Sunday, September 22, 2019

The Deadly Force Continuum: Are You Mentally Prepared to Defend Yourself?


by Sandra Lane, The Organic Prepper:

We often talk of defending ourselves in various ways and with many different weapons. Close to where I live is a walk-through shoot where the customer can take a live weapon through an obstacle course type building. I’d absolutely love to go through just to see how I would react in a break-in or defense simulation. Short of that, my family and I have trained repeatedly with squirt guns in clearing and defending our house.

The Supplement One NFL Player Took For Injury Recovery and Went on to the Super Bowl


by Joshua Krause, Ready Nutrition:

Ready Nutrition Readers, as you know I’m an avid proponent of exercise and fitnesstraining. It is not the focus of my life, but I focus a large portion of my life on it, as it benefits me in every area. There is a supplement that is good for athletes, good for people with physical problems, ailments, and challenges, and the supplement has a wealth of documented use historically with success. That supplement is Deer Antler Velvet extract.  Before we get into it, let’s talk some “pointy-ball.”

During the 2012 pro-NFL season, the press and the NFL were giving Ray Lewis of the Ravens (one of the greatest middle linebackers of all time) a rash of static for taking Deer Antler Velvet.

The Psychology of Survival: “He Who Hesitates is Lost”


by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

Preparedness isn’t just about the supplies you stockpile and the skills you learn. It’s about psychology too. And an important step toward survival is understanding the psychology behind hesitation.

In a worst-case scenario, hesitation kills.

He who hesitates is lost. Swift and resolute action leads to success. Self-doubt is a prelude to disaster.

~Joseph Addison

Give your heart a break and eat bilberries


by Michelle Simmons, Natural News:

Today, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in men and women. Fortunately, there are many ways to protect yourself from this disease. One way is to eat bilberries (Vaccinium Myrtillus) regularly. A recent study published in the journal Nutrition Research reveals that eating bilberries on a regular basis can help lower your risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

For the study, a team of researchers from Slovakia, Portugal, and Poland investigated the effects of eating bilberries on cardiovascular disease. The research team hypothesized that regular consumption of bilberries can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease by reducing the levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and triglycerides, and increasing the levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL).

What Will YOU Be Like When the SHTF?


by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

Did you ever wonder, deep down in that secret place where you question yourself, how you would behave in an all-out SHTF catastrophe? Would you take charge like some kind of superhero? Would you hide the entire time, terrified of being discovered? Would you actually be able to put into practice all the skills you’ve learned for all this time, just for that moment?

We can all guess how we’d respond, but until we’re in the situation, none of us actually knows what we’d be like when the SHTF. The one thing I learned from Selco’s newest compilation of stories is that there are many different ways to survive, and not all of them are noble or heroic. In horrific situations, people do what they must to live through it. Sometimes they do what they’ve wanted to do all along, and sometimes they accept their fate as the only alternative to death.

20 Perishable Foods You Can Freeze For Later


by Lisa Egan, Ready Nutrition:

You likely already keep a supply of basics like vegetables, fruits, meats, poultry, and grains in your freezer.

Some items keep better in the freezer than others, as you’ve probably noticed by now.

However, there some items that can be frozen that might surprise you.

Off-Grid Cooking: How To Smoke Fish


by Jeremiah Johnson, Ready Nutrition:

Ready Nutrition Readers, over the years, we’ve talked at length on how fish are a great addition to your prepper food supply and taught you how to catch a fish without a hook, how to make a fishing spear, and even ways to use up every ounce of your catch. Now, we’re going to cover some fine points on the smoking of fish.

As we speak, I’m throwing some salmon steaks in to broil. Good eating! Firstly, you have some of your best protein in the form of seafood or freshwater fish. The meat is high protein, packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, and it supplies forms of essential nutrients that are very beneficial in strengthening your cognitive abilities and preventing things such as Alzheimer’s disease.

