Friday, February 28, 2020

Everything You Need to Know About Those “Expiration Dates” on Your Food


by Meadow Clark, The Organic Prepper:

Have you ever wondered what the real expiration dates are for your pantry food? Have you ever wondered whether your food was safe to eat past the “expiration date?”

Fear not. There is no more need to throw away perfectly good food over a little date stamp.

The problem is – people are throwing canned or packaged goods away on a false perception that the date means expiration. In other words, they fear that the product could be spoiled or unsafe. More on that in a bit.

FEMA Director Urges Americans to Develop “a true culture of preparedness” But No One Is Listening


by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

It looks like preppers aren’t that crazy after all. FEMA’s new director, Brock Long, has repeatedly said that Americans do not have a “culture of preparedness,” something that is much-needed with the startling uptick in natural disasters. Long has only been the director of FEMA since June 20 of this year and already has had to deal with a historic number of disasters in this short period of time.

It appears that Mr. Long has a mindset of self-reliance based on a couple of recent statements he has made to the media, but the MSM doesn’t seem too interested in his ideas about fostering a culture of preparedness, despite the practicality and essential nature of his suggestions.

First, in an interview from Sept. 11 that I personally only heard about yesterday, FEMA’s new director, Brock Long, spoke with journalists to discuss the response to Hurricane Irma. In the interview, he said some things that vindicate all of us who have spent time and money working toward being prepared.

“I really think that we have a long way to go to create a true culture of preparedness within our citizenry in America. No American, no citizen, no visitor to this country is immune to disaster. And we have a long way to go to get people to understand the hazards based on where they dwell, where they work, and how to be prepared financially, how to be prepared through insurance, how to have continuity of operations plans for their businesses, so that we can avoid the suffering, the strife, and the loss of life. It’s truly disappointing that people won’t heed the warnings.

Straight out of our favorite prepper handbooks, right?

Of course, the reporter quickly shifted from the actual useful information to start asking about climate change, because for some reason she felt that was far more essential than the practical advice Mr. Long was offering. You can watch the interview below.

Some of those numbers were shocking – FEMA is spending 200 million dollars a day in relief efforts and desperately-needed help has hardly even begun for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

In a more recent statement, Mr. Long re-emphasized the need to be prepared, and to start kids off young with this mindset.

I think that the last 35 days or so have been a gut check for Americans that we do not have a true culture of preparedness in this country. And we’ve got a lot of work to do.

Whether it’s in education and being ready, it’s not just saying, hey, have three days worth of supplies ready to go. It’s greater than that. It’s also people having the finances and the savings to be able to overcome simple emergencies.

We have to hit the reset button and create a true culture of preparedness starting at a very young age and filtering all the way up.

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Survival tips when collecting potable drinking water in the wilderness


by Rita Winters, Natural News:

If you ever find yourself lost in the wilderness, one of the first things you need to have is water. This article will show you the different ways to collect clean and safe drinking water. (h/t to

  • Look to the skies — Rainwater is the easiest way to collect water in an open environment. You’ll need a container, or a plastic sheet for this. For solid, wide-mouthed containers, simply place them out in the open. A thin sheet of cloth can be used as a filter at the top of the container to reduce the amount of debris that may enter the container. If you don’t have a container, you may use a plastic sheet, or any non-porous sheet for that matter. First, dig a depression on the ground, place the sheet well over it, and secure with stones on the sides. It would then look like a small pool. Before the water overflows, make sure to collect the water in the depression so you can use the plastic sheet to collect even more, especially during heavy rains.

Billionaire Bunkers And Bolt-Holes: Silicon Valley Elite Invade New Zealand In Preparation For ‘Apocalypse’


by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

A few separate bits of news have been reported recently that when looked at together, brings up some interesting questions about what the “elite” know and why they are rushing to buy property and build panic rooms in New Zealand in preparation for the “apocalypse,” at a faster rate than they had been doing in recent years. 

Whether that is from a natural disaster, a banking or economic collapse, nuclear war, or whatever catastrophe they believe will befall the world, some very rich people, including many billionaires, believe something is coming and they are preparing accordingly, and have been for the past few years, and one of their prime locations of choice  just happens to be New Zealand.

A rough and ready description of the attraction of New Zealand came last year in The New Yorker magazine, with LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman suggesting the country had become shorthand for apocalypse insurance in Silicon Valley.

“Saying you’re ‘buying a house in New Zealand’ is kind of a ‘wink, wink, say no more’,” Hoffman said.

The latest billionaire to  purchase another property for $13.5 million, as well as having recently built a panic room in another 4.8 million dollar home in Queensland, New Zealand, is Peter Thiel.  

