Sunday, July 25, 2021

Armed citizen in OKC stops mass shooting with a concealed weapon, proving once again that armed citizens HALT violence

by JD Heyes, The Common Sense Show:

Without a doubt, more than a few customers who were eating at Louie’s Bar & Grill in Oklahoma City Thursday evening are grateful to be alive after a gunman walked in and started shooting.

And no doubt more than a few of them are relieved that a good guy with a gun managed to kill the potential murderer before he was able to turn his gun on them.

As reported by local media, OKC police were also relieved that the Good Samaritan manage to put an end to what could have been just the latest mass shooting in the U.S.

Caged Migrant Children Photo Goes Viral As Left Rages At Trump; Except It Happened Under Obama


from ZeroHedge:

A photograph of two migrant children sleeping in a cage at an ICE detention facility quickly went viral on Sunday after several prominent liberals tweeted it in a white-hot rage at President Trump’s immigration policy.

After a laundry list of journalists and public figures angrily tweeted the photo – including CNN’s Hadas Gold, NYT Mag’s editor-in-chief Jake Silverstein, Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau and former LA mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, they deleted their tweets in shame when it emerged that the photo was taken in 2014, under Obama.

The Latest Political Stupidity


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

It’s time to put a stop to this crap by the left, including one specific grand-standing politician wannabe, Dylan Ratigan.

Yes, I’m calling you out specifically, *******.

One of the latest lefty horsecrap arguments is that it’s “terrible” that we separate parents from their children who enter the United States illegally. This is an “outrage”, supposedly, because there is some argument that one should never separate a child from their parents.

Oh really? You mean an abusive jackass who, for instance, sexually assaults their child should not be separated from said child?

Ah, you don’t really believe that, right?

Planned Parenthood bashes Trump in public, now they’re privately begging for his help


from True Pundit:

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s leading provider of abortions, publicly bashes President Donald Trump and other conservatives outspoken against abortion.

But now the abortion organization is privately reaching out to the president for his help over a confusing issue: Planned Parenthood’s Rocky Mountains-area union.

The Zombie-Like Lives of Sheeple from Birth to Death

from Govt Slaves:

This article is not meant to offend anyone. It was written with the intention to strengthen people’s spiritual awareness, allowing them to break the spells of words and see beyond the boundary of mainstream and alternative media. Please read with an open mind and pay attention to the words, because the truth is hidden in the definitions, origins and phonetics of words.

To innerstand the zombie-like lives of sheeple, we need to first investigate the word sheeple, so we know what it means. According to, the word sheeple means, “people who are docile, compliant, or easily influenced : people likened to sheep”. This word is derived from the combination of the words sheep and people. In many ways, sheeple are people who are naive and lack critical thinking skills, and obediently follow orders because they are too afraid to question their so-called authorities. This article will show you proof that most people are acting like sheeple and are far from being “awake”.

Media Instantly Freaks Out After Elon Musk Announces Pravda, Where Public Can Rate Journalists, Editors & Publications And Track Credibility Scores

by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

Here at ANP we have documented an extraordinary amount of dishonest reporting from the Mockingbird media over the course of the past couple of years, with a constant stream of corrections, edits, headline changes, retractions, deletions. In some cases the “fake news” reporting has been so bad that those involved had to resign as happened with CNN, or a reporter had to be suspended as happened with ABC News’ Brian Ross after an inaccurate report tanked the stock market.

The sheer number of instances in 2017 alone, shows these are not isolated instances, but have been increasing in frequency, becoming the rule rather than the exception. The most recent example was in mid-May when President Trump referred to the vicious MS-13 gang members as “animals.

The Deep State’s Attempted Pressure Flip – Trump the Trafficker? #QAnon #GreatAwakening #TheCabal

from Neon Revolt:

The #DeepMedia #Mockingbirds are trying a new tactic. I realized this after posting this #CDAN on my Gab account ( This was my immediate response: And lo and behold! What do we have from our Deep Media friends other than screed after screed blaming Trump for this “newfound” trafficking crisis: So just to be clear: …

PHOTOS: 1 Million Bikers Ride into D.C. to Pay Homage to Fallen Heroes


by Penny Star, Breitbart:

As many as one million bikers rode into the nation’s capital on Memorial Day weekend during the annual Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally to honor the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice so that Americans can enjoy the freedoms we have today.

It is the 31st year that bikers from across the country have joined the Rolling Thunder annual trek that started as a campaign to increase awareness about prisoners of war in Vietnam and has grown to a movement that is not only an iconic ritual but a force that has led to legislation to honor the U.S. military 365 days a year.

Italian Banks, Bonds Crash As Di Maio Calls For Protests Against “The Arrogance Of Institutions”

from ZeroHedge:

Five Star leader Luigi Di Maio addressed the Italian nation on a live Facebook feed this afternoon calling for them to mobilize against the institution represented by President Mattarella and demanding a new election as soon as possible.

We can not stand watching, we must react immediately firmly. Today he will hang an Italian flag out the window and ask you to do the same. We claim the pride of being Italian…

“There are tons of lies. I have said throughout the electoral campaign that we do not want to leave the euro. Savona would not take us out of the euro, he would have asserted Italy’s interests in the EU headquarters “.

“On June 2nd I invite everyone to come to Rome for a great demonstration.

Yesterday – with the “no” of the Quirinale to the binding of Lega and M5s on the name of Sardinian economist Paolo Savona – “was the darkest night of democracy“, he added.

We ask to go to the vote as soon as possible. Even in August? As soon as possible“, he clarified at the end of the meeting in the Chamber with Matteo Salvini.

Carter Page Speaks Out: This Is How The FBI Ruined My Life

from ZeroHedge:

Former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page claims that the FBI has ruined his life – telling the New York Post that “the crimes that have already been committed against President Trump, myself and the entire Trump movement are much worse” than Watergate.

Page details how “Spygate” cost him his business, his income and even his girlfriend.

Page tells The Post that during the media barrage he faced in late 2016, he visited his girlfriend at her London flat, where she was “freaking out with the fake news about me.” -New York Post

“Talking with her later in the evening after dinner, she told me that she didn’t want me staying there anymore, and that our relationship was over… So late that night I booked a last-minute hotel reservation as part of this early chapter of the redefinition of my life.”

RussiaGate Is Whirling Around in the Maelstrom, Awaiting the Final Blow from Trump

from Russia Insider:

Picking up a trope conceived months back, the melodrama of US governance is looking more and more like Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, with the FBI as the doomed ship Pequod, with R. Mueller as Captain Ahab and D.J. Trump as the white whale. In the classic book, of course, the wounded whale finally sends the ship to the bottom, crew and all (but one), and swims away to the freedom of the deep blue sea.