Friday, April 19, 2019

Iranians Protect Savings By Stacking Gold Bars in 2018

by Rory Hall, The Daily Coin:

We reported in 2018 how Iranians, especially property owners, were accepting and using gold as payments for rent, mortgages and other types of goods and services, so it’s really not surprising to see the demand for gold bars climb higher.

It’s the commodity which becomes a safe haven at times of economic crisis. Now, with the crash of the rial, Iranians are using gold for more everyday payments, most notably rent – but the resulting price hikes are starting to affect the demographics of Tehran itself.


from InfoWars:

Big Tech doesn’t care ‘they’re in a left-wing echo chamber,’ Rogan says

In an exclusive interview with Alex Jones, Joe Rogan responded to the video clip showing YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki joking about de-platforming conservatives during the “Recode Decode” conference earlier this week.

“What is Ben Shapiro saying that’s so awful that she wants him removed?” Rogan asked on Friday.

Central Banks Buy Most Gold in Decades

from Birch Gold Group:

This week, Your News to Know brings you the most recent updates on gold and silver. Stories include: Central banks are buying gold in record numbers, silver to reclaim its “precious” status, and how China’s Lunar New Year will boost gold demand.

Central banks haven’t bought this much gold since 1971

With gold riding a nine-month high and posting gains for the fourth straight month, many analysts have focused on how the metal has outperformed virtually every other asset. Yet to Forbes contributor Frank Holmes, recent buying by central banks is perhaps the most sensational story related to the metal.

Powell Claims No ‘Elevated’ Risk For US Recession, NY Fed Models Disagree

from Silver Doctors:

“Luckily for Powell, it pays to play the role of Baghdad Bob for the US economy, as Bernanke’s $1 million book deal and speaking fees illustrate…”

by Tho Bishop via Mises Wire

Today Jerome Powell got out of the beltway and enjoyed some southern hospitality at Mississippi Valley State University, speaking at the Hope Enterprise Corporation Rural Policy Forum.

A pension time bomb is waiting to explode across America… and pensioners will be left penniless when the reckoning comes

by Ethan Huff, Natural News:

Despite a bull market that’s been running strong for more than 10 years now, public pensions are in very serious trouble, as many states struggle to bring in anything even remotely close to the amount of cash needed to cover their ever-growing pension liabilities.

While public pensions in many areas of the country have been bringing in impressive double-digit returns in recent years, factors like an increasing number of retirees combined with fewer overall employees has hit these public coffers hard – and many of them are on the verge of total implosion.

The Road Ahead for the Dollar

by Hugo Salinas Price, Plata:

The original silver dollar, created at the birth of the United States, was based upon the silver Spanish “Pieces of Eight” minted at the Royal Mint in Mexico City, under Spanish rule at that time. This was a very widely used coin throughout the world. Because in its early years the US had no mint, the first US silver dollars were minted in Mexico, for the Revolutionary Government of the US. The US silver dollar contained .774 ounce of pure silver.

Since the prevailing ratio between silver and gold was 16 ounces of silver = 1ounce of gold, and the silver dollar only contained .774 oz of silver, it required 20.67 silver dollars, to equal 1 ounce of gold in value.

Users Flood Reddit With China Censorship Memes, Balk at $150 Million Investment From Tencent

by Oiwan Lam, Activist Post:

If you search “China” on Reddit this week, you’ll find a deluge of political memes — from the Tiananmen Square “Tank Man” photo to Winnie the Pooh to the Terminator.

These are all in protest of Reddit’s recent decision to let Chinese tech giant Tencent invest $150 million into the company.

Jim Grant on the Ignorance That Knows Not It Is Ignorant (Video)

by Peter Schiff, Schiff Gold:

Jim Grant recently appeared on the Santelli Exchange on CNBC and the conversation quickly turned to this notion that “intellectuals” have the wherewithal to run the economy. Friday Gold Wrap host Mike Maharrey recently explained two very important economic principles that make it impossible for central planners to ever truly succeed. As he put it, they might be smart, but they aren’t smart enough to know they’re not smart enough. Nevertheless, this doesn’t seem to dampen the fatal conceit and hubris of central bankers who think they can micromanage a complex economy.