The Invisible Prepper, by Grey Woman


by Grey Woman, Survival Blog:

I am the invisible prepper. I am, on the surface, a caricature of everything that most SurvivalBlog readers seem to deplore. On the surface, I am a caricature of what the non-prepper community expects me to be– completely average in every way.

Who I Am

I am a twice divorced middle-aged woman, a committed democrat, a sincere atheist, a successful product of public schools, and what you would likely call a coastal liberal elite. If you met me, you would probably ignore me, scoff under your breath, and label me as sheeple or a snowflake.

What You Would Not Know

That’s perfect! What you would not know is what follows.


Moving my home to the “country” was less about lower property taxes, empty nest syndrome, and proximity to wineries than about avoiding more populated areas and enabling greater security in the event of a major event. Adding a fence and planting lots of blackberry, raspberry, and rose bushes around the perimeter of my property was less about “curb appeal” than about slowing down potential intruders.


The home renovations I have done have been less about spiffing up an older home or safety measures suitable for a middle-aged woman living alone. They have been more about added layers of physical barrier security that have turned an adorable cottage into something significantly more secure (but still an adorable cottage).

Home-Based Work

Starting a home-based consulting company was less about “corporate burn-out” than about minimizing business travel and avoiding a potentially deadly 60-mile trip home from work on foot.

Proficient at Self-Sufficient

Being proficient at sewing, cooking from scratch, making my own soap, bread et cetera is less about being “so crafty and creative – very cute!”. Rather, it has been about being as self-sufficient as possible.

Those two big goofy looking rescue mutts rolling around in the leaves will eat your face if they think you are a threat to me. (Aren’t I a good person for adopting homeless animals!?!)

What You Would Not See

There are things you would see and not recognize. Yet, what you would not see follows.

Concealed Vegetable Gardens and Chicken Coop

Behind the subtle landscaping and perennial flower gardens on the grounds of my adorably well-kept cottage are concealed extensive vegetable gardens. There is also a large productive chicken coop.

Wood For Heat

That picturesque smoke coming out of the chimney is actually how I heat my home. Though splitting and stacking wood is an activity no one would suspect me of, it’s my sweaty little secret.

Four-Season Stream as Secondary Water Source

The four-season stream across the street, which provides a musical counterpart to my days, is also a four-season water source if my well pump fails. Picking this house was not an accident.

Vintage Car

That cute vintage car safely stored in my garage as a fun summer weekend driver is also completely stock so as to be impervious to EMP. It’s also easy to repair, even for me. And, yes, I can!

Basement and Bins

You would never notice that the visible footprint of my basement does not completely match the footprint of the house. These older homes are so quirky. Pay no attention to that bookshelf full of clearly labeled winter clothes bins. I am so organized!

Of course, you would never see that it conceals a homemade (by me with my own power tools) safe room that holds the results of all of my canning, dehydrating, bargain buying et cetera, which are regularly rotated into my small decoy kitchen pantry and cataloged in that binder, which you will also never see. You will never know that I can feed and supply myself and those select few for whom I privately prepare for at least two years.

Contents of Locked Cabinet

I hope you never have to know what is in the locked cabinet in the corner of the invisible basement. You won’t know where I go to practice or what skills that I have developed. Hint: One does not need to visibly worship the second amendment to achieve deadly hand/eye coordination.

The Value and Cost in Being the Grey Woman

There is value in being the grey woman. But there is also a cost.

The Non-Prepper World

The non-prepper world does not see me for what I am, because they are conditioned to rely on what they expect and what they see on the surface, handcuffed by their normalcy bias. They will not come knocking on my door for handouts in the event of societal breakdown. What could I possibly have to offer?

The Prepper Community

The irony is that the prepper community has the same blind spot for different reasons. Even if you did see hints of my preparedness, you would not recognize them for what they are.

Because I do not share your religious fervor, political affiliation, or social agenda, you would never suspect that I am a dedicated, if invisible, member of the prepping community. You might not believe that values and integrity are a function of character, not church membership, and that differing views on social issues do not necessarily preclude cooperation and mutual support among those of us who have invested our time, money, and energy in preparedness.

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