Wednesday, June 19, 2019

‘The Crazies Were Right, And I Was Wrong’: Former Federal Prosecutor Speaks Of ‘Rogue’ FBI & FISA Court Abuses

by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

Former Federal Prosecutor Andrew McCarthy, while being critical of many aspects of the special counsel probe into Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, had long maintained that the FISA warrants obtained by the FBI/DOJ, were applied for and granted properly, until the controversial Nunes’ memo regarding FISA abuses was release, and later confirmed by the Senate Judiciary Commitees Grassley-Graham memo back in February 2018.

At the time McCarthy wrote the following:

With its verification by the Grassley-Graham memo, the Nunes memo now has about a thousand times more corroboration than the Steele dossier, the basis of the heinous allegations used by the Justice Department and FBI to get the FISA warrants.

Martin Armstrong – Revolution Coming to Italy?

by Kerry Lutz, Financial Survival Network:

Martin Armstrong joined us for a talk about what’s happening in Italy and the EU. Martin believes that all the EU bureaucrats care about is keeping their jobs and collecting taxes. People in Italy used their homes as savings vehicles because until recently there were no real estate taxes and no inheritance levies. All that is changing and Martin says the people will reach a no mas moment. It’s coming. Back in the US, it’s Trump versus the Deep State and the World. Who’s going to win that one? What’s a Deep Stater to do?

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VIDEO: Furniture Removed From Ecuadorian Embassy Amid Reports of Handing Assange Over to UK

by Cassandra Fairbanks, The Gateway Pundit:

A white van was spotted removing furniture and belongings from the Ecuadorian embassy in London on Sunday, following reports that Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno & British officials have come to an agreement under which Ecuador will withdraw its asylum protection for Julian Assange.


by Paul Joseph Watson, InfoWars:

This is the biggest online free speech issue ever

Infowars has launched a huge new petition to force social media companies to end the practice of shadow banning and algorithm-based censorship.

Massive studies have proven that algorithms can shift millions of votes and change the outcome of national elections. This in itself is election meddling and should be illegal. All we are asking for is a level playing field.

Rothschild Bank Ensnared in Money Laundering Scandal that Led to Arrest of Malaysian President

by Jay Syrmopoulos, The Free Thought Project:

The Rothschild Bank is the subject of an international investigation after it was accused of laundering billions of dollars.

Switzerland – Swiss authorities have accused the Rothschild Bank AG and Rothschild Trust AG of not only establishing business dealings with customers suspected of money laundering, but also “considerably expand[ing]” those dealings while violating the bank’s own reporting by reporting their suspicions “only after a substantial delay.

What the Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You About Immigration and MS-13

from The Anti Media:

(FAIR) In a piece for the Atlantic (6/20/18), former George W. Bush speechwriter David Frum countered statements by MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, in which Hayes described a harrowing first-person account of a mother forcibly separated from her child at the US/Mexico border as reading like “the literature of a totalitarian government”:

One of the most outrageous investment deals I’ve ever been offered

by Simon Black, Sovereign Man:

One of the biggest banks in the world – a name you would certainly know – just pitched its top clients on a major investment.

The deal was only offered to its private clients (with at least $50 million in net assets); and as I started reading through the opportunity, I started to understand why…

We talked about this in a recent podcast: this particular deal was a $500 million real estate investment.

Where Should I Go?

by Doug Casey, International Man:

One of the questions I’m most often asked is, “I’ve decided to get out of my home country before it’s too late. Which countries are the best ones to go to?”

Unfortunately, answering this question is akin to answering, “What’s the best place in town for me to have lunch?” The question is too broad to answer. It will depend upon what sort of food you like, how much you want to spend, whether you want a restaurant with a liquor license, etc. Likewise, the “best” destination will depend upon your age, whether you’ll need to work, whether you have school-age children, whether you’re seeking luxurious amenities or whether you’re hoping to lower your cost of living, etc.