As I said earlier, they have been doing this for years, as we see reports from 2015, titled “Apocalypse island: Tech billionaires are building boltholes in New Zealand because they now fear social collapse or nuclear war. So what do they know that we don’t?” In that report we saw that  financial experts in Davos were told by Robert Johnson, president of the Institute of New Economic Thinking, that “I know hedge fund managers all over the world who are buying airstrips and farms in places like New Zealand because they think they need a getaway.’ In that same report, Stewart Wallis, executive director of the New Economic Foundation confirmed that assertion, stating “if they (the wealthy) can get off onto another planet, some of them would. I think the rich are worried and they should be worried.’

His stated concern was that the poor would rise up against the rich and the wealthy were preparing for that, but the recent spate of names, like Elon Musk thinking they can build on Mars (Yes, I am serious) and how many reports we are now seeing utilizing terminology like “doomsday,” and “apocalypse,” while buying up not just property, but setting up multi-million dollar bunkers, which are rapidly being sold out, tell us they are preparing for more than just an uprising by the poor, and are setting up for a catastrophic type event.

Other names reportedly buying up properties in New Zealand are Russian industrial magnate Alexander Abramov who built five homes, American billionaire William Foley, who bought a vineyard, Tony Malkin president and CEO of Empire State Realty, who owns the Empire state building and 18 other properties in New York City, Hollywood film director James Cameron and billionaire hedge-fund pioneer Julian Robertson, just to name a few.

Via The Mirror, we see “In 2016, Sam Altman, one of Silicon Valley’s most influential entrepreneurs said he had an arrangement with Thiel in the event of some kind of systemic collapse scenario (synthetic virus breakout, rampaging AI, resource war between nuclear-armed states or some other apocalyptic disaster currently limited to the TV screen and thriller novels) they would both get on a private jet and fly to a property Thiel owns in New Zealand.”

It isn’t until we found a very lengthy report over at The Guardian which indicates why New Zealand is seeing an increase of billionaires buying up property. Unlike Thiel who is cited as worrying about “outright civilizational collapse,” it appears the other Silicon Valley billionaires are worried about something far different, as the Guardian reveals “According to the country’s Department of Internal Affairs, in the two days following the 2016 election the number of Americans who visited its website to inquire about the process of gaining New Zealand citizenship increased by a factor of 14 compared to the same days in the previous month. In particular, New Zealand has come to be seen as a bolthole of choice for Silicon Valley’s tech elite.”

Is it just a coincidence that Donald Trump, who ran a campaign against these same globalists, other than Thiel who supported Trump, where they all merged to fight against his campaign and supported Hillary Clinton, all of a sudden want to become citizens of New Zealand? (Note- Thiel obtained his NZ citizenship in 2011)

Other little interesting tidbits in the new the past two years: July 2016: Joe Biden “formally accepted an invitation to send a naval vessel to New Zealand later this year, ending a 30-year freeze on such visits since New Zealand adopted its anti-nuclear policy in the mid-1980s.” (Source

More recently I read Hillary Clinton will be visiting Australia and New Zealand for a series of events in May 2018, which reminded me that I had also seen another unrelated article mentioning that Barack Obama was also going to be visiting New Zealand in March 2018. As a side note, it appears that former prime minister John Key arranged Obama’s planned visit to NZ, as the two were quite chummywhen they were both in office.

It is also quite interesting that former FBI Director James Comey, fired by President Trump in May 2017, was in New Zealand just a month before his termination to participate in a government conference, between the “Five Eyes,” which is a spying network alliancebetween US, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.”

We find that particularly noteworthy because the global Five Eye alliance, sometimes abbreviated to FVEY, was described by whistleblower Edward Snowden in 2013, as a “supra-national intelligence organisation that doesn’t answer to the known laws of its own countries.” 

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Gunsmith Training: Pistolsmithing – Week Two


by R2, Survival Blog:

Last week was primarily learning about the Colt 1911, as much of the the design and function aspect of it can be found in nearly every gun designed. This week, I finished up the 1911 with tips for solving common problems and issues with it. With the 1911 being one of the most popular handguns in America, they are always there to work on (and fix problems caused by others as well.)

Browning Hi-Power

Immediately after the 1911 section, AGI covered another one of Browning’s masterpieces. While not completely of Browning’s design, since Dieudonne Saive, Browning’s apprentice had to finish the design due to Browning’s death, the Browning Hi-Power is one of the finest firearms in existence. Though many here in America believe the 1911 is the most popular handgun, the Hi-Power has actually held that position for a long time, when you consider the rest of the world. I’m saddened that Browning (Fabrique Nationale) has retired it. However, copies continue to be made in other factories.



by Lily Dane, The Daily Sheeple:

A man armed with a pistol walked into an Oklahoma City restaurant Thursday night and opened fire.

