roots can even be roasted until they are black. The inside flesh is then eaten as a snack.
  3. Chicory – This plant grows quite fast, and is sometimes considered to be a weed. They are easily distinguished by their white and slightly blue flowers. Each part of the plant can be eaten, but it is recommended to boil the root before eating it. Taking chicory raw can cause some gastrointestinal issues.
  4. Dandelion – We all think of dandelions as weeds, but this backyard plant has many medicinal properties. The plant can be enjoyed in many ways; maybe you remember your own grandmother adding the flower to salads or making the leaves into a refreshing tea. The roots of the dandelion are also highly nutritious and can stave off hunger during emergencies. (Related: 14 Reasons To Become Obsessed With Dandelions.)
  5. Flowering Rush – Many botanists consider this plant to be an invasive species; thus making it a weed in many people’s eyes. Still, the small plant with bright pinkish blooms can be found near bodies of water. Once they are pulled out, they are revealed to have a thick, fleshy root which can be peeled and boiled like a potato.
  6. Garlic Mustard – Practically all parts of this plant can be eaten, although the leaves tend towards a bitter flavor during warmer seasons. Garlic mustard roots are somewhat spicy, similar to the horseradish.
  7. Jerusalem Artichoke – This is one of the easiest plants to spot due to their bright yellow flowers. Brother Simon said that the root should be harvested around two weeks after the flowers begin to fade. One of the ways he enjoyed eating the root of the Jerusalem artichoke was as a soup.
  8. Milk Thistle – This is a popular plant used in homeopathy and naturopathic medicine. The plant contains various antioxidants that promote liver health and weight loss. It has also been noted to reduce the symptoms of asthma. To gain their full benefits, it is best to boil them. You can easily identify them by their violently purple flower with unique leaves that have milky-white veins running through them.
  9. Nut Grass – This is another plant that thrives along the edges of marshes and ponds. The root of this plant can be taken raw, but it is best consumed when boiled and peeled. Nut grass is a favorite among traditional Chinese healers, who call the plant, Xiang Fu or Sha Cao. It is typically prescribed as an antidote for various skin diseases like insect bites and ringworms. It can also be used to alleviate symptoms of acid reflux.
  10. Wild Onion – A bulb that you can easily find in woodlands or fields is the wild onion. “There are several varieties, but all have a distinct ‘onion’ odor — if it smells like an onion it’s safe,” said Brother Simon. “If it looks like an onion but doesn’t smell like one, it may be toxic.” These bulbs can be eaten raw or cooked.  

As you can see, these are plants that you would not give second notice to, but are actually very useful. Preppers should take note of these plants and learn how to spot them around their own neighborhood. You can learn more when you visit For a more in-depth review of other edible plants, visit

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Here’s What Burglars Will Tell You About Protecting Your Home From Thieves


by Joshua Krause, Ready Nutrition:

I’d wager that no one leaves their home without being at least somewhat concerned about the belongings that they leave behind. Contained within most homes, is the sum total of the owner’s life, and not just in a material sense. There are plenty of items with sentimental value as well. And all of it is typically protected by little more than a few locks on the doors and windows. If someone really wants to break into your home and steal what you own when you’re not around, chances are that there isn’t much standing in their way.

But if you want to make it harder for any would-be burglar to enter your home, or at least make your home a less desirable target, don’t just buy an alarm system and call it day. You should really listen to people who are burglars and take their advice. An MSNBC affiliate out of Atlanta recently did just that. They sent letters to 86 people who had gone to prison for burglary and asked them a variety questions about their crimes. Their answers could tell you a lot about how to protect your home from this crime. What they told reporters included the following:

  • Don’t advertise what you own. One burglar admitted to looking for homes that had cars with NRA bumper stickers, which would indicate that there are plenty of guns to steal there.
  • Burglars don’t just look in obvious places. If they feel safe, they’ll tear everything up looking for hidden valuables.
  • The best time to break into a house was between 12:30 and 2:30, because it’s rare for both kids or adults to be home at that time period.
  • Not all burglars are intimidated by security alarm signs and cameras, and many admitted to knowing how to disable alarms. Some suggested that cameras would indicate that there are valuables in the home.
  • As you might expect, burglars are terrified of large dog breeds.
  • Burglars aren’t typically killers. They don’t want to a serious confrontation with a homeowner, so any sign that someone is home is a deterrent.

When asked what precautions homeowners should take to keep their homes from being burglarized, most of the inmates gave similar answers. For instance, many of them suggested that homeowners leave some sign that someone is home, such as parking a car in the driveway or leaving a TV or radio on.

But the biggest deterrent is visibility, and that applies in more than one sense. They suggested that you keep your bushes and trees trimmed so that your home is easy to see. Homes that were isolated, either by the distance from other houses or by being obscured by big fences and vegetation were definitely easier to rob. It seems that the things people build around their homes to make them feel safer have the opposite effect.

And of course, visibility means nothing if no one is actually watching your home. One inmate admitted to preferring homes in communities where the neighbors were very reserved and conservative, and others recommended that you get to know your neighbors. The implication is obvious. In neighborhoods where people don’t really know each other or care about each other, it’s quite easy to break into a home.

That’s because nobody wants to get involved when they see someone hopping your fence, nobody can tell if anything out of the ordinary is going on in your home if they don’t know you, and nobody is really paying attention. As a result, nobody calls the cops.

The bottom line is that neighborhoods, where people talk to each other and don’t feel the need to build barriers between each other, are safer. And that’s probably something that we’ve known intuitively all along.

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Faithful Kindling Axe from Amazon


from southernprepper1 :

John Rubino – RV Sales Taking Off Now


by Kerry Lutz, Financial Survival Network:

As John Rubino says, big toy sales are generally an indication that the business cycle is peaking. RV sales are currently at record levels. They’ve almost gone parabolic. Millennials are buying them because they can’t afford houses. This means we’re pretty close to a peak and many of these RV’s will come back on the market. It could be a very good time to wait two years and snap up the bargains. Housing prices appear to have peaked as well. It’s a good time to put those big purchases on hold. Financial history is sure to repeat itself unless this time is really different.

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