Monday, March 8, 2021

Claims that Disarmament Benefits Women Leave Out Relevant Facts


from Ammoland:

U.S.A. – -( on leave of absence last week, I missed out on an event the gun-grabbers consider important: #WEARORANGE 2018. Even so, by culturally appropriating (which “progressives” generally condemn) the outerwear of real gun safety practitioners, it gets confusing trying to also keep up with useful idiots, the political criminals that exploit them, foreign enemies, and unarmed victims of murderous maniacs.

One outlet that didn’t miss out on an opportunity to use the Bloomberg Orange Day as an opportunity to subvert the right to keep and bear arms is, unsurprisingly, The Huffington Post, which deemed it the perfect time to post a claim of “11 Statistics That Remind Us Gun Violence Is A Women’s Issue.

Donald Trump And Kim Jong-Un Sign A Historic Agreement At Their Summit In Singapore – But All The Mainstream Media Can Do Is Whine And Complain

by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

Donald Trump just did what no other president in U.S. history was able to do. He actually sat down with the leader of North Korea, and at the conclusion of the approximately four hour summit meeting they both signed an agreement which calls for the United States to provide “security guarantees” to North Korea and which calls for the “complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula”. It was a truly historic day and a truly historic outcome, and yet all the mainstream media in the United States could do was whine and complain. Throughout their coverage, mainstream media reporters continually tried to put an anti-Trump spin on things. They claimed that the agreement did not have the “specific wording” that experts were looking for, they pointed out that other agreements in the past have failed, and they continually insisted that the Trump administration was giving Kim Jong-Un too much respect.

Why Does Imran Awan Work At His Clinton-Linked Attorney’s Law Firm?

from ZeroHedge:

A stunning video by investigative journalist Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth reveals that Pakistani IT worker Imran Awan is reportedly answering phones at the office of his attorney, Chris Gowen.

Gowen notably worked for both Bill and Hillary Clinton in various capacities.

A.I. And The Rise Of ‘Demon Possessed Machines’ Coincides With Humanity’s Descent Into The Abyss And The Fall Of Western Values And Civilization


by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

In the much-too-close-to-reality TV show “Person Of Interest”, two artificially intelligent ‘machines’ battle it out in the final few episodes of the 5 season TV show, one machine programmed to save the lives of potential victims of violent crimes and one which had been programmed to provide ‘security’ for ‘itself’ and to the government by ‘eliminating’ any and all potential threats to its dominance.

With both ‘machines’ becoming autonomous in the show, able to think, reason and act for ‘itself’ without human intervention, Susan Duclos and I weren’t the least bit suprised while watching the show that the one A.I. ‘machine’ called ‘Samaritan’ turned downright evil, seemingly possessed, as it characterized anybody who it perceived was a threat to its ‘survival’ and to the corrupt government which it served as a mortal enemy to be hunted down and destroyed and many were slaughtered by its ‘agents’ during the show.

James Woods Breaks the Internet After He Drops Bomb on Obama and Ben Rhodes


by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

James Woods did it again.

Far-left Obama hack Ben Rhodes attacks President Trump on a regular basis either from his Twitter account or from his new spot on MSNBC.

James Woods had enough of Ben Rhodes on Monday and moved in with a kill shot.

Woods hit two birds with one stone and took down Obama and Ben Rhodes at the same time in a viral tweet.

Ben Rhodes attacked President Trump’s approach to fair trade with Canada and Europe.

G-6? 7? 8? How About the Gang That Can’t Shoot Straight?

by Tom Luongo, via Russia Insider:

I have to say that as much as I don’t like the direction Trump’s foreign policy has gone, there are still plenty of moments of unbridled joy in watching the man work a crowd.

His suggestion of allowing Russia back into the G-7 is one of those moments. Trump has a nearly preternatural way of getting under the skin of his opponents. And this stink bomb was one of them.

It highlighted the divide between the G-7, one of the most important tools of control by the globalists, and Trump. It also highlighted its irrelevance to him, since China was hosting Russia and six other important countries at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit in Quindao at the same time.

President Barack Obama listens to President-elect Donald Trump speak to members of the media during their meeting in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016‘The F*ck Obama Doctrine’: Insiders Explain Trump’s Presidential Credo


from Sputnik News:

Sources close to the president of the United States have apparently reported divergent takes on how to capture his policy approach succinctly, but all the stabs at the “Trump Doctrine” are revelatory in one way or another.

A recent article published in the Atlantic claims to have found the true picture of US President Donald Trump’s approach toward politics, which is often portrayed as thoughtless, chaotic, authoritarian and whimsical: Trump follows the “F*ck Obama Doctrine.”

How Prepping for the End of the World Gets You Through Smaller Emergencies, Too


by S. G., The Organic Prepper:

If you’re like me, a lot of your prepping is for end-of-the-world events, but I recently learned how my post-apocalyptic plans can help with smaller emergencies, too.

One of my favorite books is One Second After. Not only was the story gripping, but, it motivated me to transition from having some “extra things for storms” to hardcore prepping. While, generally speaking, that is a good thing, the story motivated me to focus on serious SHTF events. The kind that would end life as we know it, destroy society, and make Mad Max look like a kindergartner’s storybook. While that is entertaining and good to prep for if all other bases are covered—it can actually be detrimental if more realistic bases are NOT covered.

3 Things I Learned From Attending Jordan Peterson’s Sold-out Show In DC


by Juliana Knot, The Burning Platform:

Peterson’s message is one focused on finding meaning, not fueling hate. Although it’s not a saving message, it’s one we’ll be hearing for a long time.

Renowned psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson took the stage at the sold-out Warner Theater in Washington DC Friday night. The crowd got on its feet and started cheering, ecstatic to hear him speak.

Peterson gained fame after opposing a Canadian bill that criminalized using the wrong pronouns for transgender persons. His notoriety only grew from there after a video of his interview with British broadcaster Cathy Newman went viral. Now, he’s got a cult following who call themselves “lobsters” (in reference to an example in the viral interview) and a best-selling book titled “12 Rules for Life.”

Democratic parties accused of funneling $84M into Clinton campaign

by Shepard Ambellas, Intellihub:

Intellihub editor’s note: Looks like the Whore of Babylon Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee have some explaining to do. Not to mention the missing server set up by Imran Awan.

Up to 40 state Democratic parties could be implicated in an alleged scheme to illegally funnel some $84 million to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, according to a new report.