Two customers were wounded before the suspect was shot dead by two armed citizens in the parking lot.

Police are still investigating the incident, but so far they are not sure what prompted the shooting, which occurred around 6:30 p.m. Thursday at Louie’s On The Lake, on Lake Hefner.

The shooter, 28-year old Alexander Tilghman, was shot outside the restaurant by two civilians, identified as 35-year-old Juan Carlos Nazario and 39-year-old Bryan Whittle, reports

Signs Of The Times? Earthquake Swarms Hit Texas, Oklahoma, San Francisco And The New Madrid Fault Zone


by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

There is a whole lotta shaking going on in America right now, and many people are concerned about what that could potentially mean.  Could it be possible that the U.S. is entering a more seismically active time?  This week alone, we have seen earthquake swarms in Texas, Oklahoma, San Francisco and the New Madrid fault zone.  Of course earthquakes happen every day, but to see so many earthquake swarms happen in such diverse places within such a compressed period of time is definitely unusual.  And what makes this even more unusual is the fact that Rosh Hashanah just ended.  In fact, the earthquake swarm that we just witnessed in Texas started on Rosh Hashanah with a magnitude 4.0 quake near the town of “Snyder”

Food and Sundries Storage – Pt. 2, by Pete Thorsen

by Pete Thorsen, Survival Blog:

Keep in mind that if there is no grid power, there will be no refrigerator or freezer to store that meat. [JWR Adds: That is, unless you have an alternative power system.  A generator is only viable in a short term disaster.  For a situation lasting months to a decade or more, then photovoltaic power or perhaps a micro-hydro system is what you will need to provide power for refrigeration. An old-fashioned Spring House can also provide refrigeration, in some climates.]

And how are you going to be cooking everything? Plan ahead. If you have an all-electric house then how will you cook with no electricity? Even if you have natural gas (city gas) that will likely stop flowing to your house if the power is down for a while, so then what?

What Preppers Can Learn from the Riots in Chile


by J. G. Martinez D., The Organic Prepper:

One of my best friends lives in Chile since a few years ago.

He mentions the psychological impact on the Venezuelan refugees was huge. Practically every people who experienced the clashes between national guards and demonstrators had a nerve meltdown. Of course, children were scared as well, watching their parents freak out.

Based on what I have learned after living through SHTF in Venezuela, I want to provide you with a few pieces of important advice for anyone facing such turmoil.

Did you know that turmeric is just as effective as 14 pharmaceutical drugs?


by Lance D Johnson , Natural News:

Maybe you have heard the success stories about medical marijuana, how this once demonized plant-based medicine is now curing seizure disorders in children and helping patients get off multiple pharmaceutical drugs. But did you know that the Indian spice called turmeric is a powerful healing root that is just as effective as 14 pharmaceutical drugs? Did you know that turmeric’s principle polyphenol, curcumin, could be used in place of statins, steroids, diabetes drugs, chemo, and antidepressants?

Guest Post: Weapons of War On Our Streets- A Guide to the Militarization of America’s Police- Part 1

from Survival Blog:

The claim often heard from those attempting to pass more gun control legislation is that all they’re trying to do is get the “weapons of war off our streets,” but it’s simply untrue that “weapons of war” are available to the general public. You’d last about three minutes in a real war with an AR-15, even with one of the most aggressive builds you can get your hands on. The truth is that the only people with “weapons of war” on America’s streets are, increasingly, the police.

Thanks primarily to the Pentagon’s 1033 program which allows law enforcement agencies to get their hands on Department of Defense technology and the Bush-era War on Terror, American police have received a startling amount of heavy-duty, military-grade hardware. Between 1998 and 2014, the dollar value of military hardware sent to police departments skyrocketed from $9.4 million to $796.8 million.

SELCO: Observe and Prepare for the Confusion, Panic, & Mayhem of SHTF

by Selco, The Organic Prepper:

I have been writing articles and doing survival courses for years, and while it is much easier to show the importance of basics in real courses, it is a bit harder to do that in my articles. That’s because we as humans tend to look for flashy things. We love quick and interesting facts that will occupy our attention. But you must also prepare for the basics so that you can perform those things during the confusion, panic, and mayhem of SHTF. You must observe your surroundings before anything terrible happens.

Basics are simply that: basic – and because that we often overlook it, or forget it.

For example, an article with news about the latest development in tensions between the US and Iran with all the flaming rhetoric will catch more attention than an article about how to grow tomatoes.